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Chapter 274: Gu Yanhao Felt A Strong Crisis

"Gu Yanhao, I win!" Beating Gu Yanhao made Song Wuyou very happy.

"I lost focus just now." Gu Yanhao was unwilling to concede that she was faster.

"If I said the same thing when I lost, what would you do?" Watching his upset face, Song Wuyou's smile grew even more brilliant.

"You were competing?" Mu Gu asked.

"En, your best buddy lost," Song Wuyou laughed.

"Start again." Gu Yanhao was very unwilling to admit defeat.

"No," Song Wuyou refused with a smiling face, "You've already lost. From now onwards you need to listen to everything I say."

"I really did lose focus just now."

"Ah Hao, I know you love your face and won't admit losing to a woman, but the result is obvious. You losing focus isn't an excuse. You're a man, own up to your bet," Mu Gu said.

"That's right, that's right." Song Wuyou nodded, fully agreeing with what Mu Gu said. She then looked around the open field asking, "Didn't a large statue used to be here? Moved? Demolished?"

Gu Yanhao only realized this when he heard Song Wuyou's question. The Leaping Over Dragon Gate sculpture was demolished, and the spot where it used to be was planted with fresh green grass.

"En, demolished." Mu Gu answered simply.

"Placing a sculpture here is quite nice, why did you demolish it?" Song Wuyou was baffled.

From the side, Gu Yanhao's thin lips were pursed into a line, eyes growing broody. Right, why did he demolish it? Didn't he like that sculpture very much?

"Those little colts are too naughty. They always like to run this way. I was afraid they would get hurt," Mu Gu replied half-jokingly. He looked sideways at Gu Yanhao after saying this, looking a little self-conscious with guilt.

"Song Wuyou: "…………" Were there such reckless colts?

Gu Yanhao's dark questioning pupils were fixed on Mu Gu. He killed Song Jiumei who harmed Song Wuyou on the pretext of testing a new flesh-rotting drug on Song Jiumei. Mrs. Song hired a killer to assassinate Song Wuyou and he had the matter investigated at once, saying he was helping him because they're best buddies, brothers in arm. The last time Song Wuyou was here, she was thrown off her horse, slamming into the large sculpture, and he demolished it using naughty colts as an excuse.

Everything that he had done and his lame excuses revealed too much. It made Gu Yanhao feel a strong sense of crisis. He took a quick glance in Song Wuyou's direction to find that she was smiling while caressing the horse's hair. With her head slightly lowered and the hint of a faint smile on her lips she painted a beautiful picture, easily capturing anyone's heart.

His hands on the reins tightened. The possibility of Mu Gu being infatuated with her left a bad taste in his mouth. At that, Gu Yanhao's attention returned to Mu Gu.

Mu Gu was looking back at her with a complicated expression.

Gu Yanhao's brooding eyes turned into an instant blizzard. Damn rascal! Mu Gu – this bastard actually looked at his wife in front of him?!! He wanted to hit people!

As if sensing the slightly murderous aura coming from him, Mu Gu's gaze shifted over, clashing with Gu Yanhao's gloomy gaze.

"We're racing!" Gu Yanhao coldly declared.

Mu Gu's eyebrow rose to his forehead, "Racing?"

"I suddenly feel like competing with you."

Mu Gu asked. "Riding or archery?"


Ten minutes later.

Song Wuyou, Mu Xin, Xu Jing, and Ah De sat on the grass in a line, watching nervously at the two robust men in front of them facing each other, about to start war.

Both Mu Gu and Gu Yanhao wore riding attire in the beginning, because they were about to fight, both men had taken off their shirts. Bare-naked torso, sinewy thighs accentuated by the tight-fitting riding pants, the picture was too sexy and tempting.

Both men were similar in height and weight. This boxing match was extremely ferocious.

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