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Chapter 136 – Clouds thinking of beautiful clothes; flowers thinking of countenance

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With money in the accounts, the postponed construction plans for Tian Peng Pig farm could officially begin. Feng Yu’s half-baked floor plans had been revised by Professor Su. Profess Su even helped to write up a development plan for Tian Peng Pig farm free of charge. This development plan was more professional than Feng Yu.

It’s true that there was a huge difference between amateurs and professionals. It was worth looking for Professor Su to help. Only some consultant fees and providing an experimental teaching area, Feng Yu could get so much in return!

In fact, Professor Su also thought likewise. He had the idea and plans, but he did not have the funds, and the university would not invest so much in him to set up a pig farm for him. There were also no businessmen he knew that operates pig farms and was generous, expect for Tian Peng Pig Farm.

At Tian Peng Pig farm, Professor Su was able to get the things he needed, such as locations and funding. Most importantly, he got the full support from Feng Yu, and even the formula for the animal feeds was the result of his research.

Professor Su believed that in 1 to 2 years, he would be able to prove that his theory of this type of modern pig farming would work to the other professors that laughed at him. He might even be promoted to the vice dean of the university!  

Feng Yu and Professor Su wanted different things. Feng Yu wanted profits, and Professor Su wanted recognition. But of the things they wanted did not conflict, as such, they were able to work together.

The watering system in the farm was made by the Machinery Company. This was considered an easy job for the Motor Factory, but because it was not for mass production, it was not economically productive. Usually, Li Mingde would not accept such jobs, but Feng Yu pointed out some unauthorized claims and Li Mingde had no choice but to take on this unprofitable job.

The grin on Professor Su’s face grew wider when he looked at the watering systems, feeding systems, etc. that was being sent to the farm. This Xiao Feng was indeed a generous kid. He provided whatever I want and did not even bargain.

He was so different from Feng Xingtai who kept saying “This can be replaced by plastics and that can be replaced using wood.” If they were to use inferior materials, how could they catch up with the overseas farms?

Professor Su had high hopes for this farm. He wanted this farm to be the best in China and even internationally. He wanted the recognition of building such a farm. He wants to be famous.

When that happens, the Pig Farm design patent he applied would also be approved. There would be many Chinese farmers or even US farmers queuing up to buy the authorization!


“Wrong, wrong. This is installed wrong. This way, the water will be flowing upwards. Those workers there, stop. I told you all that this part is for feeding. It must be able to rotate. Who asked you to fix its position with wires? This way how would the animal feed enter the food trough? You, the distance is wrong. 2 meters. This is only 1.8 meters. You can’t cut corners on this……”

Professor Su was very responsible and stayed at the farm almost every day, supervising the installation of the different systems. These were all his hard work. There must not be any flaws.

Yesterday, a worker did not follow the floorplan, and one of the pigsty measurements was off, and it was smaller. Professor Su went into a rage. Feng Xingtai came over and told him to modify systems for that pigsty. Just when Professor Su was about to compromise, Feng Yu arrived. Without saying a word, he ordered the demolition of the pigsty’s walls and rebuilt.

Although the cost of rebuilding those 2 walls was nothing compared to the construction of the whole pig farm, Feng Yu’s attitude reinforced Professor Su determination to build the perfect modernized pig farm in China.

Of course, Feng Yu also got the receiving end of his father’s slap to the back of his head. This good-for-nothing son just spends money like drinking water. Must that pigsty be rebuilt? If it wasn’t rebuilt, can it be used?

Feng Yu could only smile. Actually, it was because he felt that the pigsty was not symmetrical and he felt uncomfortable looking at it. 2 rows of pigsties, up to 100 partitions and only those 2 partitions were different from the rest. Who wouldn’t be uncomfortable by this?

Furthermore, Feng Yu, like Professor Su, felt that what’s the cost of rebuilding 2 walls compared to the cost of the whole project. Also, the touched look on Professor Su’s face made it all worthwhile for Feng Yu!

Professor Su was indeed a professional when it comes to pig rearing. In future, Feng Yu still needs his help with the animal feed formula for Tai Hua Food Processing Factory. He did not want these 2 walls to spoil their relationship.

After Feng Yu returned home, he told his father about the pros and cons. All things had a price tag except for knowledge. The most important thing for this pig farm now was not money but the most advanced techniques. These techniques came from Professor Su, and so they must go along with him.

After all, this farm belongs to the Feng family, and Professor Su would also get a single cent from the profits in the future. Professor Su can be considered working for them for free now. What’s there to be unhappy about?

After hearing from Feng Yu, Feng Xingtai felt better. So, this Professor Su was working for us. But why was this worker more persistent and aggressive than the boss?

Hmmm… maybe it was because he was a Professor and he got the pride of an educated man.

Feng Xingtai suddenly remembered that Professor Su was a professor and he was only a peasant. But the sense of vanity was still bursting in his heart. He could order a professor around now!

Feng Xingtai still doesn’t know that the 3 Soviets that used to work for him in his food processing factory were experts. He thought they were ordinary workers from the Soviet Unions.

The construction for the Pig Farm went smoothly and very fast. This was also because Feng Yu had spent a lot on this construction. Although this increased the cost, but it saved a lot of time for Feng Yu.

The others do not understand. But to Feng Yu, time was more valuable than money. The faster you are, the earlier you would be able to capture the market.  Capturing the market was the most critical aspect of this pig farm.

The Farm Department Chief Officer and Wen Deguang visited the farm frequently during the construction. They had smiles when they saw the transformation of the farm.

When this pig farm was completed, they would report to their higher-ups and then just this farm as an example for the rest of the country. This would be considered their political achievements.

Feng Yu had no reasons to stop them from doing this. The more supportive they were, the better it was for the pig farm development. As for Deputy Officer Xu, he was green with envy. This Tian Peng Pig Farm achievement had nothing to do with him!

The other star of the district was the food processing factory. Wen Deguang was the person overseeing this factory. Based on the pig farm and factory, the Farm Chief Officer and Wen Deguang would surely be promoted, whereas, Deputy Officer Xu would most likely remain as a deputy until his retirement.


Crackling ~ ~ ~

“"Leaders and distinguished guests, today is the opening Tian Peng Pig Farm. I would like to thank everyone for taking time off your busy schedule to be here…… Now, let’s invite the Chief Officer to say a few words.” Wen Deguang, who was also the emcee, stood at the door and host the opening ceremony.

After the Chief Officer’s speech, the rest of the leaders took turns to give their address. Almost all the leaders from the Farm Department were there, except for Deputy Officer Xu.

“Now, let’s invite the Chief Officer and the rest of the leaders to plant trees. Wishing Tian Peng Pig Farm to thrive and grow up strong like a tree!”

In the yard, someone had already dug the pit and placed the trees seedlings in there. The leaders just crowd around, shoveled the soil symbolically and wiping the nonexistent sweat from their foreheads. There were reporters and cameras there. They must put up a good show and acted they were working hard.

Feng Yu looked at his father who was smiling happily for the cameras and then he looked at the background behind his father. Feng Yu laughed to himself.

At the door, Feng Yu had pasted a pair of new couplets which he wrote personally: Clouds thinking of beautiful clothes; flowers thinking of countenance; Pigs thinking of getting fat; People thinking of getting famous!

Translator Notes: The couplets original text is ! The thing I hated most about the government officials written in this novel was that they like to claim credit for someone else’s success. Maybe it’s in their culture. Is China really like this? 

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