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Chapter 106 – Selling Pork

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The first batch of pigs was ready to leave the farm. But there was no slaughterhouse in the district. In the village, they would just get the help of 1 or 2 men to slaughter pigs. 2 people to hold on to the pig and 1 person to stab it to release the blood. It was brutal but straightforward.

This method was still fine if it was a few pigs. But if there were a lot of pigs, then it would be a problem. When they expand the pig farm in spring, they must build a slaughterhouse too.

Just nice Feng Yu decided to sell these Tian Peng pigs in the city. He hired 2 trucks to send all the pigs to the slaughterhouse in the city.

Squeak ~~~~~

Feng Yu only took a glance at the pig and turned away. These people do not have any skills when they slaughter pigs. Don’t they know how to stab the spine first?

“Brother Feng, where do you intend to sell these pigs? Do you want me to recommend you some buyers?” The person-in-charge of the slaughterhouse, Gu Dachang helpfully said to Feng Yu. 

“I had already contacted the buyers. Thanks for asking. Furthermore, in this type of weather, even if I am unable to sell off these pigs, it will also be fine. I can just freeze it and don’t need to worry about the pork turning bad. Feng Yu looked at Gu Dachang. In this era, he does not need to worry about getting no buyers for his pork. It was the lunar month, and many people want to buy pork.

Gu Dachang smiled and asked: “Brother Feng, where did you get so many pigs?”

“My district. XX district. There is a Tian Peng Pig farm there. They have another batch of pigs that are going to be sold before the New Year.” Feng Yu said. He knew that there must be many who had come to Gu Dachang to ask him about where to buy pigs. Just nice, Feng Yu could use Gu Dachang to spread words about his pig farm.

“Tian Peng? How come the farm has such a name? Thank you, Brother Feng. I will go there to look in a few days’ time.” Gu Dachang happily walked away. All the pork sellers came to him to ask for pork, but there was nothing he could do. He was only the in-charge of the slaughterhouse and not running a pig farm!


“Director Li, you busy?”

“Oh, it’s Mr. Feng. Have the refrigeration compressors arrive?” The Motor Factory’s Director Li Shiyou saw Feng Yu and was full of smiles. Now, although the Motor Factory was no longer in financial difficulties, the factory was not running at full operation. There were still many workshops idling and waiting for work. Working with Feng Yu would let the factory earn more money, and the workers would also get more bonus. It will also demonstrate the abilities of the Director.

Feng Yu paused for a moment. So anxious? Based on Feng Yu’s estimation, this batch of compressors would arrive before the New Year, and the assembly would only start after New Year. 2 months should be enough for the factory to assemble 800 to 1,000 units of refrigerators. This way, it would not delay the launch nor affect Feng Yu’s cash flows. But now, it seems that the Motor Factory can wait.

“Director Li, the compressors will only arrive in a few more days. I am here to ask if your factory wants to order pork. These pigs were just slaughtered in the slaughterhouse this morning. Guaranteed to be fresh and there are no diseased pigs!”

There were more than a thousand workers in the factory, and if included the families of the workers, there were a few thousand. The amount of pork consume was small, so Feng Yu decided to come over and promote his pigs.

Li Shiyou opened his mouth and said: “Mr. Feng is joking with me? Buy pork? Our factory is also rearing pigs ourselves.”

Huh? The smile on Feng Yu’s face froze. His first door-to-door sales had failed! How could he forget that every state-owned factory, especially those that were converted from military to civilian, used to be a small community?

“Ha, ha, ha. I was just joking with Director Li. I was just passing by and decided to drop in to have a cup of tea with you.” Feng Yu quickly changed the subject to avoid embarrassment. 

“Xiao Liu, what are you waiting for? Mr. Feng has been sitting here for so long, and the tea is not ready yet?” Li Shiyou shouted towards the door.

Being a leader was good. There was still a secretary helping him out. Feng Yu also decided to hire a secretary when the company grows bigger in two years’ time. Must get a female secretary with a good figure and a sweet voice. It doesn’t matter if she does not know how to work. She only needs to know how to serve tea and be a pretty vase. How’s the use of having a male secretary?

“Mr. Feng, Mr. Feng?”

“Ah…… Sorry, I was thinking about something.” Feng Yu came back to reality and smiled.

“Mr. Feng must be thinking of some business ideas. Can our factory take part in your idea?” Feng Yu had helped the Machinery Factory got the advanced machines and technologies from the Soviet Union, and this made Li Shiyou jealous.

Technically, they were not much worse than the Soviet Union. China had invested a lot in these technologies. But they were unable to use it as they do not have the machinery.

Also, Feng Yu had told him that although he will still be producing Wind and Rain fans in the summer, the quantity will only be about 10,000 to 20,000 units. There was also no more used car refurbishment jobs as Feng Yu will not be importing any more used cars.

If it was the past, without these 2 projects, the Motor factory had survived. But after taking on these 2 projects and knew that it was only a one-time deal, Li Shiyou felt disappointed. How good would it be if every year there were a few projects? It was a pity that Feng Yu had imported agricultural machinery and was not suitable for their factory. Also, their factory does not allow individuals to buy a stake in it as the factory was still manufacturing some orders for the military.

The tea arrived, and Feng Yu drank the whole cup in one go. There was one thing that was not good about the winter in the Northeast region. It was too dry. When the air was too dry, it was easy to get nose and throat infections.

“I do not have any projects temporary. But I am looking out for the hydraulic press for you. If I am able to find it, I will sell it to the Motor Factory first. We are old friends now.”

Li Shiyou’s face turned into a blooming chrysanthemum. With the hydraulic press, they could achieve a lot of things. The Motor Factory’s techniques will improve and reach the world class standards!

After 2 cups of tea, Feng Yu left the Motor Factory for the Machinery Company. The scale of the Machinery Company was nothing when compared to the old and established Motor Factory. Feng Yu was sure that the Machinery Factory does not have any pig farms.

“Xiao Feng, why are you at the company?” Li Mingde disdainfully asked.

When he begged Feng Yu to sell the machinery and technologies to him, he addressed Feng Yu as Mr. Feng or Director Feng. But after the company was restructured, he was the General Manager, and Feng Yu was nothing but only a shareholder’s representative. So what if he called Feng Yu as Xiao Feng? Even if Feng Xingtai were there, Li Mingde would also address him as Old Feng. Li Mingde was the biggest in the company!

“I have a batch of pork, weighing about 5,000 KG. Does the factory want to buy? If not, I will sell it to other units.”

“5,000 KG? Buy! We will buy them all!” Li Mingde was overjoyed. Just nice he wanted to give some gifts to the workers as company welfare.

“Okay. I will ask my men to deliver the pork to the factory. How about the payment?”

“You can get it form the finance department in cash. It’s only the payment for 5,000 KG of pork.” Li Mingde said as if he was a wealthy man.

Feng Yu did not argue with him. He was only here to assure his father that there were buyers for their pork. After the New Year, Feng Yu will build up the brand, Tian Peng pigs and show everyone how to sell pork!

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