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Chapter 994: Gu Ruoyun? Imposter! (2)

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As soon as the man had finished speaking, the dainty, exquisite, sweet little woman suddenly exclaimed, "Leader, come look, there are other people in the Nemesis Forest!"


Everyone was shocked when they heard this. They then turned to look in the direction that the young woman had pointed towards.

Soon, two figures stepped out from within the grassy field.

It was a man and a woman! They could tell that the woman was around twenty years of age. Her green robes set off her features beautifully. Her eyes were clear and cool like pools of water while her fine hair fluttered gently against the night breeze.

The man in flax-colored robes was not a lecher. Regardless of how beautiful a woman was, it was as transient as a fleeting cloud to him and all that beauty will ultimately return to dust upon death. What had made him unable to turn his gaze away was the terrifying aura emanating from that woman's body! He found it hard to believe that such a young woman would carry the aura of a supreme ruler!

She was a powerful cultivator!

He frowned mildly at the thought of this and quickly turned away.

Tagging along next to the woman was a crippled young man. This young man's features were rather delicate as well. His skin was fair and white and he looked rather shy. His eyes were not as clear and cool as the woman's but were fair and limpid like water.

If the woman was stunning to behold, this young man gave off a rather comforting feeling instead.

"How unfortunate..."

The sweet and pretty woman noticed Xia Linyu's empty, fluttering sleeve and shook her head sympathetically. Her eyes filled with pity as she commented, "How truly unfortunate for such a beautiful young man to be handicapped. This world is truly unfair."


The handsome man's expression changed immediately and he hurriedly stopped Gu Lan before she could finish speaking. He then exclaimed with a stern face, "Don't be disrespectful!"

Gu Lan returned to her senses and an embarrassed look appeared on her sweet face. After all, that young man must feel very hurt deep down because of his handicap. Yet, she had opened the wound right in front of him. If his temper was a little quicker, he probably would have cast away all sense of courtesy long ago.

"It's fine."

Xia Linyu glanced at the apologetic Gu Lan as he waved his hand and smiled, "I'm used to it now so I don't mind."

Gu Lan felt even more embarrassed when she saw how the youth was not calculative over her mistake. She blushed furiously as she spoke, "My apologies, it was not my intention to purposely pour more salt onto your wound. Please accept my sincere apologies. Ah, that's right, what are the both of you doing in the Nemesis Forest?"

Xia Linyu smiled, "My sister and I were rushing through this place after leaving the Cloudy Wind City and are on our way to the main city. The only way to the main city is through the Nemesis Forest but we've been here for nearly ten days now. We don't have a map so we haven't been able to find our way out yet."

Gu Lan's eyes lit up, "Little sir, we are lost in the Nemesis Forest as well. May I ask if you are heading in the same direction? There is strength in numbers, perhaps we may find the way out a little sooner if we stick together."


Xia Linyu shook his head and turned towards Gu Ruoyun who was standing next to him. He then asked slowly, "Sister, what do you think? I'll follow your decision."

Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before turning her gaze towards the crowd before her.

"How long have all of you been trapped here? How much do you know of the Nemesis Forest?"

The silent and handsome man finally spoke up, "We're being hunted by an enemy so we had been forced to enter the Nemesis Forest. We're not too familiar with the place and I only know one way out of here. Unfortunately, a very powerful spiritual beast lives at the end of that road. We can't hope to pass by unscathed."

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Chapter 995: Gu Ruoyun? Imposter! (3)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Ruoyun's eyes flickered. She then stroked her chin and asked, "Can you take me to the road which is guarded by this powerful spiritual beast?"

The Nemesis Forest is a labyrinth. No matter how powerful Gu Ruoyun was at this moment, she would still need to spend some time in order to find an exit through the Nemesis Forest's maze. She does not wish to waste her time on that!

Hence, these people could show her the way out!

As for that powerful spiritual beast who was guarding the way out, it would not be too big of an issue for her to handle.

"This..." The handsome wan was stunned and he asked hesitatingly, "Miss, that spiritual beast is a mid-level Martial Supreme. If we go there, we will most definitely be met with peril! That's the reason why we've never used that road during the past month."

Gu Ruoyun stared calmly at the handsome man and replied serenely, "You only need to take me there. You won't need to do anything else after that. I'll take care of it all."

The handsome man frowned and was about to speak again when the mercenaries behind him chimed in.

"Leader, these two are strangers, we shouldn't trust them too easily! Who knows if they're trying to lead us there on purpose! Especially since these are two youngsters. We reckon that the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries has sent them here to spy on us!"

As it turns out, the person who had said those words was the middle-aged man who had complained in the beginning. He simply could not believe that there would be anyone else in the Nemesis Forest! Especially two young people. He guessed that they were enemies sent by the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries to beguile them!

"I don't think that they're bad people." Gu Lan replied weakly.

"What do you know?" The middle-aged man glared at Gu Lan and replied irritably, "The Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries have always been treacherous. These two are fairly good looking. Are you under the impression that the mainland is filled with handsome men and pretty women until you can bump into two of them at any moment? Women. You still judge a person's character by their looks! I can't shake this feeling that their appearance here was no coincidence!"

Gu Lan stuck out her tongue. Indeed, she does believe that all good-looking people  would not be villains. 1

However, she did not have the gall to admit to this. Her crescent-shaped eyes continued to stare curiously at Gu Ruoyun and her brother.

"Uncle Ying," the handsome man said before he paused. He then slowly spoke again, "I feel that we should give it a try. If we continue to stay here, we'll lose our lives one day so why don't we take the risk? Besides, I don't see anything wrong with Lan'er's opinion. They really don't look like bad guys."


Uncle Ying exclaimed bitterly and hatefully. He really never expected his Leader to have such an opinion! Only an idiot would determine a person's character based purely on their looks!

Of course, what he does not know was that his Leader does not share Gu Lan's opinion.

To the Leader, he had concluded that Gu Ruoyun and her brother do not have any bad intentions based on the power he had sensed from the woman in green! To her, annihilating them would not be such a difficult feat!

Hence, there was simply no need for her to lead them to the spiritual beast!

"Since the Leader has already made the decision, as a subordinate, I would naturally have nothing more to say," sighed the middle-aged man. He then continued, "However, if anything bad does happen in the end, let us be the one to shield you from all danger. When that time comes, you must run, Leader! As long as the green hills are there, one need not worry about firewood! As long as you're still alive, Leader, even if our entire troop was destroyed, we still have hopes for a revival!"

Uncle Ying did not forget to send Gu Ruoyun a warning look as he said these words.

If they truly do commence their evil plans, I will drag them both to hell even if I have to sacrifice my own life!

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