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Chapter 919: Huang Feifei's Hatred (2)

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As soon as the name rolled off her tongue, an endless flame came spiraling out from her being and formed a fiery hurricane. With a loud crash, the flaming inferno charged towards Elder Huang and threw him out of the way.


Elder Huang fell heavily on the ground. He then stared in shock at the growing flames in the sky.

It was not just Elder Huang who had reacted this way, everyone else was also shocked. They were aching to know what that strange flame was that even a Martial Supreme such as Elder Huang was unable to retaliate against.

"Merely a bunch of minuscule humans not even large enough to fit the space between the Lord Vermillion Bird. Yet you had the audacity to act with such arrogance. Now, I will show you what true arrogance means!"

A large red figure descended from the sky. Its fiery-red eyes were filled with contempt and disdain as well as an indisputable arrogance.

However, the most shocking thing of all was that person who had manipulated the flames and harmed Elder Huang was actually... A little lolita of only a few years of age?

No one would have thought that this adorable little thing before them would have uttered such proud and arrogant words to the world.

Seriously, the difference was far too great!

"A spiritual beast!"

Gao Lin stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock before he fell silent.

If I heard it right, the Gu girl had addressed the little lolita as... Chi?


This was the true name of the Vermillion Bird, a member of the Four Divine Beasts! What is the Divine Beast, the Vermillion Bird doing in her hands? She also acknowledges her as her Master?

Actually, Chi was unlike the other spiritual beasts. The other spiritual beasts had willingly formed a contract with Gu Ruoyun but Chi had been forced to do so by her own brothers and sister! However, she did not have much of a choice either. She had to form a contract so that she could continue to be with her friends.

Besides, the Ancient Divine Phoenix Zixie was Gu Ruoyun's contracted spiritual beast as well. Following her around would not be of any shame to the Vermillion Bird.

"What? This little lolita is a spiritual beast? Could it be that this spiritual beast is at the rank of a Martial Supreme?"

"Heavens, a Martial Supreme spiritual beast who is an adorable little lolita like this. I want one too."

Everyone was shocked when they all heard Gao Lin's words but most of them were filled with envy and jealousy! Even though this woman had defeated Huang Feifei, she was a high-level Martial Honor at most. Otherwise, she would not have been unable to fight against Elder Huang.

Nevertheless, if she was a high-level Martial Honor, why would she have a contract with a Martial Supreme-level spiritual beast? Isn't she much too fortunate?

Elder Huang clenched his fist and his malicious glare was enough to carve a cavity in Gu Ruoyun's face. He never thought that he would have lost so horribly and to make matters worse, by the hands of twenty-year-old girl too!

Especially since this little girl had also just wounded his precious daughter.


Elder Huang suddenly burst into laughter. His smile was full of scorn and those who were looking at Gu Ruoyun felt pity for her.

"Gu Ruoyun, you have some guts! Even I cannot be compared to you! Unfortunately, so what if you are powerful? In the face of such a great force in the First City, you are just as tiny as an ant and will be trampled on easily. Believe me, in just a few days, you'll become a soul sacrifice under the blade of the First City's cultivators! You won't be able to escape!"

That's right!

In just two more days, the cultivators from the First City will arrive. By then, my alliance with the First City will topple the Medicine Sect and this woman, shielded by Gao Lin, will not escape death!

Anyone who crosses me must pay a horrible price!

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Chapter 920: Huang Feifei's Hatred (3)

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Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and smiled, "While it's true that I can't defeat the cultivators of the First City, I also don't fear them either! Any powerful enemy is my stepping stone towards greatness! So what if it is the First City? If I ever become afraid of an organization, I'll never be able to experience any form of growth for the rest of my life."

The Medicine Sect's disciples felt a sense of enlightenment when they heard her words.

They had all encountered similar situations at some point and they would flee if they ever faced an enemy who was far too powerful. Not one of them has ever used this as motivation to become better! If someone no longer has any enemies, their level of power would remain at a standstill for the rest of their life!

There was nothing to be afraid of when one faces a powerful enemy! It all depends on your choices!

"Elder Huang, don't you feel any shame?" Gao Lin sneered and a hateful light flashed across his elderly features, "You're both mainly at fault in this matter. Firstly, you had falsely accused the Gu girl. The Gu girl has produced the evidence yet you still don't admit defeat? Huang Feifei's powers are now severed and this is in accordance with the agreement made during the wager. What crime has the Gu girl commited that you would want to have her killed?"

"Hehe," Elder Huang's smile held an eerie light and his gaze was filled with malice, "Gao Lin, you may have behaved intelligently all your life but you've become careless at this moment. You may shield her now but, sooner or later, you will pay the price for your choice today!"

Once Elder Huang had said his piece, he slowly rose to his feet and walked towards Huang Feifei. He picked her up before heading towards the direction of the elder's courtyard.

"Are you trying to escape?" The Vermillion Bird's cherubic features slowly lit up with an angry flame which whirled angrily from within her being, emitting a scorching heat, "I have not given you permission to leave, who asked you to leave?"

Her manner of speaking was full of dominance but her voice was tender and youthful. It sounded a lot like someone willfully throwing a tantrum.

However, no one dared to assume that the Vermillion Bird was merely throwing a childish tantrum! Everyone knows that if the elder was to take another step, this little lolita would certainly incinerate him until not even his ashes would be left.

Sure enough, Elder Huang did not dare to move a muscle when he heard her voice. He suppressed the fiery rage within his heart, turned around and asked, "Gu Ruoyun has already turned my daughter into a good-for-nothing, what more do you want?"

"Kowtow and apologize! Or leave one of your arms behind!"

The little Vermillion Bird raised her fiery brows and demanded with a domineering voice.

This was an order from Lord Zixie, if these people don't kowtow to the Master and confess their crimes, don't let them leave!

She does not dare to defy Lord Zixie's orders.


Elder Huang was so angry that he was on the brink of insanity. If it had not been for the fact that he could not defeat the little lolita, he would never have tolerated this! He would have made her adorable little face bloom long ago.

"You talk too much."

The little Vermillion Bird laughed icily. With a wave of her tiny hand, she sent a spurt of flames towards Elder Huang. It ignited his clothes with a whoosh and soon enveloped his entire arm.

Elder Huang was now white with shock. He hurriedly threw Huang Feifei onto the ground and quickly tore his sleeve off. However, the flames were already burning strongly and even after he had torn his sleeve off, he could not stop them at all.

"Help me! One of you!"

He quickly turned towards a Medicine Sect's disciple and bellowed as his face twisted in agony.

The Medicine Sect's disciple's reaction was a little delayed but, in the end, he had gone to Elder Huang and stomped on his arm fiercely. Despite that, he could not put out the flames no matter how hard he tried. 

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Chapter 921: Huang Feifei's Hatred (4)

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"You can stop wasting your energy. How can my flames be extinguished by insignificant humans such as yourselves? If I allow you to extinguish them, I would not be able to socialize in the spiritual beast world ever again. It would be too embarrassing."

The Vermillion Bird rolled her eyes and viewed Elder Huang's attitude with disdain. She then pulled up a stool, sat down and smiled as she observed Elder Huang whose arm was slowly changing shape.

"If you still want that arm, you'd better come over to kowtow and apologize to my Master and my Master's brother. Furthermore, I want you to write down your sin of falsely accusing my Master and plaster that on the Medicine Sect's door so that anyone who passes by can see how Elder Huang has slandered a guest of the Medicine Sect."

"Sect Master!"

Elder Huang did not even look at the little Vermillion Bird. He turned around towards Gao Lin and said, "You're willing to let these people bully the members of the Medicine Sect? Are you not afraid of disappointing your disciples?"

Gao Lin wrinkled his brows and turned towards Elder Huang irritably, "You were the one at fault so you can figure it out yourself! Honestly, that little lady in red is very powerful. She is at least more powerful than I am. I don't wish to lose the entire Medicine Sect for your sake."


Elder Huang was shocked when he heard this. Even the people around him were stunned.

The Sect Master was the number one cultivator in the Medicine Sect and even he was no match for the Vermillion Bird? What kind of terrifying existence does this little lolita hold?

Elder Huang understood that if he does not listen to the little Vermillion Bird's demands today, his arm will soon turn into ashes! In the end, he turned around and slowly approached Gu Ruoyun and Xia Linyu.

"Hurry up! Apologize and write your confession letter." The little Vermillion Bird crossed her legs as she smiled and said, "If you delay any further, I can't guarantee whether you would still be able to keep your arm! Of course, if you had no intention of sticking up for your daughter after Master had crippled her, I might have spared you but you had then insisted on killing my Master. I'll sever whichever arm you were thinking of using against my Master!"

Elder Huang clenched his fists as his heart filled with unending anger and hatred. However, he then took a deep breath and, in front of everyone's eyes, knelt before Gu Ruoyun. 

"Miss Gu, it was Fei'er's mistake this time and my fault for not being strict with her. Please, Miss Gu, spare us!"

This was the first time he has ever confessed that he had been overly lenient when it came to her upbringing! However, his confession had been made under forced circumstances so one could easily imagine the distress in Elder Huang's heart.

"That person, what's your name." The little Vermillion Bird turned towards Gao Lin as she raised her brows and said, "Go get a piece of paper so this old fart can tell the world about how he had framed my Master in a written confession! This father and daughter pair had dared to design grand schemes around my Master so I must ensure that they suffer a complete defeat and fall from grace!"

As she spoke, Huang Feifei, who was lying on the ground, trembled. She lowered her eyelids and hid the malice and bone-deep hatred in her eyes. 

A complete defeat and fall from grace!

This was the fate that she had intended for Gu Ruoyun but she had to suffer it instead!

If that man were to find out about what I've done, would he still accept me?

Huang Feifei's heart felt a pang when she thought of Zuo Shangchen's impish and peerless features and she clenched her delicate fists. Her eyes were like daggers which had been dipped in poison, their look was absolutely terrifying.

"Gu Ruoyun, this is all your fault! It was you, you've destroyed my good name and my happiness! I, Huang Feifei, hereby swear that if I don't kill you, I can no longer be considered human!"

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