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Chapter 978: The Governor Of Cloudy Wind City (1)

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"Greetings, Governor."

Under the bright, scorching sun, everyone on the street behaved neatly and in a disciplined manner as if it was a common practice for them The crowd, which had been in the midst of a noisy discussion, called out their greetings in a respectful and orderly manner when they noticed the young man walking towards them.

Now that it has been mentioned, the Governor of Cloudy Wind City could be considered as a myth in the Northern Block Territory!

Do not judge him based on his warm and handsome looks. In truth, he was decisive and firm in attacks and has a reputation for his ruthless strategies! It was said that the Cloudy Wind City's governor had once been an old man whose power was at the rank of a Martial Supreme. However, this young governor had then got rid of the old man and took on the position of the governor himself.

However, the most unexpected of all was that this governor was really that young! He does not look very much older than twenty years of age.

"These are the people who wish to enter the Cloudy Wind City and fight with us."

Wen Yan's gaze fell upon the crowd who had entered the city gates. A gentle yet warm smile was hanging from the corners of his lips and it enveloped the hearts of those in the crowd like a ray of sunlight. Even hearing him speak was a pleasure.

One of the guards stepped forward, joined his fists and bowed in reverence, "Reporting to the Lord Governor, they are indeed people who are in a rush on their journey so they will join the fight with Cloudy Wind City."

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!"

Wen Yan nodded and spoke in a warm and gentle voice, "Ladies and gentleman, there's no need to worry. I guarantee that you will be able to pass through Cloudy Wind City no matter what! As long as the Snow Jade Bandits are destroyed, I will send my men to escort you on your way."

"Thank you, Lord Governor."

Hearing this, the numerous and idle cultivators who had crossed the city gates quickly joined their fists and bowed, replying with reverence.

Gu Ruoyun had remained quiet as her eyes fell upon Wen Yan's figure. A near undetectable light then flashed across her lucid and elegant eyes.

Uncle Dongfang Shaoze, who was as warm as the breeze, has always given me a sincere sense of intimacy. His warmth comes straight from his heart, making it difficult for others to resist. However, the warm features of the man before me belies a cold heart. Don't judge him based on the smile he carries, he gives off an unapproachable feeling.

However, she certainly has no plans to  develop any form of deep friendship 1 with the young governor. Leaving Cloudy Wind City was of the utmost importance to her now. 

Wen Yan mildly wrinkled his brow as if he could sense a pair of eyes surveying him. He followed the line of sight and turned. His eyes instantly met with a pair of lucid and elegant pupils.

However, after he discovered that he was being sized up by a young woman, he turned away as he smiled gently and spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen." He spoke in a voice which seems to have been bathed in a spring breeze, "The Snow Jade Bandits should be close to breaking through the back gate of Cloudy Wind City now. Hence, I'd like to ask you all to fight with me!"

"We comply with your command, Lord Governor!"

High spirited voices echoed throughout the streets, filled with a surge of hot passion. It was a very moving scene. 

Even Gu Ruoyun could not help but admire this young governor. If he does not have such a great ability to rally his supporters, he would never have been able to persuade these idle cultivators to listen to his commands so quickly!

"Alright, let's be on our way then."

Wen Yan smiled mildly as he stood bolt upright under the glaring sun, causing everyone around him to feel a great urge to stand up straight. At this moment, those people no longer looked like idle cultivators but resembled disciplined and well-trained soldiers instead!

Cloudy Wind City has two city gates. One was the sliding door where Gu Ruoyun and the rest had entered while the other was the unavoidable road leading out of Cloudy Wind City.

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Chapter 979: The Governor Of Cloudy Wind City (2)

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Suddenly, a loud thump sounded from outside the city gate.

The noise was like a giant who was waving his heavy fists and pounding against the iron sliding door from outside the city gates!

The soldiers at the city gate could no longer guard against it any longer but they had to hold on for the sake of the tens of thousands of ordinary people in the city.

This was their duty and the Lord Governor's orders!

However, no matter how much the soldiers wanted to hold on, with a final loud thumping noise, the solid gate was rammed wide open and countless bandits then charged into the city with swords and knives in hand.

"Wen Yan, you brat, get your *ss out here and face your death!"

A middle-aged man who was dressed in a mink fur waistcoat stepped out from the crowd. His brawny and brutish features fill one with dread. He was followed by another man and a woman. The other man has a long scar from a knife wound on his face. The scar stretched from the corner of his eye all the way down to his lower jaw, making him look sinister and terrifying.

The woman was dressed in glamorous crimson robes and was holding a long whip which had been soaked in poison in her hand. The difference between her and the other two was that the woman in red was very slender. However, it would be a fatal mistake to assume that she was weak based on her stature which was like a slim willow branch trembling in the wind.

Even though the woman in red held the last position amongst the three leaders, she was, in fact, the most vicious and cruel of the three! She has a preference for women but any beautiful woman who ever caught her attention would end up being tortured to within an inch of her life!


Suddenly, someone laughed softly. The young governor who has enjoyed such a famous reputation slowly stepped towards them followed a group of people. He had a warm smile on his face the entire time but the smile did not reach his eyes at all, which were now filled with an icy chill.

"I never thought that the Snow Jade Bandits would look so highly upon me and mobilize your entire hive! Even the Three Leaders have arrived. I wonder if I should laugh or cry?"

"Wen Yan, I'll give you two choices. Either I destroy the Cloudy Wind City today and let every single citizen accompany you in death or you can hand over the Dragon Blood Fruit!"

The middle-aged man in the mink waistcoat furrowed his brows as he barked impatiently.

"Big Brother, why do we bother with such nonsensical banter? Kill him straightaway and take the Dragon Blood Fruit! That's all we need to do! It's this kid's fault for failing to recognize what's good for him, daring to fight with the Snow Jade Bandits for a herb which has caught our eyes! He's simply looking for death!"

The man with the scar glared at Wen Yan as he replied fiercely.

The Dragon Blood Fruit?

Gu Ruoyun shuddered as a sense of joy appeared in her clear and cold eyes.

That Dragon Blood Fruit happens to be one of the herbs that I need to refine the Flesh and Blood Regeneration Pill! I never expected that I would run into such good luck and find one of the herbs upon entering the Northern Block Territory!

"Apologies," Wen Yan did not flare up over their rudeness. Instead, he replied amiably, "I have my uses for this Dragon Blood Fruit so I can't give it to you. It's best that you all go back, please. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the Snow Jade Bandits will cease to exist in this world."

"Wen Yan, you brat, you are far too arrogant!"

The woman in red who was one of the Three Leaders raised her brow as she spoke. Her eyes, like those of a poisonous snake's, landed upon Wen Yan's relaxed and handsome features, "You plan on destroying the Snow Jade Bandits simply with the might of the Cloudy Wind City?" She then sneered disdainfully, "Aren't you indulging a little too much in fantasies? You are only a low-level Martial Supreme. Even though you've managed to kill the previous governor, you are no match for the three of us! Besides, my Big Brother is now already at the rank of a mid-level Martial Supreme!"

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Chapter 980: The Governor Of Cloudy Wind City (3)

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Wen Yan's gaze sank a little. He knows that this woman was speaking the truth. Even though he had been able to kill the previous governor, he was no match for the Snow Jade Bandits!

However, he could not give the Dragon Blood Fruit up no matter what!

Wen Yan slowly returned to his senses and replied in a calm and collected manner, "Three Leaders, if you all wish to fight, then I, Wen Yan, will keep you company to the end! However, the Dragon Blood Fruit was a birthday gift that I had planned to give to the Jiang family's lord. Are you sure you want to take it from me?"

The Jiang family!

The faces of the Three Leaders changed drastically when they heard these words. It was obvious that the Jiang family which Wen Yan had mentioned carries an earth-shattering power.

"Haha, Big Brother, Third Sister, don't listen to that brat Wen Yan. So what if he had prepared it as a gift for the Jiang family? At least he hasn't sent it off yet. That also means that the Dragon Blood Fruit does not belong to the Jiang family yet so we won't incur any repercussions from the Jiang family! The members of the Jiang family wouldn't be that unreasonable."

The man with the scar laughed as he stared disdainfully at Wen Yan, "Besides, you may say that this herb is for the Jiang family's lord but where's the proof? Don't think that you can use excuse this to fool us! We don't believe that you are affiliated with anyone from the Jiang family. Brothers, attack! Kill this piece of sh*t and bring me the Dragon Blood Fruit."

Wen Yan's gentle features finally disintegrated into an ugly sight when he saw the bandits begin their attack.

He had indeed tried to scare these people off but he never expected them to be so bold. This means that a battle was now inevitable!

"Everyone, hear my command!" Wen Yan's face filled with an icy chill at the thought of this and his eyes were as sharp as the blade of a sword, "Since these bandits want the Dragon Blood Fruit, we will make them bleed right here!"

I will never hand the Dragon Blood Fruit over! I won't give in to them even if I have to sacrifice my own life!

The sun was blazing hot and the thirst for blood was flourishing.

Troops from both sides had charged into battle at the command from their respective leaders and were now fighting hand-to-hand.

The citizens who reside in the Northern Block Territory were not ordinary people either. Hence, those who had stayed nearby joined the battle as well. The red color of blood soon drenched the ground in a very short space of time. It almost looked like a dazzling and glamorous pile of roses had been scattered all over the dirt.

"Wen Yan, since you refuse to listen to my advice, I shall make you regret your own stubbornness immediately!"

The middle-aged man in the mink fur waistcoat stepped forward while the large machete in his hand gleamed coldly at an angle as it slashed towards Wen Yan's waist. That slashing motion was like the wind and pierced through the sky. It even caused the air to tremble.

The man with the scar and the woman in red had stayed still. Their big brother alone was enough to defeat Wen Yan!

Otherwise, they would look like cowards if all three of them were to attack one opponent at the same time! If word of this gets out, they would become the laughing stock.

Wen Yan's eyes were somber. After all, the man before him was a mid-level Martial Supreme. He would not underestimate him at all! Wen Yan quickly drew his sword from its hilt at his waist and blocked the powerful attack which could smash a bamboo tree with a crashing sound!

The middle-aged man sneered. It goes without saying that Wen Yan was indeed deserving of the fame he received as the person who had killed the previous governor. He was actually able to block this sudden attack. Unfortunately, there was not much to compare between a mid-level Martial Supreme and a low-level Martial Supreme!

He's simply looking for his own death by retaliating against me!

"Wen Yan, it goes without saying that you're indeed very talented. I admire you very much as well but you pay no heed to what's good for you. Those who cross the Snow Jade Bandits will not meet with a happy end. Now, I'll send you to hell!"

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