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Chapter 13: You Cannot Afford to Compensate if You Dirtied It.

The shopping mall was a huge building of tens of thousands square feet.

From the ground floor up to the fourth were branded clothing boutiques, going up from the fifth to the seventh floor were displayed with branded handbags and accessories, and from the eighth to the tenth floor, were shoes. Above the tenth floor were entertainment and health sections, and the two floors above that was the food court.

Song Wuyou and Xu Jing were standing on the ground floor.

Passing a store called 'Guchun', Song Wuyou stopped.

The store was selling all the brands and designs from the Gu Group.

Just the turnover sales from this store, it could reach hundreds of thousands in a month. Song Wuyou knew Gu Yanhao was a gold mine[1].

Song Wuyou took a once look over the store and her eyes fell upon the mannequin on display near the entrance.

The mannequin was wearing an antiquated style dress .

The upper part of the dress was soft pink in color that was designed to enhance the bosom and waist without revealing much skin, whereas the lower part skirt was smoky green muslin that was adorned with scattered flower blossoms.

The mannequin's hair was nicely styled with a phoenix hairpin near the forehead. Looking at it gave a soft charming impression.

"Miss, do you think that dress pretty?" Xu Jing followed Song Wuyou's gaze and found that she was looking unblinkingly at that particular dress wore by the mannequin, and could not resist asking.

Song Wuyou shifted her gaze towards Xu Jing, "You don't think it is pretty?"

Xu Jing nodded, "It is very pretty, but…."

"But what?"

"Most, almost all the clothes in Guchun stores are designed by the Eldest Miss. I think this dress is also created by her." Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou and threaded cautiously, "Miss, you have always complained that the Eldest Miss' designs are ugly."

Song Wuyou raised an eyebrow and looked pensively all around at the clothes in the store. Even just by standing and looking while still outside the store, the clothes were really attractive; in conclusion, the clothes were definitely not ugly.

Song Wuyou was aware it was due to the original host's jealous heart that she had naively ridiculed Song Jiuyue's designs in front of Gu Yanhao.

The truth was, Song Jiuyue was extremely talented in fashion designing.

Otherwise, her reputation in the fashion industry would not be so good, and the business of Guchun stores would not be so popular.

Suddenly, Song Wuyou smiled at Xu Jing and said, "Let's go in and have a look."

Xu Jing astounded for a moment; 'Miss, are you planning to buy the clothes the Eldest Miss has designed?'

Song Wuyou walked towards the mannequin she had admired earlier. She stood there observing the dress carefully.

In the luxuriously decorated store, there were many customers passing and walked in.

The store's sales advisor saw a customer coming in, so she walked up with a friendly smile: "Wel….come…."

The last part of the word nearly choked in the sales advisor's throat.

She looked at Song Wuyou, thinking to herself: 'Mrs. President?!'

Song Wuyou was famous by her soiled reputation as Mrs. Gu; making trouble every time she appeared in public, while wearing her nondescript clothing.

Yet, the current Song Wuyou appeared extremely elegant in a purple dress, causing the worker to doubt whether the person in front of her was the same Mrs. Gu that everyone had been talking about?

As these thoughts flashed through the sales advisor's mind, the smile on her face gradually disappeared, and was replaced with disdain, her cold voice muttered, "Feel free to look around but please do not touch as you like. The cheapest piece of clothing in the store needs at least thirty thousand; especially this set of consort dress is labeled at seventy thousand. No discount. You can look but don't touch it with your hand. If you dirtied it, you can't afford to compensate.



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