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"Hehe." When the man in green heard Gu Ruoyun's words, his lips curled into a disdainful sneer, "Gu Ruoyun, based on what I know, you are only at the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor! However, the man next to you is indeed rather powerful. Still, he is only a Martial Supreme. Do you think that simply by using your abilities, you could destroy the First City? You underestimate our power! I'll give you one last chance, come back with me like a good girl or I will kill everyone by your side and force you to comply." Be it the Gu family or the Immortal Realm, he thought. They are all nothing but a bunch of idiots! They couldn't even defeat one little girl until I have to deal with her myself! However, this is what they mean by the phrase 'refusing to take the road available in heaven yet insisting on walking through a gateless hell'! Had this little girl remained on the West Spirit Mainland, the First City would not have been able to control her no matter how powerful she becomes. Yet she had insisted to come to the East Peak Mainland. Isn't that simply giving up out of stupidity? If it had not been for the fact that the search for her had taken up so much of my time, she would probably have become a dearly departed soul in the nine prisons of hell! "No, there's more than one Martial Supreme by her side." Supreme Jin took one look at the man in green and descended from the sky in a flash to stand in front of Gu Ruoyun. His cold eyes gleamed with determination. "There are two!" The man in green's expression sank, "Supreme Jin, do you feel as though you've been alive for too long? Is that why you're planning to go against the First City?" "Hahaha!" Suddenly, the sound of wild laughter echoed through the sky, accompanied by the slowly appearing figure of an elderly man. He stared disdainfully at the man in green's arrogant and cold features and said, "First City, so what? No one shall ever be allowed to bully my disciple as long as I'm around!" Earlier on, when the crowd had dispersed, Bai Zhongtian also had some urgent matters to attend to so he had left for the time being. When he returned to the Xia family home, he overheard the man in green's words and became enraged. His disciple had died once and has returned with great difficulty yet these people had the audacity to create grand schemes about her! This time, he would not allow anyone to come near his precious disciple even if he has to sacrifice his elderly life! "Holy Doctor, Supreme Jin, let's not be hasty." Supreme Gao wiped the sweat from his face and hurriedly tried to persuade them, "Let's all sit down and discuss this like civilized people. My Lord, even if Miss Gu was responsible for hurting these people, it was they who had been in the wrong first of all. Miss Gu isn't really in the wrong at all." "Go away!" The man in green's face turned cold and he shot a ray of energy at Supreme Gao's chest. Supreme Gao was instantly pushed a few steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood. His face became extremely pale. "My Lord," Supreme Gao eased the tension on his face and a cold light flashed in his eyes, "Based on my knowledge, the First City has its own laws as well. No powerful cultivator from the First City is allowed to raise their hand against anyone from a foreign land. I wonder if you've forgotten this rule, my Lord?" The man in green's expression turned increasingly cold. He glanced at Supreme Gao icily. "You wish to defy me as well?" Supreme Gao smiled, "My Lord, you're making this too serious. I am merely protecting the citizens of Drifting Wind Country! Besides, Miss Gu is my Imperial Son's savior." Actually, the reason why Supreme Gao had dared to butt heads with the man in green was also because of the rules of the First City! Especially since he was the Emperor of a country. No matter how angry this fellow becomes, he cannot kill Supreme Gao. Otherwise, if this reaches the ears of the First City's administrator, the organization that this man belongs to would probably exile him from the First City! "Hahaha!" The man in green laughed maniacally and a malicious light flashed in his eyes, "Do you think that just a few of you can help her? Today, I'm going to take this woman away no matter how many of you throw yourselves at me!" "Oh?" Just then, a cold and grim voice sounded from above his head. When he heard that voice, the man in green's expression changed drastically. "Then what if this Grand Lord comes at you?"

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