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Chapter 869: The Xia Family's Destruction (15)

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"Xia Ming, you had given up on her that year so everything that you're enduring now is the consequences of your own actions!" Xiao Zixie curled his lips and smiled evilly. He then turned his eerie purple eyes towards Xia Chuxue as loathing and disgust filled his gaze, "Furthermore, you had wanted to snatch me away and give me to this woman? I, Zixie, will not be contracted to just anybody! From generation to generation, she is the only master I've ever recognized. As long as her soul was not destroyed, I will forever await her existence. If she was annihilated, both the Ancient Divine Pagoda and I will disappear from this world!"

His tender and youthful voice echoed throughout the halls like a heavy weight and slammed into the hearts of every single person.

Xia Linyu's expression was filled with delight, it was more than enough for him to know that his sister has such a loyal companion in this life.

"So, you're the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda." Lu Chen closed his eyes in agony. His handsome face was twisted with remorse yet he did not display even the slightest glimmer of guilt.

His regret was not because he had killed Xia Ruoyun but because he had lost such a powerful support!

If he had married her that year, Xia Ruoyun's Ancient Divine Pagoda would then have belonged to him! Furthermore, this mainland would have become his for the taking! However, he had easily bought into the Xia family's lies and killed the true master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda by mistake. Furthermore, he had helped an imposter!

Lu Chen's heart was gripped with pain.

"Yun'er," He opened his eyes and stared in agony at the woman's lucid and elegant features. He spoke in a voice which dripped with remorse and shame, "I had been deceived that year. That was why I had turned into this. I know that you hate me but it's also because you have felt love so it has led to your hatred! I hope that you will give me a chance to love you and take care of you. I, Lu Chen, can swear to you that I will never let you down!"

Yes, in Lu Chen's point of view, Gu Ruoyun was still in love with him. Otherwise, why would she have held such a strong hatred towards him?

A smile appeared on Gu Ruoyun's face, making her already delicate and pretty features even more compelling. However, her dark, black eyes were filled with mockery. She stared at Lu Chen with a smile which did not reach her eyes.

When he saw the smile on that woman's face, Lu Chen assumed that he still had a chance. His heart leaped with joy and his eyes beheld Gu Ruoyun as if she was enveloped in the gentle warmth of sunlight.

"Yun'er, I knew you still love me. Since that's the case, let us select an auspicious day and get married."

Xia Chuxue, who was standing next to Lu Chen, felt a cold laugh originating from the recesses of her heart as she stared at the shameless look on that man's face. This man is so utterly pragmatic, she thought.  Just a while ago, he had been making a solemn vow to me but not long after, he would turn around and throw flattery towards another woman.

"Lu Chen," The smile on Gu Ruoyun's face deepened. She raised her gaze at the man standing in front of her as she said, "I do hate you. I hate you so much that I dearly wish I could hack you into pieces, make mincemeat out of you, then go to the forest and feed you to the dogs! Of course, this kind of hatred is completely unrelated to any form of love but comes from everything that you've done to Yu'er! I can never put up with anyone who has hurt the people I that love! So, even in my dreams, I always see myself returning to get my revenge."

Lu Chen's face drained of color. He staggered back as he shook his head and stared at Gu Ruoyun with disbelief.

"No, I don't believe it. You still love me, I'm sure of it! Yun'er, I've promised you that I would treat you very well in the future. What more do you want? Furthermore, I can also swear that from now on, I will not lay a finger on any other woman but you!" At this point, Lu Chen softened his tone of voice and spoke gently, "I know that I cannot be compared to that silver-haired man by your side but have you ever considered that an outstanding and powerful man like him would certainly attract many women in the future? Knowing your pride, can you tolerate a man with three wives and four concubines? Only I, Lu Chen, can devote my heart and soul entirely to you. Yun'er, if you choose him, you will regret it!"

Chapter 870: The Xia Family's Destruction (16)

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When it comes to Xia Ruoyun's personality, Lu Chen thinks that he knows her better than anyone else. One should not judge her just because she always looks so calm and collected. In truth, deep down, she has a lot of pride. Her man can only ever belong to her alone and she would never spare a single look at anyone who has the intention of having three wives and four concubines.

"Are you certain that every man would want three wives and four concubines?"

Suddenly, a familiar aura appeared behind Gu Ruoyun. Upon sensing that aura, a smile appeared in Gu Ruoyun's eyes.

A large flash of crimson robes suddenly appeared and enveloped Gu Ruoyun in an embrace. The man's silver hair was like that of a deity and his initially gloomy pallor lit up into a smile when he gazed at the woman next to him.

"Yun'er, I had intended to wait for you outside but when I overheard his words, I could not contain myself from coming in. Will you forgive me?"

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "Have you sent the others away?"

Qianbei Ye nodded obediently, "They've all left. Besides, you can rest assured because I can sense the presence of anyone if they come within a hundred meters of our vicinity."

"Then there's nothing holding us back." Gu Ruoyun smiled. Her eyes then fell upon Lu Chen's pale face, "Lu Chen, Qianbei Ye is my man so he belongs with me for the rest of his life. If any woman wants to deliver herself to him, I don't mind killing them no matter how many of them come by."

Xia Chuxue's mouth widened in shock. She might have been aware of Xia Ruoyun's pride and arrogance but she never thought that she would make such an outrageous statement. After all, on this mainland, it was very normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. Even the most loving husband and wife could have a third person in their midst.

Besides, as a man, especially one so powerful, how could he possibly allow his own woman to act so possessively? Won't Gu Ruoyun be afraid of being cast aside by this man because of what she has said?

At this moment, Xia Chuxue has completely forgotten about her current situation. Even the terror that she had felt initially has completely disappeared. It almost seems like she could already see Gu Ruoyun's fate of being cast aside and she could not help but laugh maliciously in her heart.

Qianbei Ye turned towards Gu Ruoyun with a solemn look on his peerlessly beautiful face. He then made a pledge to her, "Wife, don't you worry. If any woman dares to glance at me too many times, I will gouge their eyes out; if any woman dares to have any intentions towards me, I will make sure that nine generations of her family will never have peace!"

He would want to destroy nine generations of someone's family just for harboring intentions towards him?

Xia Chuxue's face drained of color instantly. She covered her mouth in shock and stumbled back.

She would never have believed that such an infatuated man could exist in this world. Even if there was such a man, he should not have fallen into the hands of a woman like Gu Ruoyun! She, Xia Chuxue, was more outstanding than Gu Ruoyun was in every aspect aside from talent. What does Gu Ruoyun have that Zixie would pass over Xia Chuxue and that even such an outstanding man would devote himself to her and her alone?

"I don't believe it!" Lu Chen shrieked, "I know! You're saying all these things on purpose just to deceive her! You've simply taken a liking to the Ancient Divine Pagoda so you don't have any good intentions at all. Yun'er, don't believe his babbling nonsense. I'm the only one who loves you most of all in this world."

Qianbei Ye laughed.

It goes without saying that his smile was absolutely stunning. Even as a man, Lu Chen could not stop himself from feeling mesmerized.

How could a man possibly have such beautiful features? If he was a woman, he would certainly be considered as the number one beauty on the mainland and no one would be able to surpass this beauty throughout the ages!

Qianbei Ye did not say very much to him. His crimson figure then appeared in front of Lu Chen like a ghost. Hence, Lu Chen never saw him make his move nor was he able to scream for mercy. All he could feel was an eerily cold sensation sliding down his throat and entering his vital organs. 

Chapter 871: The Xia Family's Destruction (17)

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"You, what did you just put into my mouth?" Lu Chen hurriedly shoved his finger down his throat and tried to dig out whatever he had been forced to swallow. However, his body has already ingested it so there was no way for him to spit it out.

Qianbei Ye glanced at Lu Chen and turned his attention towards Xia Linyu, " I've just fed him a Soul Gnawing Fruit. I had found this Soul Gnawing Fruit by accident but it's nothing good. It can make anyone who has consumed the fruit to be unable to die for three days. This also means that no matter what you do, he cannot die. Even if you were to cut off his head, he would still be alive! However, after three days, this Soul Gnawing Fruit will gradually consume his soul until he no longer exists in this world."

The price of the Soul Gnawing Fruit was rather steep, even if it grants one immortality for three days, it would turn one's soul to ashes in the end. No one would ever use it to lengthen their own lifespan!

Xia Linyu's eyes sparkled and his delicate features lit up with a smile, "Thank you, brother-in-law."

The words 'brother-in-law' make Qianbei Ye's heart melt. His peerlessly-beautiful features blossomed with a mesmerizing and seductive smile. His red eyes no longer held his initially gloomy air.

"My little brother-in-law has been bullied so as his brother-in-law, I should help him vent his anger. Wouldn't you agree, wife?"

Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes at him and retorted, feeling helpless, "Who are you calling 'wife'?"

"You had mentioned it yourself that I'm your man." Qianbei Ye stared at Gu Ruoyun with distress and replied in a pitiful manner, "Doesn't this mean that you've agreed to marry me? Wife, since you've said these sort of things, you can't go back on your word."

"By the way, do you have any more of that fruit?" Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow, "Feed one to Xia Ming and Xia Chuxue while you're at it."

Hearing this, Xia Chuxue and her father instantly turned pale. Xia Ming, who was engulfed in the purple flames, roared angrily.

"Xia Ruoyun, you're worse than an animal! You want to murder your own father, you will definitely be hacked into a thousand pieces!"

Gu Ruoyun smiled then turned towards Xiao Zixie who had remained silent, "Zixie, your flames aren't strong enough. Why is he still able to speak?"

Qianbei Ye's appearance had already made Xiao Zixie very upset. Now, upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's words, he immediately charged furiously towards Xia Ming and put his flames away with a gloomy look on his little face.

"Hacked into a thousand pieces? You seem to enjoy this phrase a lot. Since that's the case, I'll let you experience the feeling of your body being hacked to pieces! Don't worry, I don't have any Soul Gnawing Fruit but my every cut will be perfectly executed. I won't let you die so easily!"

As Xiao Zixie spoke, a wave of daggers appeared in his hands. His little face remained stoic as he mercilessly landed his blow, severing Xia Ming's skin along with his flesh. Fresh red blood began to pour over his entire arm.


Xia Ming let out a heart-wrenching shriek as tears streamed down his cheeks. In this life, he has endured countless wounds yet none had been quite as painful as this.

"This is only the first cut and you already find it unbearable? We still have nine hundred and ninety-nine cuts to go. I won't let you die before the last cut falls!" Xiao Zixie sneered and vented all his frustrations out on Xia Ming.

At this moment, Xia Ming suddenly began to envy Qiu Na who had been able to die so easily without needing to endure such torture.

Chapter 872: The Xia Family's Destruction (18)

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He, instead, was truly suffering a fate worse than death!

If he was really about to be cut a thousand times, he would much rather die on the spot and be done with it!

Xia Chuxue curled into a ball, her entire face was filled with terror and she could not stop her body from trembling.

Even though that knife was only cutting through Xia Ming's body, she could feel his immense agony as well and this fear drove Xia Chuxue to the brink of madness.

"Please, I beg of you, spare me. I beg you, spare me."


Xia Chuxue's legs gave way. She knelt on the ground as she exclaimed with tears in her eyes, "I don't want to eat the Soul Gnawing Fruit nor do I want to be hacked into a thousand pieces. I'll do anything as long as you spare me!"

Suddenly, she seems to remember something and quickly scurried towards Qianbei Ye.

"Sir, I would willingly become your slave as long as you let me go. I will serve you and my sister for the rest of my life."

Qianbei Ye understood very well the meaning behind her word 'serve'.

Instantly, his blood-red eyes flashed with hatred as he roared icily, "Go away!"


A great wave of energy exploded from Qianbei Ye. Xia Chuxue's hand, which had been holding onto him, was immediately amputated. Blood began to spew out of the stump and her body was flung a distance away, landing heavily against a wall. Blood also began to splatter from her mouth.

This man is completely heartless! She thought.  I'm still the most beautiful woman in Drifting Wind Country yet he hah been able to withstand the seduction of such a beautiful woman like me? Could it be that he was unable to suppress his sexual urges and my words had provoked him?

That's right, that must be it!

She simply could not believe that any man could be so devoted to only one woman for the rest of his life!

Before Xia Chuxue could step out from her fantasies, the man in crimson robes was already right in front of her. She does not know why but when she stared up at the man's tall figure, Xia Chuxue felt a powerful weight upon her which nearly caused her to suffocate.

"Sir, I beg you, please spare me..."

Even now, she was still trying to appeal to him and persuade him to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex on account of her being a woman and to spare her life. Once she has entered this man's mansion, she would have other ways to deal with Gu Ruoyun!

"How have you treated Yun'er in the past?"

Qianbei Ye smiled.

However, while his smile looked magnificent, it gave Xia Chuxue a rather malicious feeling.

As if the man before her would kill her mercilessly.


Xia Chuxue was about to explain herself until she saw the bloodthirsty look in the man's eyes. All her words became stuck in her throat, rendering her unable to make a sound.

"Then again, even if you don't say a thing, I could guess at it myself." Qianbei Ye gently raised his eyes. His peerlessly beautiful features lit up with a bloodthirsty smile, "However you've treated her in the past, I'm going to return it all to you a hundred times more! Yun'er is the love of my life and is also the lover that I've been searching desperately for for over ten thousand years! I will never let anyone hurt her."

He has indeed been searching for her for many years.

How could he ever bear the sight of her being bullied by anyone?


Xia Chuxue shook her head as her body shifted back. However, all that was behind her was an icy, cold wall. She had nowhere else to back into and could only look helplessly at the peerlessly handsome man before her with tears in her beautiful eyes.

Yunyao and the other spiritual beasts all glared at Xia Chuxue with revulsion.

Qianbei Ye has already made it very clear yet she still wants to try and strike a deal. If that's not looking for death, then what is? Knowing Qianbei Ye's methods, this woman's fate probably wouldn't be any better than Xia Ming's or Lu Chen's.

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