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Chapter 873: The First City's Messengers (1)

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"This strike is one that I shall unleash in Yun'er's place."


Qianbei Ye slowly raised his hand and a red light flashed from it. Instantly, Xia Chuxue felt a smooth, moist sensation on her cheek. She lifted her lashes as her eyes filled with shock.

"I beg you, let me..."

Before she could utter the last syllable, another ray of red light shot towards her. At that moment, she felt a searing pain in her eyes and the light in front of her completely disappeared into a pitch-black darkness.


Xia Chuxue shrieked heart-wrenchingly. Her small hands clasped onto her bleeding eyes as her body slumped onto the ground and curled into an agonized ball.

"This strike is the price for looking at me in that manner!"

It would be a mistake to think that was the only thing in store for her. 

Qianbei Ye raised his hand and countless bolts of red light shot out from the palm of his hand. The light slashed mercilessly at Xia Chuxue's body and it did not take very long for the elegant and pure-looking woman to become completely covered with blood. She looked as if she had just crawled out from a pool of blood.

However, not only was her outer appearance terrifying, the agony she was suffering was not something which any person could endure.

Xia Ming was hacked into a thousand pieces while she was stabbed in the heart by ten thousand swords!

Her flesh and her organs were all were riddled with gaping wounds. Her entire body was filled with closely-spaced cuts and there was not a single area which had escaped unhurt!

Xia Chuxue never expected that this man's heart could be so cruel and ruthless. He does not even have a single shred of tender, protective feeling towards the fairer sex! Even when faced with such a beautiful woman as herself, he had still dealt her with such a merciless hand. Just how barbaric was this man?

"Gu Ruoyun, did you see that? Hahaha!" Xia Chuxue burst into a maniacal laugh under the unbearable pain, "This man's methods are just that cruel. If you follow him, things will not end well for you! He's no different from Lu Chen! Today, this man had willingly treated a woman with such cruelty. This is how he will treat you in the days to come. Based on his actions, you can tell that this man is cruel and without love!"

Gu Ruoyun stared at the bloodied Xia Chuxue and smiled serenely, "You're comparing him with Lu Chen but in reality, they are worlds apart! Lu Chen is selfish and only cares about himself, he would hurt anyone as long as it benefits him in some way! Xiao Ye, on the other hand, may be cruel to everyone else in the world but as long as he is good to me, that is enough. So what if he were to kill everyone in the world one day? I will stand by his side and help him with whoever he wishes to fight against."

When Qianbei Ye heard Gu Ruoyun's true feelings, his initially cruel red eyes softened and his peerlessly beautiful features lit up with a smile that could bring a nation to its knees.

This was the woman that he has been searching for desperately for so many years. Even if he decides to kill the whole world one day, she would disregard all reason and stand by his side. 

However, if he ever decides to slaughter the entire mainland, it would only be for one reason alone - it would all be for her sake!

Xia Chuxue sneered but her eyes now resembled two bloody eye sockets. The mocking smile on her bloody face looks absolutely eerie and sinister, it was a horrifying sight.

"Gu Ruoyun, I confess that I, Xia Chuxue, am to blame for my own calamity. However, all of you will have to pay the price as well, hahaha! There are so many powerful cultivators on this mainland. Based on your arrogant personalities, one day, someone will arrive to put you all in your place!"

Shestha Chand

Chapter 874: The First City's Messengers (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Once she had said her piece, Xia Chuxue's body went berserk. An infinite amount of energy began to fill her body like a balloon filling up with air. Her body began to expand and she looked as if she would burst at any moment.

"Trying to explode yourself?"

Qianbei Ye saw what Xia Chuxue was doing and his red lips curled into a malicious yet eerie smile.

Suddenly, the berserk energy within Xia Chuxue's body stopped. Her entire body now looked like a largely expanded, round and plump balloon.

"What is this? What have you done to me?" Fear took over Xia Chuxue's heart and because her face was completely covered in blood, one could not see her expression at all.

"Yun'er, what do you think of her appearance now?" Qianbei Ye stroked his chin and turned towards Gu Ruoyun, "Her powers will completely disappear soon and her amputated arm won't grow back. Also, the scars on her body will never go away. If we let her go on like this for the rest of her life... I don't think that's a bad idea."


Xia Chuxue shrieked. She had thought that Qianbei Ye's cruel actions would stop now but she never expected this man to be so vicious!

If she was to live like this, she might as well die!

"Mm," Gu Ruoyun nodded and seemed quite satisfied with Qianbei Ye's suggestion, "This is a rather good idea. Right now, she has not only lost the ability to cultivate, she has also become a cripple. Most importantly, due to the powerful amount of energy she had pumped into her body to try to explode herself, her body has expanded. It won't be possible for her to return back to normal in this lifetime and it would be very difficult for her to even move around. Add on the fact that no one is around to take care of her, she wouldn't be able to live for very much longer."

Gu Ruoyun giggled softly as she looked at Xia Chuxue's body which seems like it would explode with one poke.

This, to her, was the best ending of all!

Xia Chuxue finally despaired, she now knows what a true demon was! If she were to be reborn again, she would never want to be Xia Ming's daughter nor would she wish to provoke these people again!

Besides, when she compared Lu Chen and Xia Ming's endings to hers, they were far better off than what she has to endure!

At least, after holding on for a few more days, they could leave this world and would no longer need to suffer such torture. However, she would linger and suffer until the day she died!

Also, she did not even have the ability to kill herself now!

"Yun'er." Qianbei Ye furrowed his brows as his crimson eyes shot towards the air which was now riddled with unsteady fluctuations. His peerlessly beautiful features slowly grew cold, "Someone's here and there are quite a lot of them. The opposition consists of Martial Supremes!"

Gu Ruoyun shuddered and followed Qianbei Ye's line of sight. Not too long after, countless figures appeared from thin air, standing tall in the skies.


At the Imperial Palace of Drifting Wind Country, Supreme Gao sensed something and a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

"Why has so many Martial Supremes arrived in the Drifting Wind Country? Besides, on this mainland, only that organization would be able to muster this many Martial Supremes in one go! However, it looks like these people are headed for the Xia family home? Why? Could it be that something else has happened at the Xia family home? No, I must investigate."

Supreme Gao relaxed his furrowed brow and disappeared from the study in a flash.

At the tavern.

The man in red, who had been waiting for Gu Ruoyun, had sensed the change in aura at the same time. His handsome visage instantly grew cold and an icy chill appeared in his deep, dark eyes.

"It's those guys? What are they doing here? Could it be that they've found out about my whereabouts? No! That can't be right! They're not heading towards me, but..."

Suddenly, he was struck with a thought and his expression changed drastically, "Not good! They must have found out about Yun'er's identity!"

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