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Chapter 1010: Hunting in the Demonic Beast Forest

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“That’s not bad. At the very least, it proves that there are changes in your physique. As long as it changes, you won’t have to worry about losing weight. You’ll definitely lose weight in half a year.”

“But I still want to have a baby. That won’t be good for the baby.”

“It’s fine. As long as your physique changes slowly, it’s fine if you eat a little more. Lose another five kilos, and I’ll do acupuncture for you. It won’t affect the baby much.”

“That’s good.”

When she thought about how she would be able to lose weight, her mood improved. “Right, the Archfiend is here. He should be in the underground palace.”

“Did Su Shenfan tell you to let me know?”

“No, I guessed it. He didn’t deny it.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes were cold. “Very good. The real enemy is finally here. Go back and have a good rest. Don’t get involved in what will happen tonight, do you hear me?”

Bu Yaolian nodded. “I definitely won’t get involved.”

Given her lack of capability, she would only be a hindrance.

“Are you going to take action today?” Bu Yaolian asked excitedly.

“Not necessarily. Let’s see how it goes first. It’ll either be today or tomorrow. The pill will probably mature in the next two days. When we get someone to spread the word, it’ll be chaos in the palace. Stay in Fu’an Palace; don’t leave, not even to look for me.”

“Alright, I’ll go back now.”

Mm, she knew herself very well. Since she didn’t have the strength, she would just be a quiet beauty.

When Bu Yaolian returned, Su Shenfan was reclining on the couch, and he gave her a dark look. “Did you see the dragon princess turn into a dragon?”

Bu Yaolian ran over with a depressed expression. “What do you think? You kept me behind. I didn’t see Qian’er; when would I have seen her turn into a dragon?”

“Tsk, she can scare you to death when she transforms into a dragon. You still want to watch?” Su Shenfan touched her head. “From now on, you’re not allowed to go out. I’ll bring you back after the New Year.”

“Got it.” Bu Yaolian burrowed into his arms. “Shao Zun, be careful.”

Su Shenfan smiled. “A scourge like me will be around for at least 1000 years. Don’t worry about me.”

Bu Yaolian knew that they would be facing the Archfiend and the Rising Clouds Emperor. Plus, this was their territory. How could there be no danger?

Especially since Su Shenfan had switched sides. The first person the Archfiend and the Rising Clouds Emperor would hate was him.

“Shao Zun, I’ll wait for you to come back every day.” Bu Yaolian snuggled in his arms.

“Mm.” Su Shenfan didn’t say anything.

How many years had it been since anyone cared whether he lived or died? He had plenty of beauties in his backyard, but they were all greedy for his status, power, or money.

He knew very few people truly loved him.

That was why he had given Bu Yaolian some face.

That was because he knew that Bu Yaolian was truly devoted to him. Although she occasionally had a scheme or two, she never hurt him.

Few people in this world had genuine feelings like this.

Su Shenfan didn’t come back that night. Bu Yaolian didn’t know what the situation was like on Gu Bailu’s end.

In a half-awake state, she listened for any activity outside, but she heard nothing.

The next day, although Bu Yaolian really wanted to ask around, she held back and didn’t go out.

She didn’t intend to go out, but she couldn’t do anything about Xiao Jingyun.

It was the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month. It was tradition in Rising Clouds Empire to go hunting in the Demonic Beast Forest the day before New Year’s Eve. On this day, the emperor would bring the officials and nobles into the Demonic Beast Forest to compete and see who could hunt the most demonic cores.

Demonic cores couldn’t compare with souls, but few people in this world could capture souls, so everybody relied on demonic cores to increase their spiritual power.

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