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Chapter 117 – Bad luck

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“Haaaa~~~” Feng Yu wiped his sweat on his forehead. He was sweating in this cold weather. This shows how hard he worked.

Feng Yu could not stand Wen Dongjun’s showing off his superiority over him for consecutive 2 days. Yesterday was his results and today was the fishing result!

Wen Dongjun was not ashamed of cheating in the exams and was even proud of the result. Today’s ice fishing, both of them were on the same starting line, and Feng Yu do not believe that he will still lose to Wen Dongjun!

If Feng Yu really lose Wen Dongjun, he could imagine the consequences. From then until school reopens, and even this time next year, Wen Dongjun would be talking about what happened today. Feng Yu would become a side character in all his stories.

I am someone who was reborn and will be someone that will leave a name in history. How can I lose to you?

When Wen Dongjun returned with the empty bucket, Feng Yu was almost done with the ice hole. Even Wen Dongjun was shocked by Feng Yu’s efficiency.

“Let me take over. You take a break now.”

“No need. I will be done in 5 minutes. I don’t believe that there will be no big fishes at this spot!”

Wen Dongjun shrugged his shoulders and helped to clear the crushed ice. 5 minutes later, a new ice hole was completed, and Feng Yu was sweating buckets.

“1, 2, 3, lift!” Feng Yu shouted.

The net was filled with small fishes. The biggest was only about 50g.

“Hahaha. You are going to feed your pigs with these?” Wen Dongjun laughed at Feng Yu.

After lifting the net a few more times, Feng Yu gave up. The water must be shallow here, that’s why there were no big fishes. Must look for a new spot for the ice hole!

Wen Dongjun and Feng Yu decide to dig ice holes separately. He carried the pickaxe to 10 meters away and start digging. Usually, he was better at these kinds of physical activities, but today, Feng Yu was faster than him.

“Come, look at this. I don’t believe that there are no big fishes here!”

But the result was still disappointing. Although not all fishes were small, there was only 1 carp that was 0.5 KG. After Wen Dongjun’s ice hole was completed, they caught a few carp that were over 1KG. This made Wen Dongjun even more proud!

“Okay, the sack and buckets are all full of the big fishes I caught. Let’s go back.” Wen Dongjun said.

“No, one more try. I don’t believe that I can’t catch any big fishes today!” Feng Yu was furious. They had lifted the net together and how can he say that those fishes were caught by him?

“There were big fishes, but all of them were caught by me. You start digging. I will load the fishes onto the car. This will be the last hole, and we will leave after this.”

Feng Yu started swinging the pickaxe hard. Snap! The wooden handle of the pickaxe broke!

Damn, why am I so unlucky? Luckily, I still have the iron rod.

Feng Yu covered his eyes and squat down. Fuck, the broken ice pieces got into his eyes, and his tears were flowing.

He got angry and threw the iron rod onto the floor and accidentally hit his leg!

Feng Yu held his leg and jumped up, but he stepped on the crushed ice and slipped. He tried to regain his balance by jumping to his side.

However, when one dogged by bad luck, anything can happen. The spot Feng Yu landed was the spot where he was digging just now. The ice was already very thin and could not support his weight.

Before Feng Yu could react, his whole body was in the ice hole. The piercing cold immediately numbed Feng Yu’s body. Even a swimming champ could not do anything in the cold waters. Feng Yu desperately flailed his arms about and managed to grab the shovel beside the hole, and he hangs onto the handle of the shovel to prevent himself from falling deeper into the hold.

“Dongjun, Dongjun, help~~~” Feng Yu shouted with all his might.

Wen Dongjun was still walking slowly with the bucket of fish when he heard Feng Yu cries. The looked around and noticed that Feng Yu was missing.

The scariest thing about ice hole fishing was falling into the ice hole. One might not drown if he fell into an ice hole but would freeze to death.

Even if the person were pulled out of the water, the cold water would freeze and cause frostbite.

Wen Dongjun dropped the bucket and came running back towards Feng Yu. He was careful to not fall into the 2 holes they dug earlier. If he also falls into a hole, then they both would be dead meat.

“Feng Yu, hang on! You must hang on! I am coming~~~.”

When Wen Dongjun reaches Feng Yu, he was still holding on to the shovel’s handle. Feng Yu’s lips were already blue, and his gloves were already frozen. His whole body was shivering nonstop.

“Grab on. I will pull you up. Don’t let go!” Wen Dongjun carefully approaches the ice hole and grab the shovel. He slowly pulled Feng Yu out of the water. During the process, he was almost dragged into the hole by Feng Yu.

“Hurry, get back to the car. You are all wet. You must remove all your wet clothing. I will give you my outer clothes.”

Wen Dongjun helped Feng Yu towards the car. He cannot carry Feng Yu and must let him walk himself for his blood circulation.

However, the car was not warm at all. Earlier when Wen Dongjun rushed to save Feng Yu, he did not close the boot, and now the temperature inside the car was the same as outside.

Feng Yu tried to start the engine, but the Land Rover just won’t start. Fuck, why didn’t he buy anti-freeze!

“Don’t care about this. You remove your wet clothes first. I will look for some branches or twigs to start a small fire to warm up your car.” Wen Dongjun removed his outer clothing and threw at Feng Yu. He went out into the cold to start a small fire.

The car was finally started and Feng Yu immediately on the heater. He was still shivering. Wen Dongjun went back to the pond to take back their stuff.

“The last ice hole really have lots of big fishes. Look, I managed to scoop up a few big carps.” Wen Dongjun lifted the carps to show Feng Yu.

Feng Yu stared at him. After what had happened, he still got the mood to catch fish? Fine. At least this made Feng Yu slightly happier.

“You drive. You know how to drive the tractor right? It’s about the same. My hands are still numb.” Feng Yu tried to clench his fist, but he got no strength.

“Of course, I am the one driving. You sit tight. Here we go!”

The Land Rover jerked and moved forward, causing Feng Yu’s head knocking against the backrest, making him dizzy. He hated new drivers the most. They do not know how to move or stop smoothly!

Wen Dongjun also dare not to drive too fast. He drove slowly and took almost an hour to reach their district. Feng Yu asked him to drive straight to the hospital. He needs medical attention urgently!

Lying on the hospital bed, Feng Yu felt that today was not his day. He only wanted to go ice fishing, but he couldn’t catch any big fishes and even fell into the ice hole. When he wants to warm himself, his Land Rover could not start. When he was finally back in the district, Wen Dongjun crash the Land Rover into the hospital gate, making Feng Yu pay compensation.

Unfortunate events happened one after another. This made Feng Yu think that maybe heavens saw everything was going smoothly for him and was jealous.

His parents heard the news and came rushing to the hospital. When they saw Feng Yu lying on the hospital bed, they rushed over and gave him a beating!

Who asked you to go ice fishing? Serve you right!

After the beating, his mum tearfully went home to cook some hot soup for Feng Yu. Feng Xingtai remained in the hospital to take care of Feng Yu. As for Wen Dongjun, he was also beaten up by his father at home. Luckily for him, they were living in an apartment now. If they were still living in the village, his father will hang him up and whip him!

Author’s notes: Once, I went ice fishing with a classmate, and he fell into the ice hole. On the way back, his pants were frozen solid. Now, his right leg hurts every time it rains. Be careful when ice fishing.

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