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Chapter 1025: 1025
Chapter 1025 – If we cannot buy them, poach their staff

“Seppuku is for the cowards . If you failed at something, you should be thinking of how to pick yourself up . Death is just a form of escape . I do not want to hear you saying this again . ” Feng Yu patted Kameda Masao’s back .

If you kill yourself, who is going to recover my losses? I trusted and groomed you is for you to help me make more money . I don’t care about your ‘samurai spirit’!

“Yes, Boss . I will no say this again . ” Kameda Masao is not a Samurai . In front of Feng Yu, he is a subordinate, but in Japan, he is also an influential businessman .

The Sixth Sense company is currently the number one in its industry and owns most of the market share . Their brand is now famous around the world .

Kameda Masao is only kissing Feng Yu’s ass but had got it wrong this time .

However, Kameda Masao immediately tells Feng Yu a piece of good news . “Boss, we had acquired Nexon now, but their company had set up an independent subsidiary in the US . ”

Does this mean this company is targeting the US market? It is normal for the company to set up an independent subsidiary . The shareholders of this company might have wanted to focus on developing games, but how can the South Korean market compare to the US market? Now, the shareholders had gotten a large sum of money, and they can start their plans for the US market .

But Feng Yu felt they would fail . Although the games developed by Nexon are not bad, they are not the top .

Although the internet is more developed in South Korea, compared to China, its population is low . Even in the year 2000, more than 100,000 Koreans were online at the same time, which is considered a successful game .

South Korean online games only require a few servers, but in China, the number of servers must be multiplied by ten!

Nexon only reaches their peak after they had developed Crazy Arcade, Crazyracing Kartrider, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Counter-Strike Online .

At that time, Nexon has more than a dozen subsidiaries all over the world and is working with lots of companies . They might not be the best in the industry but is consider worthy competitor by other major game developers .

This company is only mediocre, but its development team is still quite good .

“What about their game developers? Did they send them to the US?” If Feng Yu had bought an empty shell, his losses would be great . To Feng Yu, talented staff is more important than the brand . It is easy to build a brand with a good product . Still, it is hard to find talented staff with experience, technical knowledge, and ideas .

“Other than the ones that were sent to the US before our acquisition, most of them are still around . But some of the management staff had resigned . They are the pioneers and shareholders of the company and had gone to that company in the US . Only one of them, who is in charge of games’ operations, remained . I intend to appoint him as the company’s CEO . ”

Feng Yu is satisfied to hear this .

“Good . What about that NC Software?” This is the company that developed Lineage, JX online, etc . and is quite strong .

“We are still negotiating with them, but they are greedier than Choi Woong . Their startup capital is less than 1 billion Won, and they are asking for 50 million USD!”

50 million USD?! These people are asking for too much . Do they think that they can make lots of money when they developed a successful game? Or did they thought their company’s value would be multiplied several times after they got listed? Or did they know Kameda Masao is representing Feng Yu and felt Feng Yu, as a super tycoon, will not mind this amount?

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“We will not acquire this company anymore . But I feel their staff is quite capable, and our company’s salary and benefits are more attractive . We should open our doors to welcome these capable people . ”

Feng Yu sneered . If you all had already developed the popular classic games in my previous life, we could still negotiate . But the games you developed now is not worth it .

Even if I don’t acquire your company, I can acquire your men! After I had poached all your developers, I shall see how you are going to develop new games!

Feng Yu is striking at the root of the problem and making all talented staff join the two companies he acquired . Even if some of these people start their own game company, but they will not be as successful as Feng Yu’s previous life .

A tree sapling might be able to grow in between trees, but it can’t grow as tall as the other trees!

Feng Yu wants to buy these companies, but he values their developers more .

Kameda Masao immediately put on the ‘you are so smart’ expression . “Boss, you are so smart . This way, NC Software will not be a threat to us!”

“Oh, how you registered the games holding company in Hong Kong?”

“Yes . I had registered Wind and Rain Games Holdings . Actoz Soft and Nexon will be subsidiaries of this holding company . ”

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Feng Yu nodded . “What is the progress with CUC International? Are they willing to sell their Blizzard Entertainment’s shares?”

“We are still negotiating with them, and we stand a high chance . ”

“Ok . You must acquire this company as I like their technologies . Also, have you contacted the rest of Blizzard’s shareholders? Are they willing to sell their shares?”

“Other than some founders, the rest are willing to sell . If we manage to buy the shares from CUC International and some shareholders, we should own more then two-thirds of the shares . We will have the super-majority of the shares!”

“Very good . We will get high profits from this company, and they will be our stepping stone to enter the US and European markets!” The ones who refused to sell their Blizzard’s shares are the ones who love the company, and the company needs these people .

Blizzard is strong in its technologies, branding, and distribution channels .

But Kameda Masao is curious . This company is developing single-player games, and Feng Yu had said they must focus on online games . Is Feng Yu thinking of making Diablo or Warcraft into an online game?

Boss must have his reason for acquiring this company, and Kameda Masao only needs to carry out his orders .

“Boss, I also have a game development company in Japan . Can I merge it with Wind and Rain Games Holdings?” Kameda Masao asked .

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“Eh? You also own a game development company?”

Feng Yu remembers that Japan is good at the arcade and console games . They are also good at RPG games, but they don’t have any good titles in online games . Maybe they do have good online games, but these games are no popular in China .

“ELF Corporation . ”

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