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The first squeal point~!

Chapter 38: Song Wuyou, You've Become more Audacious

Song Wuyou gave Xu Jing a charming smile, "At least, junk still can be recycled, not shit!"

"…………." hearing her Miss's argument, the corner of Xu jing's mouth twitched involuntarily.

'Miss, we are eating a fragrant and delicious Beggar's Chicken right now!'

Talking about feces at this time, is it appropriate?

"You dare to say I am shit?" out of the blue, a cold voice floated into the kitchen.

The voice echoed, and the temperature in the kitchen dropped sharply several degrees.

"Young Master Gu!"  jerked up in fright, Xu Jing's heart stilled for a second; she hastened up and greeted respectfully.

Song Wuyou turned around. Her eyes swept over his face without any awkwardness or embarrassment being caught red-handed badmouthing him behind his back.

With calm and leisure, she continued to eat her chicken.

Gu Yanhao's cold pupils scrutinized Song Wuyou, a hint of anger was palpable from its depth.

Xu Jing tried her best to conceal her presence, retreating to one side cautiously.

Seeing Gu Yanhao's gloomy expression, Xu Jing was afraid he would strangle Miss to death on the spot!

Moving forward step by step into the kitchen akin to a vengeful Shura, Gu Yanhao seemed to release a pressure that made it hard to draw even a single breath.

Song Wuyou cast her eyes upwards and looked straight at him fearlessly.

"Song Wuyou, you've become more audacious." Gu Yanhao held her chin captive between his fingers. His eyes looked like it could set her on fire with fury anger raging inside.

"In this era, how can we survive without some guts and audacity?"  Song Wuyou chuckled, her bright eyes rolled secretly under those lids.

"Have you really learned to let go and moved on?" his cold voice questioned.

Obviously, he himself could not wait to get rid of her. Then, why when he had his mood turned sullen hearing she said her had learned to let go and moved on?

Song Wuyou nodded, "Yes ah,"

She won't be pestering him no more, putting some distance away from him, was not this what he had long wished for?

"You better not be playing any tricks, otherwise, I definitely will not spare you!" Gu Yanhao let go of her.

Damned her! Her trick actually worked on him to a certain extent!

The smile on her face doesn't reach Song Wuyou's, eyes "I'm not free to play games with you." ‘And is simply not in the mood to play any games with you.'

Gu Yanhao looked down under his nose, cold eyes noticed the remaining half a chicken on the table.

The chicken looked tender and delicious, warm delicious curls of smoke still rising, truly makes people salivate over the scene.

Someone who was not familiar definitely couldn't cook a dish like this so well ㅡwhere the color, fragrance, and the taste required of a Beggar's Chicken were perfectly achieved.

Gu Yanhao asked coldly, "Other than this, what else do you know how to make?"

"Why do I need to tell you?" Song Wuyou shot him a taunting look.

Gu Yanhao countered with a stern gaze of his own.

'Stare, what are you staring at! Don't think I'll be intimidated just because you put on a cold, deadpanned face!'

"Tell me, do you want to eat it?" Song Wuyou teased.

"No!" even though his appetite was roused due to the smell, Gu Yanhao loves his face more.

"If you don't want, it's fine." Song Wuyou muttered, "Originally I wanted to let you taste the chicken's ass."

"Song Wuyou!" hearing Song Wuyou wanted to let him eat a chicken's ass, Gu Yanhao's eyes became freezing cold as they pierced through Song Wuyou.

Blinking her eyes innocently, Song Wuyou asked, "What? Is chicken ass no good? There's a lot of meat on the ass and has no bones. It's also fragrant, soft and tender, don't you like it?"

Gu Yanhao's fingers once again pinched Song Wuyou's chin, his eyes bored into hers, "Looks like you're itching for a beating!"

Song Wuyou snickered scornfully, "You won't hit me right~?"

Her red ruddy lips had a layer of oil on it, just like a layer of alluring lip gloss, making them looked plump and tempting.

At this moment, Gu Yanhao felt a strong urge to bend his head down and kiss her.

Suddenly, he grinned devilishly, "I won't hit you, I'll eat you instead."

"Eat me?" Song Wuyou found it funny, yet before she could laugh out, she froze.

Because, in the next second, Gu Yanhao's head lowered, and bit mercilessly onto her plump red, and oil-stained lips.

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