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Chapter 867: The Xia Family's Destruction (13)

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Xia Linyu stumbled backward as if he had just been struck by lightning. His delicate features completely drained of color as he stared at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief.

"Sister, what do you mean by this? Xia Ming had committed patricide? He was involved with Grandfather's death?"

As Xia Linyu had arrived a little later, he was not too clear on what had just happened a while ago. However, he never imagined that Xia Ming would be so cruel and had murdered their grandfather who had brought him into this world and nurtured him!

"No, it was not my fault! That sl*t, Qiu Na, is to blame for this. If it had not been for her, this would never have happened."

Once he finished speaking and before anyone could react, Xia Ming suddenly charged towards Qiu Na and wrapped his hand tightly around her neck. At that moment, Qiu Na was completely unable to speak as she stared at that man's reddened eyes in terror.

"Sl*t, you had dared to spin such lies to me and had committed adultery with another! If it had not been for your lies, how much more blessed would I be now?" Xia Ming tightened his grip, he was so filled with hatred that he wanted to strangle her to death.

Qiu Na gasped but her throat was unable to make a sound. She has turned completely red in the face and looked pleadingly at Xia Chuxue who was slumped on the floor.

However, Xia Chuxue was now powerless to defend herself so how could she even take care of her mother? When she saw the pleading look in Qiu Na's eyes, she quickly turned away and no longer spared her mother another look.

Qiu Na's expression filled with hurt and despair when she saw this. She never thought that Xia Chuxue would treat her in this manner at such a critical moment.


Xia Chuling finally regained her senses from her foolish stupor and ran towards Xia Ming, bawling her eyes out. She then began to fiercely beat Xia Ming's back with her little fists.

"Bad Daddy, you let Mother go, let her go!"


The maddened Xia Ming slapped Xia Chuling, instantly flinging her tiny body out of the way. She happened to land on a stone column and blood began to gush out from the back of her head. Her tiny body slumped onto the floor as confusion and uncertainty swirled in her eyes.

She could not understand the situation.  Why is Daddy, who has always loved and cherished Mother, trying to kill Mother? She wondered.

Daddy has always spoiled and loved me, why would he raise his hand against me?She could not understand this either.

Of course, these were things that she would never understand!

Qiu Na's heart quivered and two streams of tears finally rolled down her cheeks. She turned pleadingly towards Xia Chuxue once again and, mustering all of her strength, managed to wheeze a plea from the recesses of her throat, "Save... Save your little sister."

Xia Chuxue lowered her head and did not even look at Xia Chuling who was now lying in a pool of blood.

Qiu Na's heart finally gave up all hope.


Suddenly, Qiu Na burst into laughter. She gathered a strength she never knew she had and pushed Xia Ming away. Her body stumbled back and she directed a glare filled with cold, black hatred at Xia Ming.

"Xia Ming, did you know that you're the person that I love most in the world but you are also the person that I hate most of all? How many oaths of eternal love had you once pledged to me? You even said that one day, you would take me as your wife in a just and honorable manner. Yet in the end, after waiting for you, I received the news of you marrying Lady Mo!"

Qiu Na gently shut her eyes and her heart filled with indescribable pain.

"Actually, Lady Mo was also rather pitiful because she had been completely innocent. Had you not schemed to get her, she wouldn't have had any affection for you. Even so, I still hated her. So what if she was a pitiful wretch? It's her fault for taking you away!"

Chapter 868: The Xia Family's Destruction (14)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Since you've already married another, why would you continue to court me? I then decided to get together with the Oracle Tian Xing yet you had come back! You even promised me that once you get the position of Young Master Xia, you would immediately make me your true wife! I believed your words so I had abandoned the Oracle Tian Xing and followed you back to the Xia family home!" Qiu Na widened her eyes and turned her hateful glare away from Xia Ming, redirecting her attention to Xia Chuxue. At that moment, her face no longer displayed any hatred, all that was left was disappointment.

"Xue'er, everything I've done has all been for your sake. Yet, in the end, you're only interested in saving your own neck?"

Qiu Na's words were filled with hopelessness. She probably never thought that Xia Chuxue would have turned out to be such a weakling.

"However, it's a good thing that I still have Ling'er. I still have her."

Qiu Na smiled suddenly and her smile was like a blossoming flower. She then turned and walked towards Xia Chuling who was lying in a pool of blood.

Xia Chuxue had wanted to speak up as she watched Qiu Na's stumbling figure but in the end, she chose to keep her mouth shut.

Xia Chuling lay in the pool of blood with wide eyes as if she had something she wanted to say. Blood flowed continuously from the back of her head and soon dyed the floor beneath her a bright red.

Qiu Na gently scooped Xia Chuling's body up into her arms and brushed her hand over her wide eyes, closing the little girl's eyelids. Qiu Na had a simple and elegant smile on her face and no longer displayed the maddened look she previously held.

"Ling'er, don't be afraid, Mother is going to keep you company now. In the future, we can leave this place, far, far behind and we'll never see these people again."


After she finished talking, Qiu Na slammed her hand with all her might against her own chest. She immediately spat out a large mouthful of blood and her face turned ashen. The entire group watched as she held Xia Chuling's body close to hers and slowly crumpled to the ground.

"Sl*t!" Xia Ming spat as he stared icily at Qiu Na's crumpled figure. A cold, nonchalant smile has appeared on his face. Shortly after, he turned towards Gu Ruoyun and said, " Yun'er, your enemy is now dead. This destruction had begun because of Qiu Na so our previous grievances can be written off. I promise that from now on, you and Yu'er are my only children. No one else can surpass the place both of you hold in my heart."

Gu Ruoyun stared at Xia Ming's shameless face and a small smile appeared on the corners of her lips.

"While it's true that all this had started because of Qiu Na, I still believe that you are the main culprit!"

Xia Ming's expression changed rapidly, "Yun'er, if you insist on killing me, you will be cast into the eighteenth hell never to be reincarnated!"


All of a sudden, a cold look flashed in the eyes of the purple-robed little boy standing next to Gu Ruoyun. A demonic smile appeared on the corners of his lips and, without waiting for Xia Ming to react, he threw a purple flame at him, igniting Xia Ming's entire body with a loud whoosh.

"Eighteenth hell?" The little boy smiled evilly, "Even if she enters hell, she, as Zixie's master, is destined to reign over hell! Who would dare to oppose her then?"

His voice was youthful and delicate yet it rang into every ear and shook them to the very core. Xia Ming's eyes widened in shock. He ignored the agony he felt from the burning flames and stared fixedly at the little boy's cherubic features.

"Are you saying that your name is Zixie?"


That's the name of the Ancient Divine Phoenix!

This little guy is the Ancient Divine Phoenix? Could it be that Gu Ruoyun has already formed a contract with the Ancient Divine Pagoda?


That was definitely impossible!

In the past, she had never been able to form a contract with the Ancient Divine Pagoda. How was she able to complete the contract in six years?

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