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He paused before he continued speaking, "Furthermore, you should know the rules of Black Rock City, Master Murong. Regardless of the dispute, outsiders are not allowed to touch a single hair of the heads of the citizens of Black Rock City. I've already made a thorough investigation on the guests in your residence and they are not from Black Rock City. I'm sure you wouldn't want to compromise the harmony of Black Rock City for the sake of two outsiders, right, Master Murong?"

From the old man's point of view, the old Murong man could not possibly want to shield the two outsiders unless he wished to make an enemy of the Yeh family. 

But could he be so silly? To offend the Yeh family for the sake of two irrelevant individuals? That's clearly not going to be a very smart decision.

Master Murong's expression sank. He fell silent as a torrential storm began to rise from within his being. 

However, the Yeh father and son clearly misunderstood the look on his face and thought that Master Murong was angry at Murong Yan for provoking such a disaster. 

"Master Murong, you should discipline your Murong family disciples sometimes. That Murong Yan is a troublemaker. If it wasn't for her two friends, the Murong family wouldn't have offended the Yeh family. It's a good thing that the Yeh family are magnanimous and generous. As long as you hand over those two b*stards, the Yeh family will not be calculative over your mistakes." Yeh Ling sneered, "However you should rejoice as the Murong family still has Murong Rou'er. While she doesn't have a lot of power, she's certainly ten times better than that idiot Murong Yan!"

As he spoke, he glanced at Elder Er who was standing behind Master Murong and spoke arrogantly, "What are you still standing there for? Can't you see how angry your Master is? Get those two b*stards and bring them to me! My hatred will never be satisfied until I crush their bones into powder!"

Elder Er looked at Yeh Ling as if he was some sort of idiot. 

Is he asking Master to hand over the Eldest Lady? Is this fellow a fool? After all, the Murong family now belongs to the Eldest Lady. She's the true Master of the Murong family yet this idiot demands for us to hand her over upon his arrival in our home!

If this fellow isn't an idiot, what is he then, really?

Yeh Ling felt that Elder Er's reaction was rather curious but before he could understand what was going on, Master Murong's enraged bellow rang out in front of him. 

"Lady Gu and Sir Ye Nuo are guests of the Murong family! If anyone should treat them rudely, don't blame me for lacking sensitivity. Get out!!!"

Master Murong did not reveal Gu Ruoyun's true identity because the forces in Black Rock City are unstable. If anyone finds out that Gu Ruoyun had assumed command over the Murong family, it would bring her great danger especially knowing her current level of strength.

Yeh Ling was rooted to the spot as if he could not believe that Master Murong would say such a thing. Based on his observations, anyone with an iota of intelligence would be able to recognize the most beneficial choice. 

Yet this idiot wants to make an enemy of the Yeh family for the sake of two irrelevant individuals?

Does he no longer place any importance on the Yeh family after his breakthrough?

He's merely someone who has just broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial Emperor. What right does he have to cause a commotion in front of my father? And most importantly, he seems to have forgotten our backers, the Wolf's Fang Robbers!

"Master Murong, I used to admire you for being a very smart man." Master Yeh replied expressionlessly, "But this time, I must say this, an intelligent man like you has made a grave mistake! This mistake will destroy the entire Murong family! While we're at it, let me remind you that a few of us from our respective families will be embarking on our journey to the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler in one month!"

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