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Chapter 906-908

Shestha Chand

Chapter 906: Inviting Humiliation (2)

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From what I can see, the man before me is indeed blessed with extremely good looks but, alas, his station looks to be lowly. Otherwise, he would not be flattering me in this manner. If Fei'er had not taken a liking to him, I would not have approved of having a lowly man with no position as my son-in-law.

"This matter is indeed of great tidings to you, Sir." Elder Huang wiped the disdain from his gaze as his elderly features continued to smile, "I'm sure that you've met my daughter, Huang Feifei. However, ever since she's met you, she has insisted on marrying you. As such, I have come here to personally act as your matchmaker. In this world, there are numerous men who wish to marry my daughter yet she has fallen for you. Hence, to you, is this not a matter of great tidings? Besides, only you alone have been able to have me as a personal matchmaker in this world. If word of this gets out, your position on the mainland will increase for sure."

In the beginning, Elder Huang had thought to investigate Zuo Shangchen's identity before he decides on how he should treat him. However, after hearing the man's flattery, he had assumed that Zuo Shangchen's station was most definitely not as powerful as the Medicine Sect's. Otherwise, he would not have been so flattering to an elder of the Medicine Sect.

This probably means that he was most likely an emperor of a supreme country - at the very most.

However, just as Elder Huang said those words, he did not notice the look of disgust and anger from the beautiful handmaiden who was standing next to Zuo Shangchen.

She is merely the daughter of an elder from the Medicine Sect. She's not even comparable to a fragrant steamed bun yet she dares to claim that every man on the mainland wishes to marry her? Furthermore, is his personal matchmaking really anything glorious to begin with? He's actually saying that this matter will raise the Young Master's station on the mainland?

This is the funniest joke that I've ever heard in my entire life!

This was the reason why this beautiful handmaiden had actually burst into laughter. Her beautiful eyes filled with a fiery rage as she glared at Elder Huang, "Such a puny Medicine Sect yet you dare to insult my Young Master! Not even the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley would dare claim that she is fit for my Young Master!"

Wind Valley?

Elder Huang's heart suddenly dropped. Wind Valley was in the First City and were people whom he could rely on for support.

However, I didn't think that a mere handmaiden would know of Wind Valley's existence?

Could it be that I've been mistaken and this evil-looking man is not some emperor of a supreme country but is from the First City?


This is definitely impossible!

If anyone from the First City were to make an appearance here, that lord from Wind Valley would certainly inform me as well. Since I've never received any notice, these people are clearly not from the First City.

Perhaps this handmaiden is secretly in love with this impish man and does not want him to marry someone else. Furthermore, she must have used other means to find out about Wind Valley's existence, that's why she has deliberately said those things in front of me.

The expression in Elder Huang's eyes became increasingly disdainful. He spat condescendingly, "The Masters are speaking, what right does a servant girl have to interrupt? If your Master is incapable of educating you, then I'm more than willing to teach you the difference between seniors and juniors! Don't think that I'm unaware of your filthy thoughts, aren't you in love with your Master so you do not wish to have a Mistress at all? You should also take a good look at your station! A servant girl would dare to think about climbing into her Master's bed? Just wait for the day when my daughter marries him, you won't even have the right to follow him around then! I won't let anyone strive for favor against my daughter!"

Elder Huang spoke as if he had been making a solemn vow and that Zuo Shangchen had confirmed that he would be marrying Huang Feifei.

The beautiful servant girl was hopping mad. This old fart is actually accusing me of having grand designs towards the Young Master? However, he probably would have never imagined that anyone who has any intentions towards the Young Master would be dealt with by the Young Master himself in the end!

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Chapter 907: Inviting Humiliation (3)

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Those of us who had remained are only loyal to him.

Zuo Shangchen finally made a move when he noticed that his beautiful handmaiden was about to speak again. He raised his hand and stopped the handmaiden from speaking before he lazily raised his eyes, sweeping his peach blossom gaze across Elder Huang's face with a smile which did not reach his eyes. His evil yet beautiful features were lit up with a smile which could topple nations.

"Huang Feifei?" He laughed and turned a scornful gaze towards Elder Huang. His tone was languid and leisurely as he said, "I'm sorry, I don't know who she is."


Elder Huang nearly spat out a mouthful of his old blood. As it turns out, even after I've said so many things, this kid still does not know who my daughter is?

"Sir," Elder Huang took a deep breath and replied with a vicious look in his eyes, "You had met my daughter while you were at the foot of the Medicine Sect's mountain. My daughter was the incomparably beautiful young lady dressed in yellow robes."

Upon hearing this, the smile in Zuo Shangchen's eyes grew more pronounced, "You're talking about the woman in yellow at the foot of the Medicine Sect's mountain? I've indeed met one woman dressed in yellow but that woman wasn't much of a peerless beauty. At most, she's an arrogant despot and a condescending, tyrannical freak of nature! So she's your daughter, I've been looking forward to meeting you for a while."

The beautiful handmaiden smiled when she saw the ashen look on Elder Huang's face. Aside from the Gu siblings, the Young Master has never shown courtesy to anyone else. A woman, no matter how beautiful, would be no different from a pile of bones in his eyes.

Besides, Huang Feifei was really unsuitable to hold the title of a peerless beauty.

"By the way," Zuo Shangchen turned towards Elder Huang who now had a very ugly look on his face and spoke condescendingly, "I've even heard of something rather interesting about your daughter. I hear that your daughter had fallen for a man two years ago but that man had been deeply in love with his bride-to-be so he had rejected her. However, she could not accept the fact that the man she liked was marrying another woman. She then led a group of people and destroyed the fianceé's entire family before dragging the man back to the Medicine Sect. Ultimately, the man had committed suicide a few days later, unable to accept this humiliation."

Elder Huang's expression had gone from green to white before changing from white to green again. This was indeed a disgraceful matter to the Medicine Sect and if he had not received a favor from the Wind Valley's Lord, the Medicine Sect would have definitely thrown them both out.

"That was only a rumor." Elder Huang steadied his heart and replied with a cold smile, "My daughter is such an outstanding woman, who wouldn't like her? It is without exception. A man whom she has fallen for would be driven to madness for her sake even if he already has a wife. Hence, the matter you've mentioned is merely a rumor spread by others. She can have any man she wishes, why would she need to forcibly take that man? However, out of all the men here, she has fallen for you so much so that she wouldn't even look at any other man. That is why I say that you are fortunate to have managed to hold her heart."

Despite whatever rumors which were swirling about Huang Feifei in the outside world, to him, she would always be the most outstanding! Just like how beauty was in the eye of the beholder, in a father's heart, his daughter would forever be stronger than anyone else!

"Elder Huang."

Zuo Shangchen slowly rose to his feet and raised his chin, looking down upon the elder in yellow robes. He then raised the corners of his lips gently, "I will only offer you and your daughter one piece of advice - dishonor a man, and he will do much more. The consequence of being overly brain-dead is to invite humiliation!"

"You..." Elder Huang's expression changed greatly. He had not expected Zuo Shangchen to reject him!

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Chapter 908: Inviting Humiliation (4)

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Just great!

This is one debt that I will not forget!

"Damned brat, it is your good fortune to receive my daughter's favor yet you don't know what's good for you! Do you think that you're a Young Master from the First City? If you're truly going to reject her, I guarantee that you would reget this in the future!"

This damned brat probably thinks that I'm only a mere elder from the Medicine Sect and not the Sect Master, that's why he has rejected me! 

Elder Huang's glare became even more malicious at the thought. His features now displayed an icy chill.

"Get out!"

The tone of voice used to utter these words was soft yet they felt like a heavy weight as they slammed into Elder Huang's heart.

He took a deep breath before he fiercely straightened his sleeves and left.

"Young Master, are we really going to let him leave just like that?" The beautiful handmaiden was not satisfied at all. After all, that old fellow had insulted the Young Master to such a degree, how could they just let him leave?

Zuo Shangchen swept his gaze towards the beautiful handmaiden. He did not say a word but the chill from those peach blossom eyes caused her to tremble. She threw herself into a kneeling position on the ground with a loud thud as her forehead broke into a cold sweat, "Please forgive me, Young Master, your subordinate has overstepped."

"Remember, don't step in to matters that you should not concern yourself with next time."

Zuo Shangchen raised his brow slightly as he directed his gaze towards the sky. His demeanor no longer displayed his initial indolence. His entire being was like a sharp blade with a severe aura and an icy chill.

Was he really going to let Elder Huang get away without repercussions after speaking to him in that way? 


When have I, Zuo Shangchen, ever been so kind? Anyone who crosses me shall meet a gruesome end!

"Are you done enjoying the show?"

Not long after that, Zuo Shangchen's severe aura slowly disappeared and he once again returned to his indolent state. His peach blossom eyes carried a smile as he turned towards a nearby spot in the sky. His voice had sounded very mischievous.

The beautiful handmaiden jumped. She was still feeling dazed when she saw a figure appear out of thin air to stand right in front of Zuo Shangchen.

"A beautiful woman has thrown herself into your arms yet the sl*tty Four Prince would reject her as well?" Gu Ruoyun curled the corners of her lips as she stared at the evil-looking and attractive man before her with a half-smile on her face.

Zuo Shangchen's face immediately turned black.


When have I been sl*tty? To this day, I've never even touched a woman! Where did my sl*ttiness come from?

Actually, Zuo Shangchen was not completely unaware that he was always accompanied by a group of incomparably beautiful handmaidens wherever he went. Most people would make their judgments based on that.

"Beautiful woman?" Zuo Shangchen laughed disdainfully and a hint of mockery flashed across his eyes, "She's not even halfway there. However, if you, Xiao Yun'er, wish to throw yourself at me, I would most certainly accept that."

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and glanced at Zuo Shangchen with a half-smile, "Apologies, I'm not interested in a bottom. I expect that you're not all that interested in me yourself."

Even though Zuo Shangchen has always teased her, Gu Ruoyun could tell that he had been taking care of her entirely for Gu Shengxiao's sake. It had nothing to do with any other sort of feelings.

Zuo Shangchen's face turned even darker. Suddenly, he smiled slightly.

That smile was as beautiful as ten miles of peach blossom trees, nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

"I am open to both men and women. Top or bottom, both are fine."

Open to both men and women?

Gu Ruoyun shivered fearfully when she heard that. However, she could tell that this fellow was only joking. After all, he views her as a bantering partner and nothing else.

"Zuo Shangchen," Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow as she observed him seriously, "What kind of a person are you?"

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