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Chapter 119 – The Grand Wedding

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It was the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. The International Hotel was beautifully decorated, and there were many cars parked at the entranced. From the number plates, these were all the leaders’ cars.

Many people were curious. Which senior leader had come to Bing City and so many people were here to welcome him? Being a senior leader is so good. Wherever he goes, there will be so many people welcoming him.

Firecrackers sounded. The onlookers became more resentful. What type of leader is this? There are still firecrackers to welcome him?

A luxury car appeared in a distance driving slowly towards the hotel. The car had a flying goddess on the bonnet and looks better than the FAW cars (China’s domestic car brand, aka “Red Flag Car” used by the country’s leaders)!

This car was decorated with flowers. Where did they find flowers in this cold winter?

“Eh, look, there a “Happiness” word on the car. Could it be someone is getting married?” Someone shouted.

The others did not believe. Weddings can just be host at any hotel. Who would host their wedding here? This is the International Hotel! The best hotel in Bing City. This hotel is used to entertain the top leaders and foreign guests. Can someone even book this venue for the wedding?

Li Shiqiang had put in a lot of efforts to book this International Hotel. Even if you had money, you also can’t book it. There were a lot of foreign guests staying there. In the end, Feng Yu asked Zhang Ruiqiang for help. With the help of the vice mayor, they managed to book the International Hotel, but the price was very high!

“It’s real. It looks like a wedding. What car is that? Have you all seen it before? It is beautiful. It nicer than the Mayor’s car.”

“I know. That is a Rolls Royce. The Queen of England uses this type of car.”

Ho~~~ All the onlookers, gasped in shock. Queen of England used this type of cars? Whose wedding was this? They even use this type of car as a wedding car? This car cost at least 1 million RMB. They couldn’t even finish spending this much money in their lifetime!

“Oh, look! It’s more than one car. There’s a convoy behind. All are Golden Deer cars!”

In that era, it was not common to see wedding car. It was even rarer to see more than one car used for a wedding. Friends and relatives had to make their way to the venue by themselves, or maybe they will rent a bus to ferry them. It was very rare to see a convoy of cars like Li Shiqiang!

Golden Deer (The Soviet Union call it the Volga) convoy was the best cars Feng Yu could find. The logo of the vehicle was a jumping stag, and it was similar to the flying goddess.

These cars were borrowed from the Machinery Company, Aviation Factory, and the Motor Factory. Feng Yu personally borrowed these cars from the leaders for his sister’s wedding. The leaders agreed. But the 3 factories only had 10 Volga. Feng Yu does not want the remaining Lada or jeeps. Feng Yu also drove his brother-in-law’s Bentley at the end of the convoy, making it a total of 12 vehicles. It symbolized the 12 months of the year.

Feng Yu had kept this Roll Royce from the batched of used cars. It was not for himself, but he kept it for his sister’s wedding. This Rolls Royce was very grand and luxurious, and the flying goddess at the front also make it look auspicious.

Li Shiqiang and Feng Danying alighted from the car. Li Shiqiang was wearing a purple Tang dynasty style clothing, and Feng Danying was wearing a traditional red wedding dress. Feng Yu could not accept this type of dressing. What’s the wedding planner thinking? If they do not want western style suits and gowns, fine. But a Mao suit would be better than the purple Tang clothing. Purple and red colors do not look nice together.

Li Shiqiang waved to the crowd and walked Feng Danying to the entrance. They stood there to welcome the guests. Today, not only his parents’ colleagues and leaders were there, but there were also many senior officials present too.  

Feng Yu had borrowed cars from the 3 state-owned factories and invited the leaders. Feng Xingtai was one of the shareholders of the Machinery Company and the deputy general manager there. How can Li Mingde not be present for his daughter’s wedding? Not only Li Mingde came, but the rest of the department heads also came as well.

The Motor Factory’s director was one of Feng Yu’s working partners, and of course, he must be present. Wu Zhigang’s uncle and the rest of the workshop directors came with him as well. They want to build a good relationship with Feng Yu to get more projects in future.

The Aviation Factory’s Director Hou Haitao also came personally. Li Shiyou had come to the wedding, and if he did not come personally, Feng Yu might make thing difficult for him in their 3-way cooperation project.

The Aviation Factory’s director had gone to this wedding personally. The rest of the department heads heard this news and rush here. They did not know whose wedding this was, but since their director had come to this wedding then it must be someone important!

Li Shiqiang also invited the Police Chief in charge of the warehousing area and other deputy police chiefs.

At the start, the people alighted from the cars were the leaders from Li Shiqiang’s parents’ units. The highest rank was Deputy Chief Xue, who was representing the leaders of their unit.

But after a while, he saw all the head of departments of the Motor Company arriving. And when Li Mingde came, he was shocked. Why was the General Manager of Machinery Company here?

Later, he noticed that not only Li Mingde had come for this wedding. Even all the leaders of the Machinery Company were there too. This Li family can invite these high-ranking officers? If they really have such connections, then why was Old Li still a supervisor? With his relationship with Li Mingde, he should be at least a deputy chief.

The surprises did not stop for him. After a while, the Motor Factory’s Director Li Shiyou came with all the factory’s leaders. Why did some many senior officers of the Motor Factory come to this wedding? What background does this old Li have?

Later, he saw the Factory Director of Aviation Factory walking in with a group of people. Every one of them congrats Li Shiqiang warmly and gave him red packets.

Deputy Chief Xue started sweating. This Li family was not simple. Was the amount in the red packet he gave too little? He begins to think back if he had any dispute with Old Li in the past.

The Li family even have friends from the Police force? He was not no longer surprised to see Police station chiefs or area Police chiefs here. But that’s the City’s, Deputy Police Chief!

Deputy chief Xue immediately runs in and borrowed the phone from the front desk to make phone calls. He must inform his higher-ups that there were many high-ranking leaders present at this wedding. Li father’s unit’s leader heard the news and knew that he must also be present at this wedding. Although these people were from other departments, they were all higher rank than him.

Many leaders from the Industrial Department, taxes department and Foreign trade office also arrived. Deputy Chief Xue suspects that the bride was the daughter of some high-ranking officer.

Li Shiqiang’s ex-colleagues from the Post Office had come, and he walked over to welcome them. Why was the City’s Chief of the Post Office here too?

Feng Yu smiled when he saw the surprised look on everyone’s face. He did this on purpose. He wants to let the Li family knows that the Feng family have a lot of connections and know lots of high-ranking leaders. They will think twice if they're going to bully his sister.

Feng Yu still trust his brother-in-law, but things might not be the same as his previous life. The brother-in-law in his past life was just a typical worker, but in this life, he was the boss of a big logistics company. What happens if he changed?

“Xiao Li, Xiao Feng, I wish the both of you to have a long and happy marriage.” A middle-aged man shook Li Shiqiang’s hand and passed a red packet to Feng Danying.

Everyone looked at that man. Even Li Mingde and the rest also walked out towards him. Deputy Chief Xue was getting breathless.

Isn’t that the newly appointed Bing City’s Deputy Mayor Zhang? He heard that the Mayor like him very much. He even came to this wedding personally!

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