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The Tomb of the Supreme Ruler... 

Master Murong fell silent upon hearing those four words. His initially raging heart was now full of anxiety. 

The Tomb of the Supreme Ruler was crawling with many strong cultivators!

Black Rock City's greatest forces will be joining the expedition to the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler! Based on the Murong family's position in power, it would be difficult for them to survive under such dangerous conditions in the ruins of the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler...

"We're going."

Master Yeh took one look at Master Murong and laughed icily before dragging Yeh Ling out the door.

Actually, if the Yeh family were to fight against the Murong family, both sides would only end up with suffering. Under these circumstances, it would be very easy for someone else to seize the opportunity to get involved. That was why the old man from the Yeh family had not made a move against the Murong family. 

However, he does have an opportunity to destroy the Murong family!

Like this expedition to the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler, for example...

"Master," Elder Er spoke in a voice filled with anxiety, "That old fellow, Yeh Luo, has always been the kind of person who would seek revenge for the smallest of grievances. He will not forget about his grandchild's injuries so easily! It's highly possible that in a month, he will seize the opportunity to do something to the Murong family at the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler."

Hearing this, Master Murong sighed and laughed bitterly, "Our best defense when a flood arrives is resistance. We can only play by ear at this stage!"

The Tomb of the Supreme Ruler is a mausoleum built by a Martial Supreme and was discovered long ago by one of the forces in Black Rock City. 

It was said that there is great power concealed within the tomb which can allow a cultivator on the verge of the rank of a Martial Honor to break through to the rank of a Martial Supreme. As such, this tomb had certainly drawn the attention of organizations both big and small.

However, because the conditions in the tomb were far too dangerous, even a Martial Honor could be destroyed in the expedition. All the forces of Black Rock City then came to a unified decision that they would cooperate and enter the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler together.

Of course, Gu Ruoyun was blissfully unaware of this as she had returned to her room and entered into cultivation after sending the two men from the Murong family off. 

"The Emperor Breakthrough Pill, once consumed, will allow a Martial Emperor to break through to the next level. I had intended on using it only when I've reached the rank of mid-level Martial Emperor but there are too many enemies lurking about in the Banished Lands. I must break through to the next level!"

Gu Ruoyun stared at the pill in her hand and the space between her brows was filled with seriousness.

Generally speaking, pills that enhance breakthroughs like this Emperor Breakthrough Pill are different from Qi Gathering Pills. Using external means to force oneself into a breakthrough would make one's foundation superficial. However, Gu Ruoyun was different. Her spiritual ocean was so vast that no matter how many types of medicine she had taken, it would not affect her foundations. 

Still, even if she did not have such a vast spiritual ocean, she still had pills that could help to strengthen her foundations. 

Unfortunately, any pills that help enhance breakthroughs can only be used once. For example, once Gu Ruoyun uses the Emperor Breakthrough Pill to break through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor, she cannot use it again. Even if she did, there would be no effects!

Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath and gently placed the pill into her mouth. At that very moment, a loud bang sounded and a strong energy erupted, followed by a thick fog of spiritual energy surrounding her from where she was sitting. 

In the guest hall, Elder Er and Master Murong both jumped with shock. They rushed out hurriedly and floated for a long time in mid-air, staring in astonishment at Gu Ruoyun's room.

The room held a great power such that both men unconsciously felt moved. Their eyes were filled with a deep shock. 

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