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The Xia family had always thought that as long as Xia Ruoyun was dead, they would not need to fear the future!


Bai Zhongtian slammed his fist on the bed as an angry vein protruded from his forehead. His eyes were filled with a fiery gaze as he gnashed his teeth, "So it's true then, the incident which had happened to you all those years ago was related to those b*stards from the Xia family. Also, they could even bring themselves to dismember such an adorable child like Yu'er alive! Dearest disciple, don't you worry. Master will avenge you!"

Even though Bai Zhongtian had long suspected that the Xia family was behind Xia Ruoyun's murder, now that he has had his suspicions confirmed, the fiery rage in his heart nearly burned him alive. If he does not chop those b*stards into a million pieces, he would not be fit to be called her master!

"Disciple, this was all your fault for not telling anyone about your status as my disciple." Bai Zhongtian glanced at Gu Ruoyun as he whined pitifully, "Otherwise, all of this would never have happened and I would have destroyed the Xia family long ago! If we go now, we won't be able to expose the Xia family's true nature. I will not be satisfied until they are exposed to the world!"

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "A tall tree attracts the wind. This was what worried me the most at that time. Most importantly, I had only wanted to concentrate fully on cultivation then and I did not want to invite disturbances. If everyone knew that I was your disciple, I'm afraid that I'll never have moment's peace. However, I never expected that I would end up being killed by the Xia family. No matter what, in this life, I won't give in to my apprehensions. Those who walk the earth have the opportunity to avenge themselves as soon as possible."


Bai Zhongtian burst into laughter. He sounded very refreshed.

"What great logic — those who walk the earth have the opportunity to avenge themselves as soon as possible! Since that's the case, dearest disciple, let's go right now and destroy the b*stards of the Xia family! No matter what the world might say, I, Bai Zhongtian only need to have my conscience cleared. As long as I can kill them and avenge you, I have no qualms about the consequences even if I have to deal with a bad reputation for the rest of my life! Let everyone believe the slanders of the Xia family."

Gu Ruoyun was stunned. When she saw that Bai Zhongtian was about to leave, she quickly grabbed onto his arm.

"Master, don't be rash. Listen to what I have to say first."

"What!" Bai Zhongtian glared at Gu Ruoyun, "I'm already willing to bear a bad reputation so why are you flailing around for? Let's go kill those b*stards now. They f*cking had the audacity to harm my disciple while I had been away. If I don't kill them, I'm not human!"

"Master," Gu Ruoyun sighed, "I've already prepared the evidence so why should you need to continue to be the black pot?"


Bai Zhongtian blinked and stared at Gu Ruoyun with mild astonishment, "What is this evidence that you speak of?"

Without another word, Gu Ruoyun produced a jade ornament from her sleeve and directed a bit of spiritual energy into the jade ornament. Xia Ming's smug and egotistical laughter then filled the air, ringing throughout the room from within the jade ornament. Bai Zhongtian heard each and every word very clearly.

"Disciple, if my guess is correct, that jade ornament you have is a kind of divine weapon which can record what anyone says. It's ranked amongst the best of the best out of the divine weapons. While it does not have any other usage, its prime function is enough for it to earn that position!"

Bai Zhongtian sneered, "It's only that in Xia Ming's intelligent mind, he would never have imagined that you could possess this divine weapon. He was goaded into action by you, thinking that even if he confesses, you wouldn't have proof and would not be able to deal with him. Now that we have proof, we should head to the Xia family home."

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