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Chapter 259: This Layer of Skin… Worth Money?

About ten minutes later, Cheng Junhua walked out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist. Song Jiuyue turned her head and what entered her eyes was his muscular torso. Presented with this sexy picture, Song Jiuyue couldn't help but blush.

The towel failed to conceal Cheng Junhua's slender but muscular lower body. With translucent water droplets running down his well-defined chest, he was the epitome of wild abandon and raw masculinity.

Noticing her gawking at him, his lips curved in a cold smirk that held a hint of contempt, "I didn't expect that you'd still be a virgin"

Song Jiuyue asked, "Then, is this layer of virgin skin worth money?"

Cheng Junhua's tone was cold as usual, "Who knows if your layer of skin has been touched up?"

The good feeling in Song Jiuyue's heart lessened, the look in her eyes lost a degree of warmth "It has been with me from my mother's stomach."

Cheng Junhua walked over, asking "What's your purpose for seducing me?" as he leisurely dressed himself.

Song Jiuyue stared fixedly at him. She didn't imagine he would ask the question so bluntly.

"Save my mother, save Song Group."

An icy smile flashed across Cong Junhua's face: "Speak main points."

"My mother hired killers to kill Song Wuyou but failed, causing the death of a little girl and injuring four other people. One of them is still in a coma in the hospital. No, it should be five injured, including Gu Yanhao."

The look in Cheng Junhua's eyes sharpened, turning colder as they fell on Song Jiuyue, "Hired killers to kill Song Wuyou?"

Song Jiuyue blanked, looking back at him doubtfully. This reaction of his, what does it mean? Does he really like Song Wuyou?

"Right." Song Jiuyue honestly admitted.

Cheng Junhua asked another question, "Why kill Song Wuyou?"

"In my mother's eyes, Song Wuyou's existence is the biggest hindrance to me."

"Some hindrance?"

"Gu Yanhao and I are childhood sweethearts."

Cheng Junhua let out an icy laugh, "Truly, women are the most venomous creatures. However, this method is indeed not good. With her gone, you have a chance to get close to Gu Yanhao?"'

Song Jiuyue looked at Cheng Junhua, "Now, I want to marry you."

Hearing this, Cheng Junhua's piercing eyes seemed to stab Song Jiuyue, "You took the initiative to seduce me, yet you want me to take responsibility?"

Song Jiuyue kept a nonchalant front, "I heard you'll be choosing a woman to marry at your birthday party in a few days.  As you don't have a candidate even now, isn't it better to choose me?"

Cheng Junhua smiled meaningfully, "You really think highly at yourself. Give me a good reason I should choose you."

The look in Song Jiuyue's eyes became colder, "No reason. If there must be one, then I want to be the First Lady so I can kick Song Wuyou down."

"First Lady?" The smile on the man's face turned unfathomable, "This is not a bad reason."

Song Jiuyue was persistent: "Are you willing to marry me then?"

Cheng Junhua's eyes roamed over Song Jiuyue's body, "Figure isn't bad, a virgin at that, charming but awkward… it gives a different feeling. I can consider."

"I want you to save my mother. She might receive the death penalty because someone died…" Before she could finish her words, the mobile inside the dropped clutch rang.  Song Jiuyue climbed across the bed in all her naked glory, brushing past Cheng Junhua to pick up her clutch and taking out her ringing mobile.

The caller ID flashed Song Nan's name.

"Hello, Pa." Song Jiuyue shot a glance at Cheng Junhua as she connected the call.

"Jiuyue, your mother, she…. she…"

Her heart tightened, "What happened to my mother?"

"Just received a call. Your mother's already executed."  Song Nan said in a solemn voice.

Song Jiuyue paled instantly: "What?"

While 'taking care' of Gu Yanhao at home these few days, Song Wuyou produced another design for a new retro style dress.  Gu Yanhao was very satisfied with the creation after looking at it. This dress will be Gu Group's flagship brand this year.

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