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Chapter 939: A Duel Between Spiritual Beasts (2)

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Upon hearing those words, all eyes turned to look at the white-robed elder who was standing next to Gao Lin.

At this moment, the old man's face was full of scorn and he no longer displayed his previously frivolous attitude. His elderly features were filled with mockery as if he thought that Huang Chuan's display of power was no big deal.

"Holy Doctor, while it is true that I had once feared you, do you think that I would be scared of you now?" Huang Chuan glanced at the old man in white and burst into laughter, "My powers now surpass yours, you are no match for me at all! However, since you had the audacity to stand up for Gao Lin, I'm going to kill you first."

Huang Chuan laughed icily and did not think too much of the meaning behind Bai Zhongtian's words. He had been oppressed by these two old men for so many years, it was time to purify the past!

Hence, after saying his piece, he gave no room for anyone else to speak and immediately charged towards Bai Zhongtian as he screamed hoarsely, "Bai Zhongtian, you go to hell!"


An aura formed into the shape of a blade came slicing down from high above and pierced towards the ground with absolute ferocity. Huang Chuan laughed maniacally at the dust flying through the air, "Bai Zhongtian, aren't you supposed to be extremely powerful? Aren't you supposed to be awesome? Regardless of how powerful the opposition is, their death will be assured by my hand! This time, forget about you, even if the Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory were here, I will ensure that he never returns! Haha, on this mainland, I'm the most powerful of all!"

Huang Chuan laughed maniacally and the crowd shook their heads when they heard that.

Elder Huang is simply too much of a savage! They thought in unison.  He's only a high-level Martial Supreme but he not only intends to kill the Holy Doctor, he also wants to challenge Grand Lord Hong Lian! One should know that Grand Lord Hong Lian is able to defeat a Martial Saint while he was a high-level Martial Supreme! Besides, we've even heard that he has already broken through to the rank of a Martial Saint. Can a puny person like Elder Huang be compared to him at all?

Nonetheless, the reason why Elder Huang had dared to say such things was because he had Wind Valley's backing. As a member of Wind Valley, why should he fear a Grand Lord who resides in the outside world? He guarantees that even if Grand Lord Hong Lian had been present for the general meeting, the Grand Lord would have to bow before him as well!

Who would dare to make an enemy of Wind Valley? Was that not looking for one's own death?

"Elder Feng, this Huang Chuan... You had recruited him?" Feng Xiaoxiao laughed icily when she heard those words, "If my guess is right, that man named Hong Lian is the enemy of the Lin family from the First City! The Lin family isn't exactly powerful and they're also placed last in the First City. However, I heard that ever since Grand Lord Hong Lian had arrived on the East Peak Mainland, the Lin family has been trying to hunt him down and have him killed!"

"Moreover, not only has he been able to escape them, he's even grown from his initial stage as a Martial Emperor to the Martial Supreme that he is today! He has also set up a great organization! In order to prevent him from growing any further, the Lin family did not hesitate to ignore the rules and had sent Martial Saints after him! Grand Lord Hong Lian, however, used his powers as a high-level Martial Supreme and escaped from the clutches of those ten Martial Saints. He even managed to kill one of the Martial Saints!"

Feng Xiaoxiao was full of high praise towards Grand Lord Hong Lian. After all, he was probably the only man who succeeded in growing his power whilst being hunted down!

"Eldest Lady, I can't seem to see the greatness in this man." Elder Feng replied disapprovingly, "He may have been able to hide from the Lin family's clutches but I'm very certain that the ten Martial Saints which had been dispatched from the Lin family were the weakest amongst all Martial Saints! If they had sent their strongest warriors, the Lin family's punishment for breaking the rule may have been even more severe!"

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Chapter 940: A Duel Between Spiritual Beasts (3)

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That year, the Lin family had been punished severely by the First City due to that incident! This gave way to an intense hatred they had towards Grand Lord Hong Lian.

Feng Xiaoxiao smiled and shook her head, "Elder Feng, your way of thinking is wrong. Those ten Martial Saints may not have been very powerful, they were still Martial Saints! He had been able to escape from ten Martial Saints who had surrounded him and even managed to kill one. If it had been you instead, would you have been able to do it? However, I'm certainly very curious as to the kind of person he is. If fate permits it, I'd like to meet him."

A figure appeared in Feng Xiaoxiao's mind once she said her piece and her eyes displayed a hint of absentmindedness.

I wonder where he is now?


Huang Chuan did not hear Feng Xiaoxiao and Elder Feng's conversation. He was still filled with the joy of being able to kill Bai Zhongtian. He burst into laughter but that laughter soon came to a halt. His laughter had stopped so suddenly that he nearly stopped breathing and his expression turned absolutely ashen.

"How could this be?"

He widened his eyes and he could not help but tremble as he stared at the scene before him.

When the dust had cleared, all he saw was a distinct gash created by the aura's blade but Bai Zhongtian was nowhere to be seen!

I clearly remember slashing him so where is he?

Suddenly, a chill crept up from behind him. He quickly turned around but an elderly hand had reached out to land fiercely on his chest. Huang Chuan had let his guard down completely and with a loud bang, his body was sent flying out of the way before falling straight into the crowd.

"Huang Chuan, do you think that you can hurt me based on your abilities? Didn't I just say that you're not the only high-level Martial Supreme here? A few days ago, I had intended to have you killed in order to avenge my disciple! Now, you've given me the chance to do so. If I waste it, I won't be able to face my precious disciple."

The corner of Gu Ruoyun's eye began to twitch as she stared at the furious look on Bai Zhongtian's face. Her heart was filled with warmth. This fellow may have an explosive temper but he loves her deeply. When it comes to his words, she would have to accept whatever he said no matter how severe his scolding was! However, no one else was allowed to say anything against her! Otherwise, this old fellow would charge head-on and take that person's life!

As for Huang Chuan...

She had never paid any attention to him from the beginning. If Bai Zhongtian wishes to destroy him, he was welcome to do it any time!

"A high-level Martial Supreme? The Holy Doctor has also broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme?"

Upon sensing the current measure of Bai Zhongtian's power, whispers of shock coursed through the entire crowd.

"I never thought that you, old geezer, would have reached this stage first in the end." Gao Lin stepped forward and patted Bai Zhongtian on the shoulder. His face was filled with sincerity as he spoke, "It seems that the registry of Martial Supremes on the mainland will need to go through some revisions."

Previously, even though Bai Zhongtian and Gao Lin were both high-level Martial Supremes, if the two were to fight, Bai Zhongtian's powers would still be slightly inferior to Gao Lin's. Unexpectedly, Bai Zhongtian, who had been originally incapable of defeating Gao Lin, would become a high-level Martial Supreme first.

"Hehe, I had better luck, I managed to break through before I arrived at the Medicine Sect." Bai Zhongtian raised his brows complacently before he returned his attention to Huang Chuan, "Huang Chuan, you've utilized external means to induce your breakthrough. No matter how you compare it, it would never be as good as my breakthrough which had been achieved through my own hard work! So, if you plan on killing me, I'm afraid that you don't have the ability!"

Huang Chuan emerged from his initial astonishment and sneered. His laughter was rife with contempt and disdain. He then slowly rose to his feet, raised his chin, and stared arrogantly down at Bai Zhongtian. 

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Chapter 941: A Duel Between Spiritual Beasts (4)

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"Do you think that I had dared to fight for the position of Sect Master simply because I have a bit of power? Would I have taken this risk without having a hundred percent guarantee?" He then turned his eyes towards Gu Ruoyun and spoke in a contemptuous voice, "I know that you have a high-level Martial Supreme spiritual beast in your hands. Take it out and I'll have a duel with you. Let's see whose spiritual beast is more powerful!"

Gao Lin had previously mentioned that the little lolita's powers were stronger than Elder Huang's. Based on this fact, he had then guessed that the little girl must be a high-level Martial Supreme!

As for a Martial Saint... That would be entirely impossible! Would the First City allow a Martial Saint spiritual beast to exist in the world outside?

Therefore, before the start of the Medicine Sect's general meeting, Elder Feng had lent him a spiritual beast! As long as he has that spiritual beast on hand, no one on this mainland, including Grand Lord Hong Lian, would dare to defy him!

"Spiritual beast?"

Bai Zhongtian paused in his actions and stared at Huang Chuan with a peculiar look on his face.

He does not know why but when he saw the look on the old man's face, Huang Chuan felt a sense of uneasiness! However, as soon as he regained his senses, he immediately shook his head in self-mockery.

After all, this spiritual beast has already reached the rank of a Semi-Saint! The little lolita in Gu Ruoyun's hand would certainly be no match for it!

A Semi-Saint, as the name implies, refers to a cultivator who has not successfully reached the rank of a Martial Saint! Once a cultivator reaches the Semi-Saint rank, it was a division point and they would never be able to become a Martial Saint! However, to a Martial Supreme, this Semi Saint would still be an undeniably strong opponent!

Huang Chuan's confidence had stemmed entirely from this fact!

"Little girl," Bai Zhongtian turned towards Gu Ruoyun, "This guy wants a duel with your spiritual beast. Since he's asked for it, duel with him! Give him a satisfactory loss!"

Asking for a duel with Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beasts? Wasn't that just looking for death?

This girl not only holds the Four Divine Beasts in her hand, she also has the Ancient Divine Phoenix Zixie as well! The blood running through his veins was enough to drive all other spiritual beasts into servitude!

However, before Gu Ruoyun could reply, Huang Chuan had called out his spiritual beast!

Bai Zhongtian laughed as soon as he saw Huang Chuan's spiritual beast! Was this fellow purposely joking around? It was outrageous enough that he wants to duel with Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beast but the beast he had chosen was a... Firebird?

Does he not know that the Vermillion Bird was the ancestor of all the bird species of spiritual beasts?

Gao Lin was stunned as well!

Even though Huang Chuan was not aware of the Vermillion Bird's identity, he knows very well that Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beast was a member of the Divine Beasts, the Vermillion Bird! The suppression that comes with the blood in the Vermillion Bird's veins was extremely powerful! The Vermilion Bird was considered as the sovereign of all the bird's species of spiritual beasts so even if her powers were not on the same level as this Firebird, the domination in her blood was enough to stop the Firebird from fighting back!

Is he certain that he wants to use a Firebird against the Vermillion Bird?

"Why are all of you looking at me like that?" Huang Chuan tried to forget Gao Lin and Bai Zhongtian who had similar expressions on their faces and felt extremely puzzled. Is there something wrong with these two old geezers? Why are they looking at me with such pitying eyes?

Could it be that they're trying to scare me on purpose? After all, this was what Gu Ruoyun had previously done!

Huang Chuan steadied his emotions at the thought of this and sneered, "I know that you're all afraid! However, as long as you admit to your wrongs and announce to the world that your powers were no match for mine, perhaps I will let you off easily! Besides, you're going to be food for this spiritual beast today anyway! It has been starved for almost a full day! As for that little girl, it would become a delicious meal in Huo'er's tummy!"

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Chapter 942: Elder Feng Vomits Blood (1)

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The plaza was completely silent.

Everyone looked unhappily at the spiritual beast which had appeared in front of Huang Chuan.

If they really allow Huang Chuan to become the Medicine Sect's Sect Master, perhaps a nightmare would await them! However, the spiritual beast in his hand was indeed very powerful, its powers were at least one level above Bai Zhongtian's!

Nevertheless, even when faced with Huang Chuan who was so determined to win, Bai Zhongtian still has a peculiar look on his face! He glanced at the old man in front of him and said, "Huang Chuan, I'm giving you one last chance. If you admit defeat, I'll allow my disciple to leave your corpse intact. Otherwise, hehe, I'm afraid that you won't even be left with a corpse at all."

No corpse at all?

After hearing those words, Huang Chuan could not contain himself from bursting into laughter. He then stared arrogantly at Bai Zhongtian and said contemptuously, "Bai Zhongtian, stop trying to scare me. Neither you nor your disciple are very good people. I won't fall for your tricks!"

"Sigh," Bai Zhongtian let out a breath and shook his head, "Those who refuse to listen to the advice of kind people often live to regret it. Don't say that I never reminded you. Little girl, I'll leave it up to you. There's no use in sparing someone like this."

He certainly has not forgotten that Gu Ruoyun had previously decided to spare Huang Chuan because she believes that he still had his uses. However, Bai Zhongtian could not figure out how useful Huang Chuan could be.

Gu Ruoyun did not respond as her clear and cold gaze stared calmly over at Huang Chuan. Initially, she had spared Huang Chuan for some minor reason but this does not mean that she would allow him to provoke her over and over again!

Never do something more than three times!

Hence, even though Huang Chuan may still be somewhat useful to her, she no longer planned to let him off!

"What, are you scared?"

Huang Chuan sneered when he saw the emotionless look on Gu Ruoyun's face. He then spoke with a disdainful look on his face, "Weren't you full of savagery in the past? Why are you scared now? Hahaha, if you had known back then that this was going to happen, would you have acted the way you did? You had crippled my precious daughter and humiliated me in that manner. If I don't avenge myself, I, Huang Chuan, can no longer be considered as a human being!"



Suddenly, a sharp laughter pierced through the silent plaza.

"Do you think that you're fit to be considered human?"


A wave of red flames rose into the air. A little lolita dressed in red robes was standing tall and ready for battle in the middle of the flames. Her adorable cherubic features wore a scornful smile. Her eyes which were filled with flames stared down in a domineering manner at Huang Chuan who was standing on the ground.

Huang Chuan went green with rage. The space between his brows was filled with the flames of anger as he said, "Damned little girl, don't be so smug! This time, I'll make sure that even you won't be aware of how you've died! Huo'er, kill her now!"

He would never forget how this little lolita had humiliated him!

That was the most shameful moment of his life! If he does not kill her today, he would never get over this grudge for the rest of his life!

"Kill me? With this little bird?" The little lolita gently raised her brow as her commanding gaze slowly swept across the Firebird's body. Her adorable little face then lifted into a smile, "Tsk, tsk. This little fellow is no bigger than the food stuck between my teeth and it still wants to kill me?"

Those who were not aware of the little lolita's identity were completely shocked when they heard her smug declaration. They simply could not understand how a little girl like her could be so audacious and speak to a Semi-Saint spiritual beast in this manner!

Besides, she has even called this enormous Firebird a 'little fellow'!

At this moment, all eyes were turned towards the Vermillion Bird. Hence, no one had noticed how the Firebird began to tremble at the sight of the little lolita's commanding stare.

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