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White Hibiscus

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Chapter 218: The Original Host Was Really Pitiful

Song Nan felt like someone raised their hand and slapped him across the face in public, leaving him angered and humiliated. But now wasn't the right time to throw his temper around, therefore he could only endure, swallowing it down. In front of Gu Yanhao, he dared not scream and shout at Song Wuyou.

"Wuyou, Dad was wrong in the past." Song Nan humbled himself, apologizing to Song Wuyou.

Still, Song Wuyou stared fixedly at Song Nan with the same cold front. Memories of the original host jostling inside her mind, like a great wave, swirling past one scene after another.

Song Wuyou looked at Song Nan, questioning, "When I was seven, I came down with a high fever that ran on for two days, Yang Yuhui forbid you to send me to the hospital, and you really didn't care to send me. In the end, it was the housekeeper that secretly snuck me out to a clinic, do you know the first word the doctor said after he saw me?"

Song Nan was uncomfortably awkward with past event brought up. His lips thinned into a line as if he was greatly burdened by guilt, "It's because Dad was too busy, didn't show you enough concern. Then… what did the doctor say?"

"The doctor scolded that housekeeper, saying if I had been sent in one night later, the high fever would have caused brain damage, turning me into an idiot," Song Wuyou replied nonchalantly.

Gu Yanhao's eyes were like turbulent storm clouds rolling in as he listened.  Distress filled his heart as he saw life through Song Wuyou's eyes.

Song Nan looked remorseful, but in his heart, he was cursing vehemently: why didn't your fever rise until it burned your stupid brain into that of an idiot at that time? If her the fever turned her into an idiot, then Gu Yanhao would definitely be his baby daughter Jiuyue's husband now.

Song Wuyou sneered sarcastically, eyes sharp like daggers piercing into Song Nan, "Didn't show enough concern?"

Song Nan felt a chill from Song Wuyou's gaze. What an unfilial daughter! Is there a daughter in the world that uses this kind of gaze to look at their father?

"Yes, yes, yes…" At a loss as to how to answer Song Wuyou, Song Nan merely nodded looking sorrowful.

"You didn't bother to be concerned about me  at all!" Heh, didn't show enough concern?

Song Nan instantly felt another pair of sharp eyes focused on him. His back stiffened, giving Song Wuyou an awkward smile, "Wasn't that because Dad was too busy in general."

"That's right, it's because you're so busy normally that you only remember your two daughters left and right every time you return home. Every year for their birthdays, you would hold a party for them. What about me? Have you ever remembered my birthday? Did you bring me any presents for New Year's or during the festivals? All my clothes and shoes were things that Song Jiumei didn't want anymore. Still, all of this doesn't matter, but every time Yang Yuhui beat me black and blue, you never spoke a word of comfort to me. Right, you're very busy, to the point there's only Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei in your heart. In Song Family, my presence is lower than a servant."

Uttering all these made Song Wuyou feel the original host was really pitiful. Even though Dongfang Xuan decreed her death, at least she had a happy childhood. Her parents and Dongfang Xuan's parents pampered her, distressed if she was just slightly hurt, not to mention taking a hand to her.  When the original host was ten, Song Jiumei purposely pushed her once, making her fall. When she stood up and scolded Song Jiumei, Song Nan coincidentally saw that scene, he walked over and slapped her cheek.

Gu Yanhao listened to every single word she said, the smile in his eyes dimming.

"Wuyou, Dad is wrong." Song Nan started to sweat.

Song Wuyou smiled a smile that didn't reach her eyes, "Indeed, you're wrong. You loved your eldest daughter so much, so now that the Song Group has trouble, you should go look for her and not me. This is a great chance for her to repay your you."

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