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Chapter 983: The Dragon Blood Fruit (3)

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Wen Yan shuddered as his astonished gaze fell upon the little girl's tender little face. His heart was filled with shock.

This little girl is a spiritual beast as well?

Furthermore, her powers have far surpassed Tian Qi's?

Wen Yan's gaze slowly returned to its usual indifference at the thought of this. His cold and calm gaze pierced through the crowd and landed on Gu Ruoyun's delicate and pretty face.

"Master, regardless of that, with this fire spiritual beast around, there's no need for me to emerge and help you this time. Besides, I have another feeling. The blood coursing through that little girl's veins is very powerful! I only glanced at her once and I can already feel the pressure from her blood!"

Hearing these words, Wen Yan's thoughts deepened. 

Tian Qi was a spiritual beast from the Fire Phoenix clan. Her bloodline was far superior compared to most spiritual beasts! One should not judge this situation based on the fact that this fire spiritual beast's current power was greater than hers. In less than half a year's time, Tian Qi would surpass it by a large margin!

By then, breaking through to the rank of a Martial Saint would not be a difficult feat for her.

However, she has just informed him that she could sense the pressure from the little five-year-old girl's blood vessels?

To be able to make her feel this way... This means that this little girl holds the bloodline of a Divine Beast!

A Divine Beast!

Even in the First City, one could count the number of Divine Beasts on their fingers!


At the city gates, when the Snow Jade Bandits saw the fire spiritual beast which had been summoned by Gu Ruoyun, they could not contain themselves from laughing out loud.

"Do my eyes deceive me? Is this Firebird going to destroy the Snow Jade Bandits all on its own? Little girl, have you been overindulging in fantasies? Or should we say that your parents have never given you a good lesson on humility?"

"This little girl is only a small child, why are you telling her these things? I'm sure that she doesn't know anything and thought that she could claim dominance simply because she has managed to obtain a spiritual beast by a stroke of luck. It's true that spiritual beasts are very valuable! It's even more difficult to make a spiritual beast submit to a human! However, we should take into account what kind of spiritual beast it is as well. Since this spiritual beast is actually listening to the commands of a little girl, I'm assuming that it hasn't even reached the rank of a Martial King?"

"A Martial King? Tsk, tsk. What good is a Martial King spiritual beast? Our leaders don't even need to bother themselves with this spiritual beast. My finger is enough to grind it into dust. I mean, come on, I'm a Martial Emperor."

The Snow Jade Bandits all burst into laughter after recovering from their short daze. Some had even laughed until they cried.

However, no one noticed how the faces of the Three Leaders, who had been standing at the forefront, immediately sank. They stared soberly at fire spiritual beast whose eyes were now spitting fire!

They may not be able to sense the Firebird's exact level of power but a spiritual beast which was able to release such great power would be a Martial Supreme at the very least! Where had this little girl come from to be able to bring out a Martial Supreme level fire spiritual beast?

When had someone like this made an appearance in the Northern Block Territory?

A cold smile appeared on the little Vermillion Bird's face when she heard those disdainful words. Her expression no longer displayed her initially innocence and lively demeanor. It was now replaced by a domineering sense of command.

"Ling'er, kill them all! Leave none alive!"


As she spoke, the Firebird roared loudly before flapping its fiery wings. It then charged towards the Snow Jade Bandits.

The Martial Emperor who had previously claimed that one finger of his would have been enough to crush it charged quickly towards the Firebird in a bid to prove his abilities to the Three Leaders. He cried out, "Today, I will have fowl for dinner!"

"Hold it!"

The woman in red cried out, trying to stop the Martial Emperor. Unfortunately, it was too late.

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Chapter 984: The Dragon Blood Fruit (4)

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The Firebird spat out a mouthful of flames. Before the Martial Emperor could react, he had already been roasted and completely blackened. Both his insides and outer skin were completely charred.

"Aiyaya," the little Vermillion Bird stared at the man on the ground as she spoke with a hint of dissatisfaction, "You've gone overboard with the roasting. I prefer it done medium well! Remember, don't grill too much! It won't be tasty that way."

Her words were like a stroke of lightning on a clear day and sent everyone into a daze.

No one had ever thought that this adorable little lolita before them would be capable of saying such cruel things.

Medium well?

It feels as though the dinner she was about to have is the members of the Snow Jade Bandits?

This is too terrifying!

The Firebird nodded when it heard the little Vermillion Bird's command. It then turned its bloodthirsty and cruel gaze towards the rest of the Snow Jade Bandits.

At this moment, the Snow Jade Bandits no longer displayed their initially smug and arrogant demeanor. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on them and even their hearts were now frozen! Those who had received the Firebird's glare could not help but take a few steps back as their eyes filled with terror.

They were only bandits and they were not soldiers. When faced with such a frightening existence, their hearts would naturally ache to retreat.

"Bunch of useless things!"

The woman in red sneered. Her venomous eyes pierced through the fire spiritual beast and landed on Gu Ruoyun, "Miss, does this fire spiritual beast belong to you?"

"That's right."

Gu Ruoyun nodded as she calmly replied.

"Since that's the case, Miss, perhaps you could leave the Snow Jade Bandits with some dignity! I know that you're only a passerby so I can grant you a chance to leave. As for everything else, you need not trouble yourself, Miss. I'm only carrying a grudge towards the Cloudy Wind City!"

If the woman in red had said these words at the beginning, Gu Ruoyun would have just left immediately.

After all, she wasn't so kind-hearted that she would stick her head into other's troubles.


After finding out about Wen Yan's Dragon Blood Fruit, she no longer plans on leaving without it!

Nothing was more important than recovering Xia Linyu's arm! Besides, the reason why she had made the journey to the Northern Block Territory was for the sake of obtaining these valuable herbs!

"My apologies," Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders as she smiled faintly, "This little girl next to me is hungry so I have no choice but to trouble you all into becoming her dinner."

The little Vermillion Bird's eyes sparkled as she stared at the Snow Jade Bandits unblinkingly.

It was normal for spiritual beasts to consume humans just like how humans can eat spiritual beasts as well!

The laws of the jungle have always been the principle of this world!

However, the spiritual beasts on Gu Ruoyun's side have never done anything like this before! Still, just because they have not eaten humans before does not mean they do not like it. Now that the little Vermillion Bird has received Gu Ruoyun's permission, she was nearly drooling.

"Miss, don't be greedy!" the woman in red's expression sank. She then spoke with a malicious look on her face, "I'm giving you a chance yet you aren't willing to leave so don't blame me for my discourtesy in the end! Honestly, the spiritual beast by your side is very powerful indeed. It should be at the rank of a mid-level Martial Supreme at the very least! However, if we all truly join forces, the three of us won't lose! If you don't believe me, we can give it a try. You should know that if you were to lose, this spiritual beast would become another item in our bag. Even your life will end here!"

The woman in red glanced at the little Vermillion Bird as she spoke. She then smiled as she licked her red lips.

"As for this little girl, she's so delicate and delicious that I expect her to taste very good!"

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