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Chapter 1056: 1056
Chapter 1056 – On what grounds?

“Bill, you said you have something urgent to discuss with me?” Feng Yu entered Bill Gates’s office and sat on the sofa .

“Feng, I need to confirm something with you . I heard that you had acquired a graphic card manufacturer, Nvidia . ”

“That’s right . It was quite troublesome to take over that company . Because of this company, I acquired two small Venture investment companies . But I only own the majority shares . What’s wrong? You want to invest too?” Feng Yu looks at Bill Gates with a smile . This is a hardware company . Do you dare to invest?

“Feng, you should know because of Microsoft dominance in the software industry, I cannot enter the hardware sector . Microsoft is now being sued for monopoly, but luckily the hardware manufacturers are supporting us . If we lose their support, then it will be a lose-lose situation for both parties . ”

“Oh, that’s a pity . ” Feng Yu replied . This person is the Richest billionaire in the world, but he is being restricted in so many areas . He cannot even invest as he wants .

Bill Gates is mad . What do you mean by it’s a pity? I am Bill Gates! The World’s Richest Man for several years! Do you think I need to be pitied?!

“Feng, I think you didn’t get what I mean . I am saying Microsoft cannot enter the hardware manufacturing industry or produce our own brand of PCs . ” Bill Gates said .

“I know, and that’s why I said it’s a pity . ”

“Feng, you are also from Microsoft!”

“I am from Microsoft? Who told you that? When people mention Microsoft, they will think of you, Paul, and Steve . Since when have I become Microsoft’s representative? Are you going to hand over the position of CEO to me?” Feng Yu asked .

Bill Gates almost exploded with anger by what Feng Yu said . What do you mean by I want to hand over my position to you?!

How many days have you spent in your office here in a year?! You want to be the CEO? Even if I have to leave my position, I will also pick Paul or Steve to be my successor . Why would I hand it to you?!

If you want to be Microsoft’s CEO, you must love and treat the company as your home first . You must treat it as your lifelong career!

Did you fulfill any of these requirements? You had failed in all aspects!

“Feng, no matter how you deny, you are one of Microsoft’s directors . Whatever you do, people will associate it with Microsoft . ”

“Not really . Maybe you had thought too highly of Microsoft . ” Feng Yu gave Bill Gates a side glance . Whatever I do, people will associate it with Microsoft?! What about Wind and Rain Holdings and Tai Hua Holdings? Microsoft might be the most valuable company in the world now, but it’s not as powerful as you think . You all might feel proud to be working for Microsoft, but to me, it is only another company .

This is not a company set up by Feng Yu, and Feng Yu also don’t own the majority shares . Even the brand has nothing to do with Feng Yu, and why should he feel proud of Microsoft?

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Feng Yu had only made use of his status as Microsoft director for him to invest in the US . Now, he is the World’s Second Richest Billionaire, and he does not need Microsoft’s status anymore .

Feng Yu is still ranked second on this year’s list, but his net worth is estimated to be 30 billion USD . This is far from Bill Gates’s net worth of 45 billion, but many people believed Feng Yu will be the person who will exceed him in the future!

In fact, many people felt Feng Yu will overtake Bill Gates before he is 40 years old! This is because Feng Yu’s investments are diversified, and most of his companies are not listed .

Once the Feng Yu listed his companies, his net worth might exceed Bill Gates . Some people even estimate that Feng Yu’s net worth might be over Bill Gates if half of his companies are listed!

After all, when a company is listed, the share prices might shoot up, and the company’s value might multiply by several times .

Of course, Feng Yu’s proportion of shares will be diluted, but the value of his shares will increase, and his wealth can exceed Bill Gates .

After all, Feng Yu is an investment genius . He had never made any failed investments!

Feng Yu respected and disdained Bill Gates . He respected Bill Gates for setting up a successful company like Microsoft in a few years but disdain him for his arrogance . Did he really think that no one can take his position as the World’s Richest Billionaire title away from him?

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“Feng, if those hardware manufacturers know that you own the majority stake in Nvidia, it will bring lots of problems to the company . They might think this is Microsoft’s action…”

“Who will think this is Microsoft’s action? I also own Lenovo’s shares . Did anyone say

Microsoft is controlling Lenovo through me?” Feng Yu interrupted Bill Gates .

“Yes! How did Lenovo grow so fast? How did Lenovo become Asia’s leading PC manufacturer within a few years, and why are they the distributors for Microsoft in China? They are also getting a subsidized rate for Microsoft operating systems . ” Bill Gates replied .

Damn! These people thought Microsoft had helped Lenovo grow .

Lenovo can succeed is because they understand the Chinese market better and has the support of the Chinese government . Feng Yu had also given Lenovo some pointers, and their success has got nothing to do with Microsoft!

What you said had denied many people’s hard work, and do you think that without Microsoft, Lenovo will fail?

In Feng Yu’s previous life, Lenovo had become the world’s biggest PC manufacturer without Feng Yu’s future knowledge!

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“Bill, you must understand that I am the biggest shareholder of Lenovo, and in Microsoft, I had lesser shares than Steve . Do you think I will agree to give up higher profits for less?”

Before Bill Gates could say anything, Feng Yu continued . “You are making it sound like I had taken advantage of Microsoft . But without my help, do you think Microsoft can be so successful in Asia? Do you think your market share can increase by so fast? You are hinting to tell me to give up my shares in Nvidia to prevent Microsoft from getting affected . I want to ask you . On what grounds?”

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