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Before Zixie's death, he had already reached adulthood! Despite the fact that his powers had decreased substantially due to some unknown reasons, that had not changed the fact that he was an adult!

How powerful was his foe to have caused Zixie such severe injuries and the regression of his powers?

"I'm now a kid so you shouldn't bully me."

The little boy smiled innocently but his purple eyes displayed an unmasked demonic air.

"I feel a little awkward with this smaller version of Zixie." Gu Ruoyun shrugged. Suddenly, she smiled, "Why don't I call you Xiao Zixie from now on? Now, can you tell me how we can recover Yu'er's arm?"

Zixie has come back to life, he must have a way. 

"Wait until you've reached the rank of a Martial Supreme. Once you've broken through to become a Martial Supreme, you'll be able to bring a dead man back to life and to regrow flesh and bones."

A Martial Supreme?

Gu Ruoyun fell silent, "My powers have reached their limit on the West Spirit Mainland. It seems that I can only progress more when I go to the East Peak Mainland. Therefore, once this matter has been settled, I will rush to the East Peak Mainland."

Ever since the Immortal Realm had been destroyed, every organization on the battlefield has grown quiet. They understood and feared that after today, the structure of the mainland would no longer be dominated by the Three Great Authorities. Instead, it would be monopolized by the rising power known as the Devil Sect.

As such, everyone seemed to wish that they could communicate via telepathy and quickly send the news back to their families. Even more so, they urged themselves over and over again never to provoke anyone from the Dongfang family.

Otherwise, they would end up just like the Immortal Realm!

Even a powerful organization like the Immortal Realm could be destroyed at her command, what more everyone else?

Just as this sensation had broken out, the War of Gods and Demons finally began!

At this moment, on the battlefield, the organizations led by the Spirit Sect and the Amethyst Underworld Palace had gathered to one side. Facing them were a group of extremely tall figures which were charging towards their position. This group of figures looked like humans except that they were abnormally tall. The shortest amongst them was about two meters in height! They carried an exceptionally savage air. Not even killing tens of thousands of people could make up for a tiny fraction of their ruthlessness.

"Little girl, these are demons." The Honorable Sir Tianqi took a deep breath and spoke with a serious look in his eyes, "The demons' military strategy was to send out their weakest before gradually sending out their stronger soldiers. Finally, the leader of the demons will appear. He can also be considered as the number one cultivator on the mainland!"

Gu Ruoyun gently nodded and observed the demons charging towards them. Her voice remained clear and calm, "These demons are only at the rank of Martial Kings, I can send the Martial Kings of the Dongfang family to meet with them in battle!"

Martial King was the lowest rank amongst the demon race.

As they watched the demons charging toward them, the humans finally made their move as well. Every Martial King was sent out into the battlefield to meet with the opposition at the center of the battlefield in hand-to-hand combat!

War is cruel. Countless people fell, their lives ended as they lay in a pool of blood.

However, each time the Dongfang family members and members of the Spirit Sect became wounded, they would swallow a pill and their wounds would be healed instantly. This way, many of them were able to survive the first assault. After all, Gu Ruoyun's agreement in letting them participate also included ensuring their safety.

She would not allow the Dongfang family disciples to put their lives at risk.

Everyone else watched as the Dongfang family disciples swallowed the pills and their eyes burned. Their hearts were filled with unbearable jealousy! Throughout their entire lives, they never even had the opportunity to smell the fragrance of pills yet these Dongfang family disciples were consuming them like candy. They could not help but feel their hearts shake tremendously. 

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