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I want to be a hedonistic daughter of rich parents

Pft! Three million! And also in gold!

Even if all of them worked their asses of for a whole three months, they still can't reach that kind of amount, let alone three days.

Mu Qian Xi, making such conditions is truly crazy ah! It is way better for her if she directly agreed on their request to cut her allowance.

The Great Elder frown, he keeps having this feeling that it's not so simple. “What if the Lord succeeds?"

"If I do succeed, the elders will only get ten silver taels per month and I will have the absolute authority of the Mu Jia."

“Hiss!” The crowd took a breath of cold air.

Mu Qian not only want to use this bet to suppress them, but also wanted to remove their rights.

The Great Elder assumed. “It is not fair, if the Lord sells the Mu Jia's properties to earn those three million gold taels."

Mu Qian looked at him like she saw an idiot and repeated. "I already told you, I will earn three million gold taels in three days. Naturally, I will not use any Mu Jia's properties and will only do it by myself. With this answer, Great Elder, are you satisfied?"

The Great Elder racked his brain thinking what does Mu Qian Xi was going to do in order to earn the three million. He'd thought about it for a long time.

“If the Lord is going to exchange the elixir that the old Lord has left behind for money, then forget this deal!”"

"Great Elder, do you have amnesia? My father indeed left the Immortality Elixirs to me, but your precious granddaughters, Mu Ruyan and Mu Ruyun took some of it away, a big part of it has become a dowry that was put in the Imperial Treasury, I don’t have any private goods left!"

He still isn't satisfied as he added. "What if the Lord asked for help to the Third Master?"

“Rest assured, earning three million gold taels is not a problem for this Lord. I don't need to trouble my Little Uncle with small matters like this.” Mu Qian said confidently.

No one will believe on everything she'd said. Even the nonchalant Ninth Elder doesn't believe that a single person can put together so much money in such a short period of time.

In addition to the Third Master, No one in the capital would loan her money especially with that ridiculous amount. She also had no elixirs left to use.

The Great Elder measured in his heart for a moment, and finally made up his mind.

This little girl is getting bolder, but also too arrogant and complacent. She got on her high horse and tried to gamble with them. But in the end she still remained foolish.

It seems that he overstated her; it looks like she only has her arrogance when making this bet.

The Great Elder coughed and said. "Since the Lord had made her decision, then let's gamble! But in order for the Lord not to back out, let's make a contract!"

Because of Mu Qian's unforeseen and shameless acts before, the Great Elder that has always been cautious absolutely wouldn't let her get any upper hand.

Mu Qian smiled and just said. "Sure!"

The old man did not mention anything anymore; Mu Qian wrote down the letter under the eyes of everyone and closed the deal with the Mu Jia's seal!

The elders also enclosed it with their own seal, if someone refused to acknowledge this bet; it is tantamount to betraying the whole family.

The pit has been dug; all she needs to do is wait for the old man to bury himself alive!

Mu Qian yawned and said. “Since it’s all right, then this Lord will go back to my quarters to take a nap!”

Looking at the perfect back walking away, the Great Elder suddenly felt a turn of events will happen.

If the Lord loses, she can spend less.

But if they lose, not only the money, they will even lose their rights.

This bet is not fair at all, but he just thought that it's impossible for the Lord to do it, so he decided to ignore it instead.

With the Great Elder's rigorous schemes and deep foresight, he would not believe that he will fall to the pit dug by himself easily. If he himself can't earn three million then it is absolutely impossible for a little girl like Mu Qian Xi.

Three days later, Mu Qian's expenses will not be limited; all the rights regarding the Mu Jia will fall on her. She will finally be the true Lord of this clan.

As long as the Third Master remained in the clan, they dare not have the illusion to be the Lord. But they were tired of being trampled on by a silly little girl.

After a late nap, someone came and reported to Mu Qian. “Little Master, Third Master asked you to come.”

“Uncle asked for me?"

Mu Qian hurriedly walked to Wu You Courtyard, in the bamboo forest she saw the white figure, she grabbed his hands and looked at him worriedly. "Did you take your medicine?”

Mu Wushuang shook his head and with a gentle voice he said. "With the Little Overlord commanding, how will this Little Uncle dare not obey?"

 "Hah! At least you know!" Mu Qian nodded.

Mu Qian approached to the side of Mu Wushuang and asked: “Little Uncle must've know what happened today right?"

 "Mm, do you need my help?" She only has three days to earn the three million gold taels, even his eldest brother or anyone in the Purple Moon can't do that is what he thought.

"I can just throw a few elixirs in the street, and then who knows, maybe I'll get lucky enough to get that amount. Little Uncle, I appreciate that you wanted to help me but I can manage it on my own. Don't worry!" Mu Qian calmly said.

Mu Qian praised herself secretly;' this is really a good way ah!'

Her family's uncle is a true black belly. Maybe, being a black belly runs in the family.

The elder thought through all kinds of loopholes and agreed to bet in the end. But he did not think her Little Uncle has countless ways to break that contract without anyone finding out. I'm sure he would vomit blood.

Mu Qian said. "Little Uncle, since it is me who made this bet. I won't cheat."

 "It seems that Xi'er has a solution already?" Mu Wushuang's tone is filled with curiosity.

 "Little Uncle, You just need to wait and see!" a sly look appeared on Mu Qian's face.

The two talked for a while, and then he suddenly sighed. “Hey, can I ask something!"

He knit his brow and asked. "Xi'er, you're young but how come you're used at making others angry?"

He had always hoped that Xi'er would be happy and free.

Mu Qian who's currently pushing Mu Wushuang's wheelchair to his room stopped, and said. "Little Uncle, in the capital, there are also people the same age as me that is doing this, and this and that. Living their life to the fullest without any care what others may say."

 "I'm one of the Mu family members, right? Why does when it is my turn to be the Lord, the elders are all making me tired from all of their tricks? They also wanted me to clean up their mess…"

 "Xi'er, do you want to leave?" Mu Wushuang interrupted her and asked.

"I don't want to leave, but I'll make sure to live my days here to the fullest in the future! Eat delicious foods, wear whatever I want, I want to experience the life of being a spoiled child! I will do my utmost to stop them from getting more power, So Little Uncle, you better get well soon. When you're cured, you better let me live the life of a second generation, Okay!" Mu Qian brightly smiled.

She made up her mind to cure her Little Uncle quickly for her laid-back days.

Mu Wushuang's ice cold hands were held by Mu Qian's warm hands. That's right! Xi'er is her favorite little princess   then and now…

Mu Wushuang nodded and patted her head. "Little Uncle will get better soon, I will definitely make your wishes come true as soon as possible"

Mu Qian holds Mu Wushuang's hand tighter and said. "Yup! Let's do that together! When Little Uncle is healthy already, you have to cover for me!" Mu Qian is extremely glad to have this Little Uncle.

Mu Wushuang looked lifeless at most time. It is as if the he has no attachment to the world aside from her!   

This is her gurdian, her only relative for now. She really wants him to live well.

“One day had already passed but Mu Qian still did not go out!? What is she doing?” The Great Elder asked while frowning.

Translator’s Note:

Awww…. every Mu Wushuang’s scenes heals my heart!!!

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