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Chapter 115 – The Man who can eat in a pigsty

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The person-in-charge of the company can be decided after New Year. The Lunar New Year was just in a few days, and Feng Yu returned to his district. He needs to help to manage the food processing factory and the pig farm. In future, he needs to hire 2 suitable people to handle the factory and the farm for him. Feng Yu does not trust his father’s management skills.

The thing that excites Feng Yu the most was the pig farming expert, Professor Su, finally arrived. The modernization of the pig farm still needs his opinions and help.

The expert had arrived, and Feng Yu must welcome him personally. All experts were held in high regards, and most of them were arrogant. If they felt that they were not respected, they might leave, and it would be hard to invite them again. These experts knew each other, and other experts will also be hard to invite.  

Feng Yu arrived at the pig farm and noticed his staffs were not looking well. What happened? Did the expert make things difficult for them? If that were the case, then Feng Yu would send him off. Even experts cannot bully his staffs!

“Uncle Li, where’s my dad?”

“Chief Feng is inside with the expert. Xiao Yu, you better don’t go in first. I am afraid that you will have no appetite for dinner later.” Uncle Li’s expressions were weird. It was as if he had seen something scary or disgusting.

“What? They are slaughtering pigs inside? Didn’t I said all the pigs must be slaughtered at the City’s slaughterhouse?” Feng Yu was feeling a bit helpless as he thought that his father wanted to save money by doing the slaughtering himself.

“It’s not slaughtering pigs. It’s the expert.”

“What’s wrong with the expert?” Feng Yu was alarmed. Did the expert do something?

“He’s eating.”

Feng Yu smiled and jokingly said: “It’s normal for someone to eat now. Could it be he is eating something that will cause me to lose my appetite?”

I even dare to eat pig’s innards, what’s there to be afraid of?

“Have you ever seen people eating in a pigsty? He is holding a bowl of rice with vegetables and eating heartily, in front of the pigs. There are pig excrements all around him, and the smell of urine and feces is overpowering. I don’t want to talk about this. Anyway, I will be skipping dinner today.” Uncle Li said.

Feng Yu was surprised. Who in the right mind would eat in a pigsty? Just imagining it made him feel like vomiting. He spits on the floor, but he still has to discuss somethings with the expert. So, he can only bite the bullet and enter the farm.

In the pigsty, he saw a crowd of people there. Only one of them was holding a bowl, and the rest were desperately smoking cigarettes. They were trying to suppress the nausea feeling.

Feng Yu endured the nausea feelings and walked over. The ventilation at the pig farm was not inadequate, but there was still an overpowering stench of pig feces. There was really someone who could eat in this type of places!

“Professor Su, you are here.”

“Xiao Feng, this is your family’s farm? You had done a good job. The cleanliness is good, and the partitions are built well. You are also feeding these pigs with pellet animal feeds. This is quite rare.” After Professor Su finished his sentence, he ate another mouthful of rice.

Feng Yu immediately had an urge to vomit, but he pinched his thigh hard. He used the pain to suppress the nausea feeling. He turned his head to the side and spat on the floor.

“Professor Su, why are you eating here? You can come to my house or the canteen in the pig farm.”

“No time. I got to leave for a while. I still need to visit a few other pig farms later. I need to sort out many things before the New Year, and that will make my job easier later in the year.” Professor Su said and hurriedly finish the rice in his bowl without a hint of nausea.

Everyone breathe a sigh of relieved when they saw Professor Su finally finish eating. They were very impressed with Professor Su’s professionalism, but they could not accept him eating in the pigsty. If you are busy, you can eat in the car. You might be used to the smell here, but not us!

From this day onwards, Feng Yu never use a big bowl for his meals as it will remind him of the events at the pigsty.

“Professor Su, what other improvements does our pig farm need? Have you seen the floorplan of our pig farm? What do you think of it?” Feng Yu asked anxiously.

“Your farm is not bad, and you can still rear a few hundreds more pigs. I had seen the floor plan. You cannot expand your farm base on that as the air circulation will be very bad, and there will not be sufficient lighting. This is not good for the pig’s growth. I will help you edit it, and you can build it based on the new floor plan. The automatic feeding and watering system is also not bad. Other countries, especially the US, had already started this type of farming methods. Your concept is considered the first in China.”

Why did Professor Su here? It was because he was researching on this subject, and he needs to set up a modernized pig farm. But the university does not have the funds for him to set up one and there were no bosses that will invest in his research.

Just happened Feng Yu wanted to look for an expert in pig farming and met Professor Su. They both chatted for a while, and Feng Yu left a deep impression with Professor Su. But he felt that Feng Yu was bragging a lot. How can someone who owns a small pig farm have the funds to modify and create a modernized pig farm?

Feng Yu still mentioned that he wants to import the Soviet Union machinery to produce ham and create a range of meat products under the same brand. He even wanted to let everyone in the city to be able to buy fresh pork every day. How was this possible? It was tough for people in the cities to purchase fresh pork.

But after he arrived here, he noticed that this farm was much better than the farm assigned to him by the university. It was cleaner, and the workers were all very experienced and even knew of some traditional pig rearing methods which he was unaware of.

There was also a Deputy Officer from the Farm Department who told him that the pig farm had signed a contract with the Farm Department, stating that they will be investing a few million RMB in the next 2 years to buy a modernized pig farm and will be able to produce at least 30,000 pigs each year.   

Since then, Professor Su starts to treat this pig farm seriously.  He asked around about this farm and postponed his trips for him to visit this farm. That’s why he was eating his lunch in the pigsty. But he was a bit unhappy when the deputy officer from the Farm Department left as he started eating.

He was a Professor in the Agriculture University, and his salary and benefits were on par with the City’s deputy mayor. How can a Deputy Officer from the Farm Department be so disrespectful to him?

Wen Deguang wanted to accompany Professor Su to tour the farm, but he could not stand looking at someone eating in a pigsty. It was a miracle that he did not vomit on the spot.

But now, Professor Su was happier. Feng Yu really had the intention to construct a modernize pig farm and if the farm was to be built under his guidance, he could publish his thesis on the papers and might be China’s number 1 expert in pig farming. He could also be promoted to the Vice Dean of the university!

Feng Yu said the things that Professor Su wanted to hear most: “Professor Su, after the New Year, please revisit us to guide us on the construction of the pigsty, the installation of the automated feeding and cleaning systems.”

“Ha, ha, ha. Sure. I still need to visit other places now. I will contact you when I sorted out this information.”

His research had finally taken the first and most important step which was from theory to reality. This was significant to him!

Everyone walked Professor Su to the car, and Feng Yu saw his mother walking to the farm.

“You are back and why don’t you come home? What are you doing here?” Zhang Muhua looked at Feng Yu, complaining. What’s good for hanging around in a pig farm? One must be a university student to have a good future.

“A professor came to understand more about our farm. It seems like our farm will be doing well in future.” Feng Yu was in a good mood. Professor Su had agreed to be their consultant and give them technical advice. This was way better than asking the experts from the Farming Department. All Professor Su wanted was to have his name mentioned. Even Professor Su did not have this request, Feng Yu will also publicize that it was Professor Su who had help created this modern pig farm. This will be useful publicity for the farm.

“He had just left in that car? Have the both of you eat? I had cooked your favorite braised pork intestine.” Zhang Muhua was at the farm to call Feng Xingtai home for lunch.

When the father and son heard braised pork intestine, their face turned green.

Feng Xingtai hurriedly said: “Your mum had prepared lunch. You go home and eat now. I still have something to do and will not be eating lunch. Just prepare some congee and salted vegetables for me in the evenings.”

Feng Yu looked at his father sadly. His father was using him as a shield!

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