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Lu Chen stared at Xia Ming in surprise, "Uncle Xia, what should we do then?"

"It's simple. Lu Chen, I believe that you're the only one who can achieve this in the Xia family!" Xia Ming smiled and a malicious light flashed across his pupils, "I want you to seduce Gu Ruoyun!"

"What?" Lu Chen was dazed as if he could not believe his ears. He stared at Xia Ming in astonishment.

"Lu Chen, women in love often behave illogically. As long as that woman falls deeply in love with you, you can make her do anything you want! If you want her to step out as a witness to verify that the Holy Doctor was behind Xia Ruoyun's murder, she would do it! Also, if she's really the Holy Doctor's disciple, she would make a more convincing witness than anyone else. Supreme Jin will have no choice but to believe her!"

Xia Ming smiled sinisterly and looked very pleased with his idea.

"Uncle Xia, what if I fail?" Lu Chen frowned and asked in a deep voice.

"Fail?" Xia Ming laughed icily, "As long as you're willing to go all the way, that woman will be hooked! Besides, your looks and talent are top-notch in the Drifting Wind Country. How many women can resist the tenderness and military prowess of a beautiful man? If you pull this off successfully, I'll have Xia Chuxue marry you immediately!"

Xia Ming's final sentence gave Lu Chen a whole new sense of resilience.

His eyes filled with unwavering determination as he replied slowly, "Uncle Xia, there's no need to worry. I won't let you down!"

To have the owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda was equivalent to having the world!

The prophecy all those years ago was still circulating today!

Xia Chuxue was the true owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. One day, she will be contracted to the Ancient Divine Pagoda once again and achieve the peak of existence on the mainland. When that time comes, he, as her husband, would naturally rise as a result of this!

As for whether Gu Ruoyun would agree to this or not, it was not within Lu Chen's range of thought.

He believed that as long as he carries out an intense pursuit, no woman could resist him!

"Good!" Xia Ming smacked the table and rose to his feet with satisfaction. In his mind, he could almost see the Holy Doctor dying in Supreme Jin's hand. He could not help but burst into laughter, "Lu Chen, go and look for her now. Remember, you are not to come to the Xia family home during this time. Don't let her know about you and Xue'er. Once you have her completely in the palm of your hand, we'll launch our plan!"

Holy Doctor, you can't blame me for this. If you wish to blame someone, blame yourself for repeatedly trying to find the truth behind Xia Ruoyun's death! How could I let this happen? That's why I can only lock you and Supreme Jin in a neverending battle.

And I will reap all the benefits!

Xia Ming's smile grew even more vicious at that thought. It was as if Gu Ruoyun was already in Lu Chen's arms...

Three days!

It was not a particularly long or short period of time.

Nevertheless, to Supreme Gao, those three days felt longer than three years!

During those three days, he had not gone back to the Imperial Palace. Instead, he stayed in the Crown Prince's mansion so he could be readily available to provide Gu Ruoyun with anything she needed! After three days, the tightly closed door to the Crown Prince's room finally opened and the woman dressed in green slowly stepped out. The bright sunlight illuminated her, making the beads of sweat on her forehead look like sparkling and translucent crystals.

"How is he?"

When Supreme Gao saw Gu Ruoyun, he hurriedly stepped forth and asked.

Gu Ruoyun finally smiled and when he saw the smile on her face, Supreme Gao's heart relaxed.

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