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Chapter 113 – The kid who sued a foreigner

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The Golden tooth man immediately back down. This teenager can take out 80,000 RMB from his bag in an instant, and it seems like the bag still contains more money. He had only earned 30,000 RMB in a year, and Feng Yu can easily take out 80,000 RMB. That means his business was nothing compared to Feng Yu!

The Golden tooth man left immediately. The people watching the commotion were shocked by the way Feng Yu took out his money.

Those who knew Li Shiqiang were whispering among themselves. They knew Li Shiqiang was wealthy, but they did not know that Li Shiqiang was so rich! If it were them, they would also choose to quit the job at the Post Office. They would never afford a pager or a small car if they were working at the Post Office.

All the pagers were activated, and Li Shiqiang chatted with his ex-colleagues for a while and left. He felt uncomfortable with the way his ex-colleagues treated him.

Back at the office, Feng Yu gave out the pagers to his staff and told them that this pager was their year-end bonus.

Wu Zhigang and the rest were shocked. They knew they will be getting a fat bonus this year. From Feng Yu’s generosity, the bonus should not be lower than 1,000 RMB. But they did not expect Feng Yu to give them a pager each. This pager cost 4,000 RMB each!

Feng Yu encouraged everyone and told them that they had 2 more businesses before the New Year. One was importation, and the other was exportation. After that, it will be holidays for everyone until the 15th day of the Lunar New Year. In that era, China still does not have the official holidays policies, but at Tai Hua Trading they get to enjoy such benefits!

Everyone cheered. It was a long holiday, and they were able to enjoy themselves.


3 days later, Feng Yu received a call from Kirilenko. The fleet of Gaz trucks was on their way. Estimated to arrive at Bing City in 2 days’ time.

Feng Yu was overjoyed. This fleet had finally arrived. With Kirilenko’s help, this fleet consisted of 80 Gaz trucks and was loaded with over a thousand refrigeration compressors. These compressors will be converted into refrigerators at the Motor Factory.

Because the compressors were very cheap, the cost of the refrigerators will also be meager. As such, the retail prices will also not be high. Feng Yu had estimated that the profits should be about a few hundred thousand RMB!


This day, there was a long convoy of Gaz trucks in Bing City’s streets. The convoy was very long and attracted a lot of attention.

These trucks seem like they were transporting goods from the Soviet Union. Which unit was this wasteful to use vehicles to transport goods and not by freight?

Later, everyone noticed that these trucks went to the Motor Factory. It was the Motor Factory that ordered goods from the Soviet Union? But no one heard anything from the Motor Factory. Director Li had instructed the factory to keep this as a secret.

It was a disgrace for a state-owned factory to be a contractor for a private company. They did not admit being the manufacturer of Wind and Rain fans, let alone this Tai Hua refrigerators.

Feng Yu had registered these refrigerators under the Tai Hua brand. He did not intend to expand this refrigerator business. Feng Yu knew nothing about refrigerators except for the different types of refrigerators. There will not be another batch of cheap compressors again. The factory that produces these compressors were in a semi-shutdown state when Kirilenko contacted them. However, Feng Yu was interested in that factory’s production line. Maybe he could import those production machines and sell it to those factories that were manufacturing refrigerators.

Because Feng Yu did not want to affect Wind and Rain brand image and value, he chose to use Tai Hua brand. Initially, Feng Yu wished to use Shiqiang brand, but Li Shiqiang rejected. Feng Yu’s design of the refrigerators was too weird. It was a 2-door fridge. Who would buy such a big refrigerator? One must buy how many things to fill that fridge up? It was a waste of electricity too.

These were not important. Feng Yu’s priority now was to wait for Kirilenko arrive at Bing City, and they would go to the courts with IOU. Feng Yu wants the courts to award him the fleet of Gaz trucks as payment for the “debt” owed to him by Kirilenko. This would save them a lot of taxes!

Kirilenko flew to Bing City and arrived at night. Feng Yu drove and picked him up personally. This time, Kirilenko had only brought 1 person with him. It was his trusted aide. Kirilenko had come to Bing City was to sell off this fleet of trucks and to be closer to Feng Yu. So, in future, he could ditch the rest of his partners and work with Feng Yu alone.


“What did you say? You want to sue a foreigner?” The person at the courts was shocked. This was unbelievable.

This is a foreigner from the Soviet Union, and yet you want to sue him? Will this affect China’s image? Will it jeopardize the relationship between both countries?

If the Soviet Union embassy knew about this, it would be in the headlines. Theirs was only a small court in the city, and they dared not to sue a foreigner.

“So what if he is a foreigner? It was written on the contract that he owes me this much money and he had used those trucks as collaterals. Now he can’t pay, and these trucks should belong to me. What’s the problem?” Feng Yu looked at the Courts’ staff. Please don’t escalate matters. This was just a simple business dispute.

“Kid, can’t the both of you work things out? Our court does not have the authority to sue a foreigner. Why not you go to the high courts?” The staff was troubled. What Feng Yu said was not wrong, but he dare not to be the one who set this precedent.

“We had discussed this, and he agreed. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the interpreter. I am not lying to you. He even brought his passport.” Of course, Kirilenko would agree. Both were in this together. This was to avoid paying high taxes.     


The staff felt that he was the unlucky one. Why must he be the one on duty today? Why did the other person go to the toilet? If he had known, he would also go to the toilet. He would rather skip work than do this.

Feng Yu was worried that this would happen, so he brought an interpreter along. This interpreter was a teacher in the university and was hired for high wages. Other interpreters rejected this job when they heard that they need to be at the courts. Nowadays, everyone does not want to have anything to do with the courts.

“Just sentence. Everything is so clear. What’s there to worry about? Can I get the written verdict later?” Feng Yu kept rushing the staff. He still needs to settle the documents for those trucks.

The staff asked Feng Yu to wait a while as he needs to consult his leaders. The staff was curious. Why was this foreigner not angry at all? A normal person being sued by another person would be upset. Even if he was not mad about being sued, at least he should be moody but why was this foreigner still smiling? Could it be his brain was damaged?

Kirilenko did not know that the staff thought that he was an idiot and still gave him his “best” smile. To Kirilenko, it was his best smile, but to others, he was smiling like an idiot.

After a while, someone that looks like a leader came and spoke to Kirilenko. This leader knew how Russian and found out that there were no problems with Kirilenko’s answer. He also checked Kirilenko’s passport and then asked Feng Yu to wait.

The leader reported this matter to his higher-ups. In the end, this matter was escalated to the Provincial Government. It was only a very senior leader that gave the decision to carry on with the court proceedings. The leader does not care if it was a foreigner or a local. If someone did something wrong in China, he must be punished by the law! He even instructed the courts to just treat this case as a typical contractual dispute and sentenced as usual!       

The instructions were passed down quickly through all the levels and back to the city court. The Court’s leader saw the instructions and ordered his men to carry on with the procedures. Since the foreigner also agreed, the court would not be a busybody. Just asked the foreigner to sign and thumbprint on the documents. The written verdict must have a Russian version too.

Many of the Court’s staffs were looking at Feng Yu. This kid was so young, and yet he dares to take a foreigner to the courts. Everyone wondered who was the one behind this kid.

Feng Yu gave a red packet, and the efficiency of the court staff improved immediately. Within an hour, the written verdict was issued, and the ownership of these 80 Gaz trucks was officially transferred to Wind and Rain Logistics Company.

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