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Chapter 251: Find Ways to Get Close to Them

"They're really cold-blooded!" The blood vessels in Song Nan's eyes became more prominent.

Song Jiuyue stared at the shattered glass on the floor, the look in her eyes becoming stoic.

"In this situation, only Ah Hao is capable of helping us. Why is he so heartless?!" After shouting the question out loud, Song Nan deflated like a squashed tomato, slumping weakly against the sofa behind him with a face full of bitterness while muttering to himself, "Without Song Group, without Song Group there's no me…. Ah Hao's so cruel, so heartless…"

Song Jiuyue's heart jumped, the unease in her heart became stronger. She grabbed Song Nan's arm tightly, "Pa, don't do anything silly! Without Song Group, you still have me. I will take care of you! You must not do anything silly!"

"Jiuyue, how are things on your mother's side?" Song Nan looked at Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue's face was grim, "The circumstances are not good. She confessed that she hired killers to kill Song Wuyou, moreover, in this matter, a little girl died."

Although Mrs. Song did not kill with her own hands, she was the main cause of death for the little girl, and injury for many more. Even if she's lucky enough to escape the death penalty, she'd be spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Song Nan snapped, "Why was your mother so muddle-headed? Doing something so reckless? She really brought this upon herself!"

Suddenly, Song Nan raised his head, staring into Song Jiuyue's eyes, "There's only one way to save your mother now."

Song Jiuyue froze: "What way?"

"The day after tomorrow is Mrs. Jier and Cheng Jianping's wedding anniversary. Their three sons will also show up. You think of a method to get close to their son. Get into their good books, then you can save your mother."

Song Jiuyue hesitated upon hearing this. Looking at Song Nan she asked, "Pa, what you're saying is…"


Mrs. Jier and her husband, Chen Jianping's wedding anniversary party was held at the Grand International Hotel.  Cheng Jianping is a Navy General. Those invited to the party were all from the upper echelons of society, and nobles who held important positions. As the party commenced, guests arrived in droves.

The party venue was beautifully decorated. The color combinations, fresh flowers, and decor complemented each other. In fact, the venue was more romantic and livelier than a young couple's wedding banquet.

The male and female guests took great care in their appearance. The women were especially bedazzling. Without a doubt, single, unattached women took extra care in dressing for tonight's event to show the best side of themselves at the party, hoping to attract the attention of the three young masters of Cheng family.  Many already knew that the Cheng Family's second young master's girlfriend is Mu Xin, but this doesn't stop them from trying.

Tonight, Song Jiuyue wore an she designed herself. White from head to toe, layers of ruffled silk danced from her waist down as if carried by a playful wind. Her hair was casually secured up, with fringe and tendrils framing her small face. Beneath the romantic lighting, her fair skin glowed.  The white evening gown played to Song Jiuyue's strength, elegance and nobility, like a pure angel on earth. The moment she appeared, her elegance immediately suppressed all other young ladies, making her the center of attention.

Due to Mrs. Song being caught for hiring killers, the Song Group's crisis, and Song Jiumei death from an STD, the Song family still topped the internet search list.

Thus, the gazes directed at Song Jiuyue varied.

Song Jiuyue couldn't care less about these people's gazes as her eyes furtively searched the entire venue. Why aren't Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou here?  Moreover, Mrs. Jier, Cheng Jianping, and their three sons were not present as well.

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