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Chapter 886: High-Level Martial Honor (2)

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Gu Ruoyun nodded and said nothing more.

After that, Grand Lord Hong Lian gave her a few more pieces of advice and urged her to get a good rest before he left the room. Not long after he had left, an elderly figure pushed the door open and walked in resentfully.

"Master, it's so late. Why have you come to see me?" Gu Ruoyun saw the upset look in Bai Zhongtian's gaze and raised an eyebrow as she asked with a smile which did not reach her eyes.

Bai Zhongtian stared at Gu Ruoyun quietly, "Little girl, why didn't you tell me that the Grand Lord Hong Lian was your biological father in your present life?"

"You didn't ask."

Gu Ruoyun's mouth twitched as she replied and shrugged her shoulders.

"Fine, fine, I'll stop being so calculative with you over this matter. By the way, what's your next plan?" Bai Zhongtian's pupils darted back and forth as a sinister smile formed on his lips.

Gu Ruoyun took one look at the sinister smile on the old man's face and asked, "If you have something to say, just say it."

"Hehe, it's like this." Bai Zhongtian rubbed his hands together and grinned at Gu Ruoyun, "A few days ago, the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect had discovered an ancient pill formula and he has invited all the great doctors to study it. I've decided to ask you to come along with me. According to the Sect Master, if anyone can successfully refine the pill from that pill formula, the Medicine Sect will reward them with one of their territories."

Gu Ruoyun shook her head and replied, "I'm not interested."

"What?" Bai Zhongtian nearly jumped. His mischievous smile turned into a glare directed towards Gu Ruoyun, "Do you know which territory he's offering? It's the Northern Block Territory! This territory contains countless treasured medicinal herbs. Even famous medicinal herbs which are sold at sky-high prices at auctions had been procured from the Northern Block Territory! However, this Northern Block Territory is interlaced between all sorts of powerful forces. Hence, the Medicine Sect had not been able to take care of it very well. This was why they've decided to present it as a reward this time."

Bai Zhongtian took a deep breath before he continued, "Little Girl, I believe in your power and with your abilities, we would certainly be able to unify the Northern Block Territory. Besides, even if you don't wish to become the Lord of the Northern Block Territory, you could at least have the freedom to collect those precious medicinal herbs from the Northern Block Territory whenever you wish."

Since the Northern Block Territory belongs to the Medicine Sect, one would need the Medicine Sect's approval before one could enter the Northern Block Territory. Therefore, if one manages to obtain the Northern Block Territory, they would no longer need the Medicine Sect's approval to enter it.

However, there were far too many powerful forces in the Northern Block Territory. This was the reason why the Medicine Sect had not been able to fully utilize its resources despite the fact that the land belongs to them.

"The Northern Block Territory?"

A glint appeared in Gu Ruoyun's eye.

"When do we leave, Master?"

The Northern Block Territory contains the most abundant amount of medicinal herbs on the East Peak Mainland. She still requires many rare medicinal herbs to help heal Yu'er's arm. 

This is why I'm determined to win the Northern Block Territory!

Bai Zhongtian's eyes sparkled when he heard that Gu Ruoyun had finally agreed to his request. A grin bloomed on his elderly features like a blossoming chrysanthemum as he said, "We shall leave tomorrow!"


Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin, deep in thought.

Initially, she had intended to break through to the rank of a high-level Martial Honor before departing from the Drifting Wind Country. However, it looks like she will have to change her plan. No matter what, the Medicine Sect's assembly was far more important! Besides, she was just as intrigued by the ancient pill formula. 

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Hey guys! Just a heads up, the Medicine Sect is completely different from the Medicine Order on the West Spirit Mainland. 🙂 Also, I think I know the best way to bribe Gu Ruoyun — pill formulas and ultrrare medicinal herbs. 😛 Qianbae, take note.

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Chapter 887: High-Level Martial Honor (3)

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"Alright, let me take care of a few things first. We can leave after I'm done."

Bai Zhongtian chuckled, "I'll see you tomorrow morning."

He then turned and left without another word.

The setting sun casts an afterglow through the shutters and onto the woman's green robes. 

Gu Ruoyun was deep in thought when an arm suddenly reached out from behind her and pulled her firmly into a warm embrace. Gu Ruoyun's heart slowly softened as she felt the sensation of that familiar embrace.

"Xiao Ye, how did you get in?"

Qianbei Ye pointed to an open window behind her. He then realized that Gu Ruoyun had her back to the window and explained, "I came in through the window."

The window?

The corners of Gu Ruoyun's mouth twitched.  Why was I not aware that Xiao Ye has taken a liking to entering through windows?

"Wait, do you mean that you've been outside the window all this while? You never left?"

Qianbei Ye nodded. He lowered his red pupils and surveyed the woman in green robes who was nestled in his arms. His lips moved, "Yun'er, your enemy is far too powerful. I couldn't stop worrying about you which was why I had stayed outside the window. I had been unable to protect you once before and I had to watch you leave. I'll never let any tragedy befall you in this lifetime."

Gu Ruoyun was shocked. She turned to face the man's peerless features and detected a twinge of guilt and sorrow on his face. She raised her brows in distress, "Xiao Ye, what do you mean by this? How had your inability to protect me caused me to leave you? Besides, you should understand that I'm not the kind of woman who enjoys hiding behind others, especially if that person is you!"

Qianbei Ye was shaken.

How could I have forgotten? Even though my memories have returned, she is still unable to remember everything which had happened in the past and I don't dare to let her find out...

"Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun raised her head as her eyes bore into Qianbei Ye. At this moment, her delicate features displayed a determined light, "I'll only say this once; I don't wish to hide behind you, I only want to fight alongside you. I also hope that you'll be able to trust me."

Trust her?

Qianbei Ye grabbed Gu Ruoyun's wrist in a tight grip and gently lowered his eyelids. After a long pause, he lifted his eyelids again and stared at Gu Ruoyun. His silver hair set off his features in such an incomparably beautiful manner that one would find it difficult to breathe.

Even after they had known each other for so many years, this man still has the ability to sway Gu Ruoyun and her heart would soften automatically.

"Xiao Ye, I..."

Suddenly, a pair of warm lips landed on hers, causing her to lose all sense of her words.

"Yun'er, I trust you. You are not the kind of person who requires the protection of others. In fact, it's quite the opposite. You've been protecting your loved ones all this while but as your man, I hope that I can be someone you can rely on and provide you with enough sense of security."

The man's confession caused Gu Ruoyun's body to tremble. She slowly closed her eyes and kissed him on his lips.

His kiss was warm and tender. He moved with such care as if he was afraid of hurting her.

"Yun'er, may I?"

Qianbei Ye gently loosened his embrace. His warm breath, followed by his soft and gentle words caressed Gu Ruoyun's face. As a result, her heart clenched and she gently closed her eyes.

I've already accepted this man long ago, what difference will it make if I give myself to him?

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Gu Ruoyun's desert is turning into an oasis. I repeat, Gu Ruoyun's desert is turning into an oasis. Qianbei Ye's conditioning worked. The bed springs will rock tonight~ ( • )( • )ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

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Chapter 888: High-Level Martial Honor (4)

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During all these years, his companionship with her had been enough to prove his feelings.


Gu Ruoyun opened her eyes again at that thought and gazed at the man's peerless features as she replied with a determined look in her eye.

Qianbei Ye smiled.

This smile was far more beautiful than any other smile he had shown in the past. It made Gu Ruoyun's heart jolt in a strange manner. She unconsciously recalled their first meeting.

She could never forget the peerlessly beautiful man who had lain motionless in that cold, icy coffin. Nor could she forget the unexpected glimpse she had of his lithe body. Perhaps, at that time, Gu Ruoyun would never have expected that this man, who had lost his memories, would forever hold a genuine concern for her years later.

Qianbei Ye scooped Gu Ruoyun up into his arms and gently lay her down on the bed. His fingers stroked the woman's face and the typically gloomy, bloodthirsty look on his face has completely disappeared, replaced with a sense of tenderness.

"Dearest daughter, I've forgotten to mention one more thing..."


At that moment, a hand had pushed the bedroom door open. Instantly, Qianbei Ye felt as if a pail of ice-cold water had just been dumped on his head, causing his peerlessly beautiful face to turn as black as the bottom of a cauldron. His now very dark face glared at the doorway.

Grand Lord Hong Lian was completely shocked when he entered the room. He instinctively took two steps back and mumbled awkwardly, "You two, continue, continue."

However, once he had stepped out from the room, he immediately sensed that something was not right. After a short pause, he quickly returned to his senses, kicked the door open in one swift move and roared angrily, "Damned brat, what were you going to do to my precious daughter?"

Qianbei Ye curled the corners of his lips and stared at Grand Lord Hong Lian indifferently, "I'm doing whatever you've just seen."

"You..." Grand Lord Hong Lian nearly went mad with rage. This damned brat has the audacity to fool around with my precious daughter?

He's even had the audacity to press my dearest daughter's body beneath him!

"Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun's face was as red as a beetroot. She shot a glare at Qianbei Ye, "What are you waiting for? Get off!"

"As you command, Wife."

Qianbei Ye curled his lips into a smile and obediently got down from the bed. However, his mesmerizing features still remained as black as the bottom of a cauldron.

It has not been easy for him to convince Gu Ruoyun to agree to this matter yet he never expected for his plan to be foiled by his future father-in-law in the end. Of course, if this had been anyone else, he would probably ensure that they would never leave this room again 1  .

"Father, what are you doing here?" Gu Ruoyun felt slightly awkward. She had not expected her father to come and look for her again at this hour either.

"Actually, Xiao Ye isn't to blame for this, it was me..."

She was terrified that Grand Lord Hong Lian would blame Qianbei Ye so she attempted to explain in his stead. However, it only served to bring a higher surge of acid in Grand Lord Hong Lian's heart.

My daughter has indeed grown up and now belongs with another. I haven't even done anything to that damned brat yet she's already backing him up!

"Hmph." Grand Lord Hong Lian scoffed irritably. Nevertheless, when he turned to face Gu Ruoyun, his grim gaze softened once again, "It's really nothing much, I have the organizational chart that details the division of power in the First City. I had forgotten to pass it to you so I've come back to hand it over. This is the result of my many years of investigation."

As he spoke, Grand Lord Hong Lian placed a sheet of paper in front of Gu Ruoyun as he glared at Qianbei Ye. He then turned his gaze towards Gu Ruoyun again.

"Yun'er, earlier on, this damned brat had mentioned to me that you've already committed the intimacies of the flesh. Is this true?"

Intimacies of the flesh?

Gu Ruoyun stared at Qianbei Ye in shock. When she saw the cunning smile on his face, she rubbed her nose and was rendered completely speechless.

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