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"Sect Master?"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi was stunned as he stopped whatever he was doing and wiped the sweat from his brow. He frowned and mumbled to himself, "What does the Sect Master want with us? Forget it, We'll stop the pill refining for now. Let's go and find out what he wants, little girl."

Gu Ruoyun nodded and followed the Honorable Sir Tianqi out the door.

The meeting room was filled with people.

Once Gu Ruoyun and the Honorable Sir Tianqi entered the meeting room, the elders present began to discuss amongst themselves fervently as they looked at Gu Ruoyun with eyes full of curiosity and excitement. If the Sect Master had not been in attendance as well, some elders would probably have rushed forward to strike up a friendship with her.

"I've called you both here to discuss one thing." The aloof and remote Sect Master lowered his head and stared down at Gu Ruoyun. He spoke coolly, "Lady Gu, are you willing to join the Spirit Sect? As long as you agree, I will give you the position of the Chief Pill Master. I can also make your position higher than everyone else, you can be second only to me."

While the Sect Master's words were structured as if he was merely asking Gu Ruoyun's opinion, his tone of voice was extremely uncomfortable. Hence, the Honorable Sir Tianqi immediately looked very nervous. He knew this little girl's temperament better than anyone else. Making her second only to one person? That was definitely impossible!

She would never agree to serve anyone!

"Sorry, but I'll have to refuse."

The woman in green calmly replied. Her tone of voice was like a calm breeze and was as still as the water in a lake.

Instantly, the entire meeting room was silenced.

Every elder stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock. She had just been offered a position higher than everyone else, second only to the Sect Master. This was a position of great honor and yet she has refused?

The Sect Master was clearly unhappy. He furrowed his brows and exclaimed, "Lady Gu, I know that you're extremely talented. With your achievements, breaking through to a high-level Martial Honor is something that will come sooner or later. Perhaps you'll even break through to the rank above a Martial Honor!"

What was the rank above a Martial Honor? It was a Martial Supreme, of course!

In the West Spirit Mainland, such an individual has yet to appear!

After so many years, the Sect Master has met a lot of geniuses but he has not been able to determine whether any of them could break through to become a Martial Supreme!

She was the only exception!

"Nevertheless..." The Sect Master's tone of voice changed momentarily before he continued to speak, "You should know very well that the Immortal Realm harbors a deep, passionate hatred towards you! The Immortal Master of the Immortal Realm is a high-level Martial Honor just like me. I know that you're currently a low-level Martial Honor but your power is not just a small step away from a high-level Martial Honor. If you join the Spirit Sect, he would never dare to lay a single finger on you."

Gu Ruoyun smiled. While her smile was casual and breezy, her eyes were clear and cold.

"My apologies, I can take care of my grudge against the Immortal Realm on my own. There's no need for you to trouble yourself, Sect Master."


Seeing that Gu Ruoyun still rejected him despite his words, the Sect Master could not help but feel angry as well. His handsome face was now frosted with an icy chill, "On account of the fact that you are Shengxiao's little sister, I won't be calculative over your lack of courtesy. Gu Ruoyun, are you truly rejecting my offer in joining the Spirit Sect?"

"Sect Master!"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi's expression changed as well and he retorted resentfully, "This little girl is only a twenty-year-old kid, there's no need for you to force her to choose. Everyone has the right to choose. Since the Gu girl has chosen not to join the Spirit Sect, then we cannot force her. Isn't that right?"

The Sect Master's face gradually sank. He never anticipated that the Honorable Sir Tianqi would dare to speak to him in this way. He was just about to fly into a rage when a serene and clear voice brushed towards him like the wind. It landed on his heart like a heavy fist.

"Sect Master, I've told you that I'm not willing to join the Spirit Sect. Neither am I willing to commit myself in any way! However, don't forget. Gu Shengxiao is my older brother and the Honorable Sir Tianqi is my great uncle. I won't do anything to harm the Spirit Sect! Furthermore, trust me, if I wish to leave, no one can stop me."

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