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Chapter 122 – Every fatty has potential

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It was time for school to reopen. Li Na and the rest returned to school. The first thing Wen Dongjun said when he returned to school was to watch a movie that night!

This idiot’s intention was not to watch movies but to meet Zhang Han. Feng Yu also wanted to see Wen Dongjun’s reaction when he discovers that Zhang Han was still the same.

Liu Kun did not jin them. He wanted to revise as school was starting the next day. Feng Yu was speechless. The world of top students was something he could never attain. Liu Kun was already the top student of the whole grade, and he was still working so hard.

Feng Yu had wanted to ask Liu Kun along to comfort the disappointed Wen Dongjun later. He had placed so much hope and then when they meet, he will be suffering a huge blow. Even someone as optimistic as Wen Dongjun might not be able to take it.

Since Liu Kun does not want to join them, then later Feng Yu will bring Wen Dongjun to eat, hoping he will drown his sorrows in food. Anyway, that idiot was born a glutton.

When he met Li Na again, she was still as pretty, even she was wrapped in thick woolen winter clothing.     

Feng Yu held Li Na’s hands and walked towards the entrance of the school.

“What are you doing? There are so many people around. Let go of my hand.” Li Na said softly.

“I am afraid your hands will be cold, and I am warming your hands.” Feng Yu opened his mouth, and this lie came out naturally. After she tried to pull out her hand twice, she gave up.

The two walked towards the school gate, and along the way, they met other teachers. These teachers saw Feng Yu and pretended not to see him holding Li Na’s hands. Feng Yu had the protection of the vice principal, and he was also not their student. So, why bother.

“Dongjun, why are you looking so nervous? We are going to fetch Zhang Han and not going to fetch a tigress.” Feng Yu said these purposely.

“Drive carefully and stop taking your eyes off the road.” Wen Dongjun said unhappily.

He was as what Feng Yu said. He was tensed, disturbed and nervous. He had only spoken to Zhang Han once over the phone, but he did not ask if she had slimmed down and she too, did not mention anything about this.

He was afraid that Zhang Han will still be the same when they meet. What if she got fatter? Other people’s girlfriends were all tall and slim, and his girlfriend is tall and fat? He will feel ashamed to bring her out.  

But he also remembered that other than fat, Zhang Han did not have any other shortcomings. She is tall, fair, good in her studies, kind hearted and likes to laugh. But the only flaw was bothering him the most.

Wen Dongjun directed Feng Yu, who was whistling, to Zhang Han’s house. In Feng Yu’s mind, he had thought of the lyrics to the tune he was whistling: I had asked you many times, when will you be bringing me away, but you kept calling me fat. Oh~~~ oh~~~ oh~~~ when will you be bringing me away~~~

Beep, beep~~~

“Hi pretty girl, you know where Zhang Han’s house …… Zhang Han?” Feng Yu raised his voice in surprise.

Feng Yu was at a cross junction asking the directions to Zhang Han’s house. Wen Dongjun had sent her back a few times, but he had only sent her to this junction. He does not know which building she was staying in.

Feng Yu saw a girl with a voluptuous figure standing by the roadside with her back facing him. He rolled down the windows and asked her loudly. But before he could finish his sentence, he was dumb folded.

This pretty girl in front of him was about 1.65m tall, with a ponytail hairstyle and wore a stylish long body down jacket, which made her look taller and slimmer.

Her complexion was fair, and her eyes sparkled when she smiled at Feng Yu, flashing her pearl white teeth.

This type of smile was the type of smile between close friends and gave Feng Yu a very familiar feeling. He realized halfway through his sentence that this person looks like Zhang Han.

Cannot be. How did Zhang Han become like this? This was an entirely different person! That was why Feng Yu raised his voice in surprise.

“It’s me. Na Na, Dongjun, Feng Yu, you all are finally here.” The girl waved to them smiling. “Feng Yu, what’s with your expression? You don’t recognize me?”

Feng Yu nodded and then shook his head. This was really Zhang Han? Zhang Han’s nickname was supposed to be Fat Chick!

Zhang Han was 1.65m tall and weighs 80kg, even heavier than Feng Yu. There were still classmates that joking said that even she rolls down the stairs, she would not hurt her bones.

Although the person in front of him was not considered a goddess, she was not as fat as before. It seems that she weighs about 55kg now. The changes on her face were the greatest. Her round face had become heart-shaped. Her eyes became bigger. How could this person be Zhang Han?

The Zhang Han now was still considered plumb, but she could not be called Fat Chick again. What did she do during the winter break to lose more than 15 kg? There were diet pills in this era or did she eat laxatives every day?

Wen Dongjun alighted from the car and was shocked to see Zhang Han’s changes. The changes were too big and more than what he expected. Plump girls had an advantage which is they are bustier, and Zhang Han’s waist was slimmer, but her bust did not become smaller. Instead, they became more prominent.

Zhang Han smiled and said: “It’s cold.”  

Wen Dongjun came back to his senses and immediately step aside for Zhang Han to board the car. He waved his fist in the air. That’s great! Zhang Han had really slimmed down, and she was so slim now. He was ecstatic!

Feng Yu turned and exclaimed: “Zhang Han, how much weight did you lose and how did you do it?”

“I just feel like losing weight, so I just slim down. I did not really lose too much weight. Only about 15 kg.” Zhang Han words were humble, but everyone could feel that she was feeling very proud. She must have suffered during the winter break to lose this 15 kg.

The shocked look on her friends’ faces just now made her very proud. Especially Wen Dongjun’s silly look. She secretly swore to herself to continue her diet and make all her fats disappear!

“15 kg? You are amazing!” Li Na exclaimed. Her impression of Fat Chick was that she must eat something always if not she would be hungry. The Lunar New Year had just passed, and there were many goodies everywhere. How could she possibly lose weight?

Feng Yu looked at the rear-view mirror and said jokingly: “You must know what the reason to lose weight is. If someone has a firm target and determination, those things that seemed impossible might become a reality. Am I right?”

Zhang Han secretly looked at Wen Dongjun and said: “No. I just feel like losing some weight. Being too fat will affect my physical lessons grades. This semester, I will carry on with my diet until I reach 55 kg!”

Feng Yu nodded: “That’s right. If your physical lessons grades are too low, it will make our class’s sports representative look bad.” Wen Dongjun was their class sports representative. He was tall and fit, and well versed in all types of sports. He was one of the few which the Vice principal gave special instructions to look after. Of course, the form teacher must give him some title.

Wen Dongjun scratched the back of his head and smiled: “Zhang Han, you look good now.”

Although Zhang Han was still plump Wen Dongjun was able to accept her now. He did not expect Zhang Han to lose so much weight in one winter break!

“No, I want to be as slim as Li Na, and I will be prettier than the prettiest girl from next class!” Zhang Han said stubbornly.

When she mentioned the prettiest girl from next class, Wen Dongjun kept quiet, but Feng Yu laughed loudly. This idiot had liked that girl in the past.

Someone had said previously that every fatty has potential, but Feng Yu does not believe. But from today onwards, he can be sure this statement is true!

Translator Notes: Losing so much weight in a short time is not healthy and also what’s wrong with being fat?

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