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Chapter 1150 - Phantom Ice Butterfly

"What is your relationship with Ji Ru Mang?"

He had already noticed that all of his memories were being absorbed by Tang Huan, so he naturally knew the main point that Tang Huan was paying attention to.

Tang Huan did not reply. With a slight thought, five Mysterious Ice Red Lotus appeared from within the "Sumeru Magical Ring", floating towards Ji Haitian and the others.

"Mysterious Ice Red Lotus?"

The five people could not help but cry out in surprise when they saw this.

They completely did not expect that Tang Huan would actually take out five "Profound Ice Red Lotus" in one go. If word of this got out, the entire Ancient Region would be shaken.

"I have to refine them and absorb them!"


Ji Haitian's group of five could not believe their own ears. They were all stupefied.

How precious was this "Black Ice Red Lotus"? Even if it was an expert at the Void Transformation Stage, after refining one, their cultivation level would also increase to the Void Transformation Stage.

Now, Tang Huan had actually not hesitated at all to distribute the five "Profound Ice Red Lotus" to the already controlled of them!

This was way too extravagant.


Tang Huan did not speak further. A short while later, he left the extremely shocked Ji Haitian and the others behind, left the Space Aircraft, and returned to the outside "Mystic Frost Snow Realm".

Giving the "Mysterious Ice Red Lotus" to Ji Haitian and the others was also part of Tang Huan's plan for the future.

Among the five of them, there were two of them who had reached the Void Transformation Stage and three of them had reached the Void Stage and the Seventh Cycle. This meant that Tang Huan would very soon have two powerful fighters at the Void Transformation Stage Nine and three at the Void Transformation Stage Eight.

It was impossible for Tang Huan to completely trust Shao Yang.

In this "Skypiercing Ancient Region," Geng Xu and the others' cultivations weren't low, but they were still inferior to Shao Yang. However, if Ji Haitian and the other four were present, the situation would be completely different.

Of course, the reason Tang Huan dared to do that was also because he had enough "Mysterious Ice Red Lotus."

After breaking through to the Fourth Cycle of the Void Transformation Stage, Tang Huan had refined four more "Mysterious Ice Red Lotus", and only then did he step into the Fifth Cycle of the Void Transformation Stage.

After that, after Tang Huan refined another "Profound Ice Red Lotus", he discovered that the effect was extremely bad, so he decisively chose to stop it and gathered all of the "Profound Ice Red Lotus" that he had found. Currently, within Tang Huan's "Sumeru Magical Ring", even after eliminating the five red lotuses that he had sent out, there were still fifteen left. Even if there were three of them, Shan Shan, Yu Feiyan, Mu Yan and the others, they would still have a huge surplus.

"Haha, we've gotten the 'Mysterious Ice Red Lotus'."

Immediately after, Shao Yang's figure soared into the sky, and landed at the side of the hole. The smile on his face was practically overflowing, and in his hands he held a "Profound Ice Red Lotus" that looked like it was about to drip, filling the air with its fragrance.

"Little brother, thank you so much … "Huh?"

After a split-second, Shao Yang's laughter abruptly stopped, and a surprised expression appeared between his brows.

Under normal circumstances, once the "Profound Ice Red Lotus" was pulled out, it would stop the sucking and the original safe zone would naturally no longer be safe. But now, Shao Yang suddenly noticed that the chill he imagined didn't come from the surroundings.

"Senior, the cold tide has retreated!" Tang Huan also noticed, and immediately revealed a smile.

"The cold tide has retreated?"

Shao Yang was startled and was rather surprised. "A year passed so quickly?"

In the next moment, Shao Yang was overjoyed, "Retreat well! Good retreat! Little brother, let's hurry to the second floor of Tong Tian Tower. " Seemingly at the same time his voice fell, Shao Yang had already charged into the sky and floated forward. Tang Huan smiled slightly and immediately followed along.

After the cold tide had disappeared, the situation in the "Black Frost Snow World" had greatly changed.

The chilliness that could freeze a person's soul had completely disappeared. However, frost had quickly started to fall from the sky and covered the sky.

Every tiny ice shard that landed on his body contained a strong power.

A person with a slightly weaker cultivation would likely be crushed to death in this "Realm of Black Frost", but it was still not as dangerous as the overwhelming wave of frost from before. In addition, after the frost tides had passed, the ferocious beast "Phantom Ice Butterfly", which was originally hiding within the layer of ice, would also wake up and attack the cultivators training in this area.

The "Phantom Ice Butterfly" was the unique fierce beast of this "Realm of Ice and Snow". Every fierce beast had a single ice crystal inside them, and once killed, their body would immediately vanish, leaving behind only the ice crystal. When the "Black Ice Red Lotus" was not around, the "Phantom Ice Butterfly" ice crystal was the most precious item in the entire Snow Song Realm because it contained the power of the Law of the Tao.

With Tang Huan's "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire" and Shao Yang's powerful Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, there was no need to worry about the ice crystals that sprinkled from the sky.


After a short while, the Nine Yang Divine Furnace began to tremble inside Tang Huan's Dantian. In a moment, Tang Huan who was in mid air understood what was going on. The "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword" flashed without hesitation and struck towards a certain area on the ice layer.


With a sharp piercing sound, a terrifying and blazing sword intent wreaked havoc in the world. A terrifying sword beam quickly descended, seeming to be able to cut open the space itself.

At the same time, a faint white butterfly silhouette rushed out from the layer of ice below. Even in Tang Huan's eyes, her speed was unbelievably fast.

However, his speed was so fast that no one could believe it. Once struck, his body would immediately become stiff and numb, and if he couldn't save himself quickly, once the second strike came, even the strongest Void Transformation Stage cultivator would turn into an ice sculpture and then be turned into dust under the fierce impact.


However, even though the "Mirage Ice Butterfly" was fast, Tang Huan had already struck out with his sword a long time ago, and the direction of its attack was incredibly accurate as well. In a split-second, that fiery sword beam had already struck the body of the "Mirage Ice Butterfly." After the sound of the bubbles exploding, the "Phantom Ice Butterfly" had already turned into countless white dust, floating in the air. A butterfly shaped white crystal dropped to the ground.

Tang Huan rushed down, and immediately grabbed the ice crystal with his palm, releasing a cold feeling into his body, which in the next moment spread throughout his limbs and bones. Just by sensing it for a bit, Tang Huan revealed a smile on his face. The power of the Law of the Tao within the ice crystal was extremely pure, and he could completely absorb and refine it.

"Little brother, good move."

Even he had to be careful when dealing with "Phantom Ice Butterfly", but Tang Huan was able to easily kill one with one strike. It was not only because Tang Huan was very strong, it was also because of that weapon.


Tang Huan smiled, and continued walking.

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