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Chapter 128 – Kameda? On your knees?

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Feng Yu skipped classes again and returned to the company. Although he was working with Fu Guangzheng on the exportation of the humidifiers, he doesn’t mind authorizing his patent to foreign companies that wish to use his technology in their factories.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Feng.” When Feng Yu arrived, the foreigner businessman gave him a 90-degree bow, shocking him.

What’s happening? Why is this guy bowing to him? Wait, foreign businessman? Is this guy a Korean or Japanese? He did not have a big face and based on his height, he should be a Japanese.

“You are?”

“I am Kameda Masao, from Black Dragon Co., Ltd. Mr. Feng can call me Kameda.” Kameda Masao was also feeling a bit puzzled. The boss of Tai Hua Trading was a bit young. Could he be the heir to this company?

Even the other party’s mandarin was not bad, but Feng Yu could tell from his name that he was a Japanese. But his name was quite humble. It sounds like kneel and lick. (The Chinese characters for Kameda were 龟田, and it sounds like kneel and lick in mandarin.)  

But with his appearance, even if he really wants to kneel and lick Feng Yu, he would also reject him!

Black Dragon Co., Ltd was not the Yakuza. It stands for a shareholding company.

“Mr. Kameda, please take a sit. I heard from Manager Wu that you want to work with us on the ultrasonic humidifiers? Feng Yu said smiling.

“Yes, I am the representative of Black Dragon Co., Ltd in China. I saw the Wind and Rain Ultrasonic humidifiers in the market, and I think this product has huge potentials and is worth to develop further.”

Feng Yu nodded. He was smiling happily now. He would never reject praises.

“What does your company do in the past? Home appliances or electronic products?” Feng Yu must find out more about this company. If this company was selling bread, unless they offer Feng Yu a sky-high price to use his patent, Feng Yu would not authorize them.

But what Feng Yu did not expect was this Black Dragon Co., Ltd was not selling bread. This company was selling inflatable sex dolls!

WTF? Why does a company selling sex dolls wants to work with him for humidifiers? If people found out that the company producing humidifiers was also producing sex dolls, it would be a disgrace for Tai Hua Trading Company.  

Especially if his father and mother know about this, he would be beaten up by the both of them!

Feng Yu swallowed his saliva and stared fiercely at Wu Zhigang. Why did he not find out more about this businessman? Can any company just work with Tai Hua Trading just because they want to? Feng Yu had asked him to take note of companies that wanted to use their patented technology, but he still needs to filter these companies!

We Zhigang felt he was wronged. He did not ask Kameda’s name when they met, but Kameda’s mandarin was very good and still had a Beijing accent. He thought Kameda was a Chinese. But who knows he was a Japanese.

Feng Yu stood up and said: “Mr. Kameda, I still have something on. Let’s discuss our cooperation some other days.”

Kameda Masao immediately stood up and bowed 90-degrees again: “Mr. Feng, please wait. I understand that you do not like our company’s products. But there is nothing to be ashamed of these products. These products can satisfy human needs. Wait a moment. Our company also produces perfume and aromatic diffuser. I think we can add my company’s aromatic diffuser feature to your humidifier. We should be able to work well together.”

Diffuser? Feng Yu looked at Kameda. Was he treating Feng Yu as a fool? What’s so complicated with an aromatic diffuser? One could always add a few drops of perfume into the water used for the humidifier, and it would produce the same results. Why should Feng Yu work with him?

In the future years, air freshener aromatic diffusers were very popular and were used in most offices, households, and vehicles. But later, it was found out that the perfume used was harmful to people.

This type of harmful product should be kept within Japan and should not be sold in China! Wait, that’s right. Since this idea was suggested by a Japanese, then Feng Yu could authorize this Japanese company to use his patent to produce the humidifier with air diffuser feature but they can only sell those products in Japan and cannot export to other countries!

Feng Yu acted like he was persuaded by Kameda and sat down: “Hmmm, now you mention this, it seems that we can still work together. What are your plans for us to work together?”

Wu Zhigang was puzzled. Aroma? They had included that in the instruction manuals for the humidifiers. Why should they work with this Japanese?

“Cooperation. We will use our aromatic diffusion technology, and you will use your ultrasonic technology. Together, we will invest and produce the humidifiers and split the profits equally!” Kameda Masao said.

Damn this guy. Using that lousy aromatic diffusion technology to compare with the ultrasonic technology and even want to split the profits equally? Why doesn’t he go and rob the bank?

Feng Yu glanced at Kameda and said: “I will authorize your company to use the ultrasonic technology and every aromatic diffusion humidifier produced, your company has to pay me 30 USD. I am more comfortable with this type of cooperation.”

Kameda Masao said with a surprised look: “Mr. Feng, I think you are mistaken. We want to work with you and not buy your patented technology.”

Feng Yu replied calmly: “Mr. Kameda, you are also mistaken. I am not selling you the technology. I am only authorizing you to use it. This is the only choice I am giving you. You can discuss with your boss.”

Before Kameda could say anything, Feng Yu stood up and shouted: “Manager Wu, show the guest out!”

Kameda Masao still wanted to say something, but Wu Zhigang and his men had already chased Kameda Masao out. Wu Zhigang was already unhappy with this Japanese.

After Kameda left, Wu Zhigang went to apologize to Feng Yu: “Director Feng, I’m sorry. I did not know that he is a Japanese.”

Feng Yu waved his hands: “Never mind, but remember the next time he comes, the condition will still be the same. We can authorize them to use the patent, but we will not work with them! They thought we are fools? Splitting the profits equally? Their lousy aromatic diffusion technology is not even doing well in their domestic market, and he still wants to enter the Chinese market?”

Feng Yu went to the Post Office to make an overseas call to Fu Guangzheng. He wanted Fu Guangzheng to do a background check on this Japanese Black Dragon Co., Ltd. Japan was never their targeted market. The Fu family were targeting the Europe and US markets.

Kameda Masao was also making a phone call to his Chairman and told him everything Feng Yu said. Feng Yu attitude was unyielding and could tell that he was not interested in their aromatic diffusion technology. There was no room for negotiations.

The Chairman hesitated for a while and told Kameda that he can agree to Feng Yu’s condition but try to lower the authorization fees. Every dollar Kameda saved, he would be rewarded with 1,000 USD.   

Kameda was overjoyed. He decided to think of a good plan that night. Tomorrow he must get this contract. When that happens, he can use Black Dragon brand of humidifiers to grab a slice of this vast Chinese market.

But he did not know that Feng Yu does not plan to let them export their humidifiers to China. They cannot even export to other countries. They can only sell their humidifiers in Japan. This Kameda was still dreaming of getting a promotion and a pay raise!

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