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Chapter 834: Master And Disciple Meet Again (5)

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"There's only one person who can claim to be the Holy Doctor's disciple." Supreme Jin put his teacup down before he continued, "Therefore, that person is not his disciple. I'm looking for the Holy Doctor, I have no interest in anything else."

He has searched every nook and cranny of the Imperial City but he still could not find the Holy Doctor's whereabouts.

Of course, the Holy Doctor was a Martial Supreme so if he wishes to hide, it would not be an easy task to locate him.

"Big Brother Jin."


Xia Chuxue suddenly knelt onto the ground and begged, "Big Brother Jin, please save me on account of my sister."

Supreme Jin glanced at her indifferently, "What's the matter."

"Big Brother Jin," Xia Chuxue raised her head and faced Supreme Jin. Her expression was utterly sorrowful, "A few days ago, I heard that the Holy Doctor's disciple had appeared in Drifting Wind Country. I went to investigate because I wanted to find more information about the Holy Doctor's whereabouts. However, the silver-haired man at her side took a fancy to me and wanted to make me his wife. That man is powerful and he should be around the rank of a Martial Supreme. So, to prevent that man from causing trouble for me, my father wants me to marry Lu Chen. As long as I am married, he would stop thinking about me but Big Brother Jin, Lu Chen has always been like an older brother to me. I don't want to get married, be it to the silver-haired man or Lu Chen. Please, Big Brother Jin, help me to escape this place!"

Supreme Jin's had features remained calm the entire time and his golden eyes showed no sign of any emotion. He slowly turned around and looked out at the street outside the window before he coldly responded, "If the Xia family's lives were under threat, I will help. However, I won't help in other matters."

Xia Chuxue raised her head in shock and stared at the man's handsome visage with sorrow.

She never thought that this man would be so cruel. Has he been helping the Xia family only for Xia Ruoyun's sake? 

Why was it that she, Xia Chuxue, could never be better than a deceased woman?

"Big Brother Jin," Xia Chuxue bit her lower lip as she slowly rose to her feet. Her eyes were filled with determination as she spoke, "Lu Chen is my older sister's childhood lover after all. No matter what, I would never have anything to do with Big Brother Lu. If you won't help me, Big Brother Jin, then I'll have to die to apologize to my poor sister."

She had spoken with such emotion and sincerity that anyone who heard it would feel moved.

However, Supreme Jin remained unmoved as he continued to stare at the world outside the window. It was almost as if he had not heard a word of what she had said.

"Big Brother Jin, are you really going to treat me this way?" Xia Chuxue's eyes were filled with sadness, "Could it be that you're truly willing to watch me marry Lu Chen?"

Supreme Jin finally responded. He turned around to face Xia Chuxue as he replied indifferently, "I've told you that this matter has nothing to do with me. Since Master Xia has made the decision, you should look for him. I have no way of meddling in your family's private affairs."

Xia Chuxue felt as if a needle had just pierced through her heart. The agony was more than she could bear.

From the first time she had seen this man, she had become deeply attracted to him. Hence, all these years, she had searched frantically for the Ancient Divine Pagoda all for the sake of obtaining the right to stand by his side and to become his wife.

However, he now said that her marriage to another man has nothing to do with him?

"Big Brother Jin," Xia Chuxue laughed bitterly, "Do you not know that you are the only one in my heart? Lu Chen was once my sister's lover and I would never dip my finger in that. Even though I had once admired him, I had buried my feelings deep down for the sake of my sister. However, after I met you, Big Brother Jin, I understood that my feelings for Lu Chen were not of love but attachment. I only love you and you alone!"


Would a man like Lu Chen ever deserve her admiration?

These words had been only for Supreme Jin's sake. She wanted Supreme Jin to understand that after all these years, her reluctance in accepting Lu Chen was not because she had not liked him but had all been for her sister's sake! Any man should treasure woman like her who values love and loyalty above all else!


Chapter 835: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (1)

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Supreme Jin frowned as his cold eyes slowly swept across Xia Chuxue's sorrowful face. He then spoke with an indifferent tone of voice, "If there's nothing else, you may go."

To Xia Chuxue, these words were like a death sentence and caused her heart to sear with pain. She gently shut her eyes and when she opened them again, her pretty eyes had a bitter smile.

"Big Brother Jin, I understand. If you're unwilling to see me, I won't ever appear before you again."

She took one last look at Supreme Jin. Her gaze was full of reluctance as if she wanted to pull the man into her eyes.

Any other man would not have been able to endure hurting a woman who has loved them as resolutely as this. However, this man had turned away as soon as he heard these words. His eyes then continued to look out into the bustling streets and no longer spared Xia Chuxue a second glance.

Xia Chuxue clenched her fists tightly and turned to leave the private compartment. Her lowered gaze was filled with an immense unwillingness and a jealous hatred.

"Xia Ruoyun, if it had not been for you, Supreme Jin would never have treated me with such indifference. Unfortunately, you're already dead so I have no way of taking my pain out by torturing you. I can only vent my fury on the people you care about!"


At the Xia family home.

Xia Chuxue stepped into the hall and stopped a random footboy, speaking in an icy voice, "You, bring Mo Shangfei to me."

"As you command, Eldest Lady."

The footboy hurriedly left upon receiving his orders. Not too long after, Mo Shangfei, dressed in martial attire, accompanied the footboy as he walked into the room.

When she saw Mo Shangfei, Xia Chuxue's initially cruel expression slowly dissolved. She smiled gently as she asked, "Fei'er, you've been in the Xia family home for a very long time now, correct?"

Mo Shangfei was stunned. "It has been six years." He replied with a frown.

"Six years." Xia Chuxue smiled lightly before she slowly rose and approached Mo Shangfei, "During the past six years, you've stayed by my side and protected me. I'm truly grateful for your trouble so I'd like to give my faithful servant girl, Xiao You, to you as your betrothed. What do you think?"


Mo Shangfei was stunned and his expression changed drastically, "This won't do, I already have a someone I love. I cannot marry any other woman!"


Xia Chuxue's initially smiling face turned to ice instantly. Her eyes flickered with a cold light as she said, "Mo Shangfei, do you think that my servant girl's rank is insignificant so she's not good enough for you? There's no need for you to say anything else, the matter has been decided. In a few days, I will personally make preparations for your wedding. Consider it my reward to you for protecting me all these years."

"My apologies," Mo Shangfei slowly closed his eyes. After a long pause, he opened them again and stared at Xia Chuxue as he said, "I'm afraid that I must betray your gesture of affection. My heart already belongs to the Little Princess, I won't marry anyone else but her."

"Mo Shangfei," Xia Chuxue shook her head as she sighed, "You're no longer a young master of the Mo family. Do you think the Emperor would give His own daughter to you as your wife? I'm also unable to bear the sight of you enduring this agony in the end. What's wrong with my servant girl? If you were still a young master of the Mo family, her lowly position would indeed not be good enough for you. However, you are now a bodyguard of the Xia family. A bodyguard is well-suited for a servant girl who is more than enough for him. Even though we are not related by blood, you're my half sister's cousin so I must be the one to organize your matrimonial affairs!"

Chapter 836: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (2)

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What she meant was a mere bodyguard like Mo Shangfei could only be evenly matched with a servant girl. Yet, he was acting like a toad wishing to feast on swan meat by dreaming of marrying a princess! That was an idiot's dream!

Mo Shangfei's expression slowly grew cold. He scoffed and replied, "Xia Chuxue, I am indeed very grateful to the Xia family for taking me in that year. However, this does not mean that I've been sold to the Xia family! I had agreed to become your bodyguard due to the Xia family's friendship towards me! This does not mean that you have the right to decide on whom I can marry!"

"Mo Shangfei!"

Xia Chuxue's eyes sank. She does not want to allow Mo Shangfei and the Little Princess' union to happen. Her main reason was because the Imperial family has great power and if Mo Shangfei really marries the Little Princess, he would no longer need to haplessly give his life to the Xia family! The other reason was because Mo Shangfei was related to that sl*t Xia Ruoyun so she would never allow him to marry the woman he loves.

She wanted this man to suffer for the rest of his life by being denied to be with love of his life!

If there was anyone that Mo Shangfei should hate, it would be Xia Ruoyun. It was her fault that he cannot marry the woman he loves.

"Marriage has always been a match made by our parents' order and on the matchmaker's word! My parents are both dead, hence, I will determine my marriage on my own terms! You, Xia Chuxue, are only a person from my generation. What right do you have to make my decisions for me? Furthermore, to make me marry a servant girl?"

"It is my right as your master!"

The aura within Xia Chuxue stirred as she glared at Mo Shangfei icily, "I'll ask you one more time, will you marry my servant girl or not! If you do not marry her, don't even think of leaving this place today!"

"Hahaha!" Mo Shangfei threw his head back and laughed maniacally. His lips curled into a cold smile as he said, "Xia Chuxue, I had stayed in the Xia family to repay you for your benevolence. However, I never thought that you, who has always appeared kind in the eyes of the world, would actually display such amorality and conduct! Consider me, Mo Shangfei, to have been blind to your true nature in the past. That was why I had protected you for so long. Now, I declare that I want to separate from the Xia family and regain my freedom!"

"Mo Shangfei... I'd like to see if you can actually leave today!"

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Instantly, numerous figures swooped in from outside the room and surrounded Mo Shangfei in a tight circle.

Mo Shangfei's lips curled upwards at the sight of the guards surrounding him. He smiled as he said, "Xia Chuxue, I'm disappointed in the Xia family's sincerity!"

"Mo Shangfei, I'm doing all of this for your own good. You are being too rebellious!" Xia Chuxue smiled. She then issued a command to everyone, ordering them to move closer to Mo Shangfei, "The Little Princess will never marry you. In order to prevent your future suffering, I think it's better that I let you marry my servant girl. In Drifting Wind Country, you are only good enough for a servant girl! Perhaps you might hate me now but after a few years, you'll understand why I've chosen to do this today. By then, you will definitely thank me."

Trying to escape?

I'm afraid he won't have the chance!

I've exposed my true nature in front of this man so no matter what, I won't let him leave!

Bang !

At that moment, a few Xia family guards were bodily thrown into the room, their bodies landing fiercely on the ground.

Under the morning light, a flash of green robes fluttered against the gentle winds as a figure slowly entered the hall.

Standing next to the woman in green was a young girl in pink robes. She noticed Mo Shangfei who was surrounded by the guards immediately and hurriedly rushed toward him, "Big Brother Mo, are you alright?"

After she finished speaking, she then turned to face Xia Chuxue with an expression of sadness and disappointment. Xia Chuxue's expression too has expression had changed drastically.

Chapter 837: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (3)

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"Xia Chuxue, I never thought that you would turn out to be this way! I've always trusted you but what did you do? You're forcing Big Brother Mo to marry a servant girl and claimed that Big Brother Mo is only fit to marry your servant girl! If Big Brother Mo refuses to comply, you're going to imprison him! Could it be that your kindness and grace was all just for show? How much of the words you've spoken to me can I actually trust?"

The Little Princess was feeling very sad. If Gu Ruoyun had not dragged her here to look for Mo Shangfei, perhaps she would never have seen this side of Xia Chuxue's true nature.

"Little Princess, I..." Xia Chuxue's expression changed drastically. She never anticipated that the Little Princess would arrive at this time.

"You don't have to say anything else." The Little Princess' eyes were filled with sadness and anger, "Previously, you had falsely accused the Holy Doctor of being Xia Ruoyun's murderer. I had defended you then, thinking that you had only misunderstood the Holy Doctor's intentions. However, now that I think about it, you did not misunderstand him at all! Perhaps the world does not know this but as the Lady of the Xia family, how could you not know that the Holy Doctor was Xia Ruoyun's master? Why would her master kill his own disciple?"

Xia Chuxue's heart trembled fiercely as her beautiful face turned pale.

She then turned her gaze towards Gu Ruoyun. At that moment, all the humiliation she had once suffered appeared in her mind's eye, causing the murderous intent within her body to thicken.

"Gu Ruoyun, what grudge do you have against me? Why do you have to make life difficult for me every time?"

That's right!

It was always because of this woman that nothing good ever happens to me!

If it had not been for her, the Little Princess would never have come here!

"Since they're all here, they shouldn't even think of leaving."

Suddenly, an icy voice was sounded from behind the crowd. Xia Chuxue lifted her head and when she saw the middle-aged man walking towards them under the sunlight, her expression became absolutely elated. "Father!" She cried out.

Xia Ming looked at Xia Chuxue but did not say much. His malicious gaze fell upon Gu Ruoyun and a sneer formed on his face.

"What, Gu Ruoyun? That man had not come with you this time? You dare to walk into a trap without him by your side? Speak now, where is Lu Chen! If you tell me, perhaps I'll let you die with a whole corpse."

Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips and shrugged her shoulders, "Are you trying to silence someone by killing them?"


Xia Ming laughed maniacally and his laughter was filled with a blood-thirsty murderous intent, "That's right, I'm going to kill you all! Even though no one would believe you if you had told the world about the Xia family, that dog of an Emperor in the Drifting Wind Country is a bit troublesome. I don't want to provoke a Martial Supreme now so I can only silence you all by killing you."

When she heard Xia Ming insult her father by calling him a dog of an Emperor, the Little Princess' face filled with anger. She never expected that the Xia family's pretense had run so deeply.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed it either. The noble Xia Ming was actually a hypocritical villain!

"Xia Ming, if you kill us, my Imperial Father will find out the truth. When that time comes, do you think that you can escape?" The Little Princess bit her lip and glared at Xia ming hatefully.

Most of all, she was disappointed.

She was disappointed in the true nature of these people. Also, if they were all really this hypocritical, who was the one responsible for Xia Ruoyun's death? She wondered.

Suddenly, a possibility appeared in the Little Princess' heart. She quickly covered her mouth as her heart began to tremble. 

Chapter 838: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (4)

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It should be impossible!

Even a vicious tiger would not eat its own cubs. No matter how vicious Xia Ming is, he could not possibly be Xia Ruoyun's murderer! I must be overanalyzing things!

"Hmph!" Xia Ming scoffed coldly as he stared disdainfully at the Little Princess, "Do you think that I'd actually be afraid of that b*stard Emperor of Drifting Wind Country? I only find Him a little troublesome. Fear? Not really."

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun went into deep thought.

In the eyes of the world, Xia Ming only has one trump card in the form of Supreme Jin! However, in most cases, Martial Supremes of the same rank would never battle one another! Otherwise, no winner could ever be determined even if they had fought for three days and three nights.

Therefore, for Xia Ming to say such a thing, that also means that the Xia family has another hidden trump card!

"Xia Ming!"

Mo Shangfei quickly stopped the Little Princess who was about to rush forward to discuss the matter with Xia Ming. He frowned and said in a deep voice, "This matter does not concern the Little Princess or Miss Gu. Let them go. I won't complain even if you kill me!"

"Big Brother Mo," The Little Princess was anxious now and she hurriedly chimed in, "I won't leave you alone. Besides, no matter how powerful Xia Ming is, he's only relying on Supreme Jin's power. Since Supreme Jin isn't here at the moment, we might stand a chance to get out of this siege alive."


Hearing this, Xia Ming cackled icily as if he had just heard a monumentally funny joke, "Little Princess, you think too highly of yourself! What makes you think that you can escape from here? I, Xia Ming, am more than enough to kill all three of you here! As for you, Mo Shangfei, I won't spare your life. I won't be sparing the ladies' lives either!"


In a flash, Xia Ming charged towards Mo Shangfei like a sharp blade. A sword suddenly appeared in his hand and a cold light flashed across his eyes as he shot towards Mo Shangfei's neck.

Xia Chuxue's entire face was plastered with a sneer. She folded her arms across her chest and stood aside as she stared icily at Mo Shangfei who was about to die by Xia Ming's sword.

At the same time, a figure in green robes flashed past and appeared in front of Mo Shangfei. Her fine, dark hair fluttered gently in the wind. The woman in green, who was standing firmly in front of Mo Shangfei, raised her hand and blocked Xia Ming's sword.

That was right!

She only needed one arm to stop Xia Ming's sword.

Xia Chuxue widened her beautiful eyes as she stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock. This was then followed by a wave of panic and her face turned extremely pale.

A mistake, this must be a mistake!

Father has encountered many favorable circumstances over the years and has broken through to the rank of a low-level Martial Honor but this person had dared to catch a Martial Honor's sword with her bare hands? The energy from the sword alone would have been enough to cut her!

However, not only has she managed to catch it, she seems to be unscathed!

"I really like to see how you were going to make us stay."

Gu Ruoyun's lips curled into a smile. The aura from her body then whirled out from the tip of her sword. With a loud crash, Xia Ming's body was sent stumbling back. He spat out a mouthful of blood and glared at Gu Ruoyun with an ugly look on his face.


Suddenly, he chuckled softly and his smile turned exceedingly malicious, "Gu Ruoyun, I cannot deny that you are indeed a genius. For someone to be able to reach the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor at such a young age, you can be considered to have boundless possibilities. Unfortunately, you've underestimated your enemies. Did you really think that Supreme Jin was the only protector of the Xia family? Let me tell you this! Since you've stepped into this place, don't even think of leaving!"

Aside from Supreme Jin's protection, the Xia family has another trump card unbeknownst to the world.

That trump card was the Divine Vermillion Bird! 

Chapter 839: Shedding All Pretense Of Cordiality (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Sister Gu."

The Little Princess tugged Gu Ruoyun's robes and asked, "For Xia Ming to make such a daring claim, he must have another trump card in his hand. What should we do now?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently, "So what? No matter how many trump cards he has, I'll smash all of them. Since I've dared to come here, we'll definitely be able to leave! I'd love to see who's going to stop me."


A powerful aura burst from Gu Ruoyun's being. Her green robes fluttered despite the stillness in the air. Her clear, cold eyes remained calm, completely ignoring Xia Ming's threats.

"Gu Ruoyun, you are far too arrogant. I'm going to make you regret it now." Xia Ming's expression has turned even uglier. He scoffed coldly before he turned to face the sky in the rear courtyard. He then joined his fists together and bowed respectfully, "My Lord, please show yourself and grant us aid!"

The Lord Vermillion Bird does not want the world to know of its existence so even in the Xia family, not many have seen it in person.

This was why Xia Ming had not exposed its revered name. He believes that the Lord Vermillion Bird would know that he was summoning it.


The entire courtyard was silent!

Xia Ming's expression slowly changed. He seems to notice the disdainful looks around him and called out once again, "My Lord, did you not want us to help you in your search for a few persons? Please come out now and help me kill these people!"

He voice could be heard across the entire sky but still, it garnered no response.

Mo Shangfei laughed icily and sneered mockingly, "Xia Ming, stop being so pretentious. Do you think that this is going scare us? What trump card do you have? It doesn't even exist!"

"You shut your mouth!" Xia Ming's expression was ashen with rage. He then roared furiously, "All these years, you've dined and wined in the Xia family yet not only do you not comprehend reciprocation, you're helping outsiders to oppress the Xia family! You are an ingrate! I've raised you in vain!"

A cold glint flashed across the corner of Mo Shangfei's eyes as his scornful expression deepened, "Raised me in vain? Six years, I've been the Xia family bodyguard for six years yet I've never received a single gold coin! However, in remembrance of the Xia family's kindness in offering me shelter, I've become your bodyguard for six years without compensation. Now, you're actually saying that you've raised me in vain? I've repaid the Xia family's kindness in the course of these six years so from now on, we're even!"

"You..." Xia Ming glared coldly at Mo Shangfei, "Mo Shangfei, you little b*stard. One day, you'll suffer a horrible death."


Just as he was speaking, a hand was flung fiercely towards him and the impact sent Xia Ming flying out of the way.

Gu Ruoyun lifted the corner of her lips as she gently massaged her hand and asked calmly, "Xia Ming, if you guys can't find the one who's supposed to help you, let us leave. Otherwise, I don't mind allowing the Xia family's blood to flow into a river today!"

Xia Ming's eyes darkened but in the end, he took a deep breath and said, "Let them go."

"Yes, Master!"

Hearing his command, the ring of guards separated, creating a path.

"Mo Shangfei, I want you to follow the Little Princess back to the Imperial Palace." Gu Ruoyun glanced at Mo Shangfei and added, "Don't set foot in the Xia family home ever again."

"Got it."

Mo Shangfei nodded. He knows that if Gu Ruoyun had not arrived in time today, he would never have been able to leave this place.

It was not a big issue to him if he was to end up trapped here but what had caused him to panic was that he would never be able to see the Little Princess again.

"Xia Ming, I'll be giving you a surprise in a few days."

Without another word, Gu Ruoyun then turned around and left.




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