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Chapter 54: She's Not as Annoying as Everyone Rumored Her to Be

A sudden sharp pain stung his neck, causing Gu Yanhao's head to jerk for a moment and then fell to the side. Before he could comprehend what was going on, darkness had conquered his consciousness➖he was 'chopped' unconscious. Gu Yanhao's entire body fell forward and crushed on Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou panted lightly, trying to catch her breath and calm her swirling emotions, therefore she wasn't in a hurry to push the 'fainted' man off her at the moment.

Neck stretched out as she stared blankly at the car roof.

The man's gentle hot breath blew onto her neck, causing her emotions to rollercoaster, unsettled.

And the heat transferred from his body through the clothes made it worse.

A trace of complexity flashed across her eyes. The truth was, he didn't need to drink that glass of liquor for her….

Drawing a few deep breaths to clear her mind, Song Wuyou searched for Gu Yanhao's mobile phone from his body and pressed Ah De's number…..

Four hours later.

Clad in his white sleeping robe, Gu Yanhao sat on the bedroom sofa in extreme acrimony.

The expression on his face was immensely dark and exuded an arctic chill from head to toe.

Ah De was standing next to his Young Master. Subjected to the terrifying chill emanated from his Young  Master's body that could seemingly freeze even space, Ah De astutely kept mum, lowering his breathing sound, reducing his presence.

While Ah De was compelled to reduce his sense of presence, not everyone had the same thought.

At the same time, Mu Gu was sitting on the sofa opposite observing Gu Yanhao as if he was a peculiar monkey in the zoo.

Watching Gu Yanhao's grew increasingly stormy face, Mu Gu's guffaw grew increasingly boisterous instead.

"If you don't want to die then roll back to your pasture ranch!" Gu Yanhao snapped moodily, glaring at the man sitting opposite him.

"Tossing me off after taking advantage of me? Aren't you afraid you'd hurt my feelings?" Mu Gu retorted with a grin on his face.

After taking advantage….. these words made Gu Yanhao's feel worse than he already did.

"I really want to tear your face apart!" he cursed.

"Why do you want to tear my face?" Mu Gu patted his good looking face, "Are you jealous I'm more handsome than you?"

He even blinked coquettishly at Gu Yanhao like a girl flirting, those dark yet bright pupils looked like twin stars.

Mu Gu was a bright sunny character, he was also a dashing young man. Fearless, not afraid of Heaven and Earth, and of course, not afraid of Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao's eyes shot daggers at Mu Gu, was not because he resented Mu Gu, but he simply did not want to see his laughing face.

His laughter was blatant schadenfreude.

"Laugh one more time and I'll slaughter off all the cattle and sheep in your pasture!"

Such a raw and naked threat, but Mu Gu paid no heed.

Because he knew, Gu Yanhao would not act it out for real.

"It if hadn't been me bringing the antidote for you, just imagine how many women's body you would've ruined? If that really happened, can you still sit here so comfortably and talk with me like this." Mu Gu chuckled.

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao turned even gloomier.

"My Ah Hao ah, you are smart and capable, so cautious against everyone as if they're your enemies, how could you so careless and ended up being drugged?" Mu Gu cocked an eyebrow at him. All trace of laughter disappeared in an instant as he put on a serious face, looking expectantly at Gu Yanhao.

Only Heavens knew how hard he was controlling himself from bursting out in laughter, rolling on the floor.

Mu Gu would bet his life if he really dared to laugh like that, Gu Yanhao would probably skin him alive.

"A moment of negligence!" Gu Yanhao snapped four words out coldly.

"Don't you know a moment of negligence can cause a lifetime of sorrow?"

"…………….." Gu Yanhao's pair of phoenix eyes narrowed as they fixed on Mu Gu. He sorely wished to kicked this man out his house right now.

"I really cannot understand you. You're a married man, someone with a wife, why didn't you just jump your wife when you found out you were drugged? Was it necessary for me to drag myself here?"

"Shut up!" the outer edges of Gu Yanhao's ears turned red, trying to cover his embarrassment by throwing his temper at  Mu Gu.

"Just now I saw Song Wuyou, she doesn't seem to be as annoying as they rumored her to be ah." Mu Gu laughed and commented; his peach blossom eyes twinkled, "Actually, she has quite an alluring temperament, which makes it hard to look away from her."

"What do you mean by hard to look away?" Gu Yanhao's phoenix eyes narrowed sharply.

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