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"Seeing as I've made an appearance, I should take my leave as well."

The Immortal Master smiled icily and even though he was speaking to Lan Yuge, his eyes had remained on Gu Ruoyun.

"Furthermore, Gu Ruoyun, I'll leave you with this warning - the Heavens are watching over us. Having committed so many murderous acts, you will definitely be cast into eternal hell one day, never to be reincarnated. The best way out is to join the Immortal Realm and repent. Otherwise, when you die, you will endure an endless torment. You'd better shape up."

After delivering this, the Immortal Master too turned around and left.

Just as he was turning to leave, Qianbei Ye directed his gaze towards him. His red eyes were filled with a crimson and terrifying murderous intent.

The Immortal Master did not sense the murderous eyes staring right at him. Of course, even if he did, he would not have cared. In his point of view, not even the Spirit Sect's Master or the Lord of the Courts of Hell would be a match for him. On this mainland, who else could possibly defeat him?

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the feast begin."

Without the presence of that particular group of people, Lan Yuge's mood improved greatly. She greeted the rest of the guests and said, "There's one more thing, the Dongfang family has prepared gifts for you and will be giving them to you before you depart."

The remaining guests finally regained their senses from the shock.

They believe that after this banquet, Gu Ruoyun's name would resonate throughout the entire mainland and the Devil Sect will soon become an unstoppable force!

With so many spiritual beasts, even the Three Great Authorities would be in a dilemma.

Furthermore, her fiancé happens to be the kind of person who was able to command this group of spiritual beasts...

It was obvious that their predictions were accurate. At the end of the banquet, news of everything which had transpired in the Dongfang family spread throughout the mainland.

Though Gu Ruoyun's actual rank in power still remains unclear, she was still the Devil Sect's Master and has four Martial Honors as her subordinates. Even the powerful Honorable Poison Master has personally requested to join her. However, the most shocking thing of all was that every spiritual beast on the mainland was now in the palm of her hand.

This also means that Gu Ruoyun can now be considered on equal terms with the Three Great Authorities!

Her powers may not be at the rank of a high-level Martial Honor but because she can rely on so many spiritual beasts, she has now become an invincible force — one that not even the Three Great Authorities could defeat! Unless they combine their forces, they would not even stand a chance. 

But how could that be possible?

Even if one were to put aside the fact that she was the savior of the Palace Lord of the Courts of Hell, her biological brother was the Young Master of the Spirit Sect! These two Authorities would obviously ally themselves with her. The Immortal Realm alone was no match for her...

As such, over the past few days, with the absence of the Immortal Realm's trouble-making, Gu Ruoyun led a rather peaceful life.

At the Dongfang family home.

Gu Ruoyun was in the middle of a discussion with Master Dongfang in the study when a footboy rushed in suddenly and announced, "Reporting to the Master, there's someone here to see the Eldest Lady."

"Oh?" Master Dongfang wrinkled his brows, "Who is it?"

"That person calls himself Xia Linyu, he even said..."


Before he could finish his sentence, a ray of light had charged out of the study. When Master Dongfang regained his senses, Gu Ruoyun had disappeared from the room.

"This idiot girl,"Master Dongfang shook his head in exasperation, "I wonder who this Xia Linyu is to her to cause such a great reaction. She certainly didn't act like this when she returned to the Dongfang family home."

Master Dongfang could not help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the thought. 

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