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Narcissus Flower

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 Chapter 113: A Sudden Longing for Him

Mu Gu's feet halted abruptly. A cold light glinted in his gentle peach blossom eyes.


Song Wuyou is the slut?

"She's in the hospital, of course we must go and see her." This was Song Jiuyue's voice.

"Dajie, you say will she die away just like this?" The schadenfreude in Song Jiumei's voice was evident.

"I don't think so. Didn't Mu Gu say yesterday that her injuries are not serious?"

"Oh~…." Song Jiumei was disappointed, "Even being thrown like this can't kill her. What a pity."

"Song Jiumei, don't speak nonsense!" Song Jiuyue reprimanded Song Jiumei. Although she wished more than anyone for Song Wuyou to fall to her death, they were at Mu Gu's house. If Mu Gu overheard their conversation, their elegant image in Young Master Gu's eyes would be ruined.

"I'm not saying nonsense. I've wanted her to die since long ago. Who asked her to be so daring as to compete with you for Young Master Gu."

"Enough, say no more. Help me put the chicken into the pot. When the soup is ready, send it to Song Wuyou."

"Dajie, why do we have to make soup for that slut?" Song Jiumei was upset.

Behind the wall, Mu Gu sneered. Every word that came out from her mouth begins and ends with 'slut'. Song Wuyou was truly unfortunate to have this kind of sisters.

Song Wuyou opened her eyes and what entered her sight was the hospital's white-washed ceiling. The crisp smell of disinfectant assailed her nose. Breathing deeper, there was also a faint scent of tobacco lingering in the air.

She knows this scent well.

Song Wuyou turned her head to the side, towards the man sitting on the chair. The man had one elbow on the armrest, supporting his weight, and his chin nestled in his palm as he slept.

Song Wuyou watched him. She saw Dongfang Xuan in the dream she had, and now, the first thing she saw upon opening her eyes was a face that looked exactly like Dongfang Xuan's. At this moment, Gu Yanhao lacked the ruthlessness that Dongfang Xuan had, but it did not diminish his noble, elegant, and cold features. Dongfang Xuan on the battlefield was the epitome of a ferocious leopard, whereas this man in front of her was just as ruthless in business.

Song Wuyou stared dazedly at Gu Yanhao's face. Sharp chiseled lines, just like a perfectly sculpted work of art. The slight frown on his forehead added a touch of gentleness to him. The thin lips were very sexy. His lashes were long, curling naturally at the ends, easily making others jealous.

Is it really you?

There were doubts in Song Wuyou's eyes and a layer of moistness blurred her vision.  Her thoughts were muddled. Was what she saw a dream, or did her soul return to her past life?

She saw Dongfang Xuan dying on the battlefield…

Studying Gu Yanhao's face, confusion seeped in. Is he Dongfang Xuan's reincarnation? If he wasn't, why did they look so alike?

Recalling that Dongfang Xuan might have died on the battlefield, she couldn't control the stinging pain in her heart. Suddenly, she really wanted to know what happened to his country after her death? Did enemies come to attack? Was there another war?

An abrupt longing for the past him washed over her…

But in the next moment, the picture of him showing up at the Cold Palace with the Empress made Song Wuyou's heart turn cold once more.

His eyes were so, so cold looking at her.

He said, she'd better off dead.

He'd treated her this way, so what was she longing for?

"Cough, cough…"

Song Wuyou choked due to her parched throat, making her coughed out loud. And the sound of her coughing awakened Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao's eyes snapped open. Tired, bloodshot eyes with obvious red vessels webbing around the whites.

"You're awake?" He sat up straight.

"En." Song Wuyou hummed softly as she tried to shift her body on the bed to sit up. Only then did she notice how Gu Yanhao's other hand had been holding hers the entire time.

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