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Beneath the azure skies, the young girl smiled calmly as she slowly stepped towards the incensed Elder Er in front of the watchful eyes of the crowd. 

The crowd immediately turned silent, everyone was watching her every move. 

Master Murong gently stroked his beard. I'm quite curious as well, I'd like to witness Yan'er's friend's abilities for myself!

"Little girl, once I attack it will be with everything I've got. I won't go easy on you just because of your youth. You better be ready to face humiliation!" Elder Er scoffed as his proud features filled with disdain.

"Elder Er, please make your move."

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently but her smile did not reach her eyes which were cool and clear as ice. 

"Haha, little girl, since you leave no room for compromise, I'm not going to be so courteous."


Elder Er's entire body turned into a sharp hurricane which emitted his strong power from within. It forced a few Murong family disciples to retreat and stare in shock at the old man's body which was enveloped by the howling winds. 

The old man then charged at Gu Ruoyun and destroyed the surrounding trees with a loud bang. Even a Martial King would feel the immense pressure from within the concentrated energy and would have been unable to withstand such raw power. 

A flash of green robes gently fluttered amidst the powerful winds. The girl raised her delicate and beautiful face as she stared emotionlessly back at the old man before her.

Then, she finally made her move... 

No one could really see what had actually happened. All they could see was Elder Er stopping in his tracks and in that instant, Gu Ruoyun's fist had landed fiercely on the old man.


Elder Er's body was flung over ten meters away by that one blow. He slammed heavily into a wall, causing it to crumble. 

His body slumped onto the ground and he spat out a mouthful of blood. Fear gripped his eyes. 

Even Elder Er himself did not know what had happened. When he had approached Gu Ruoyun, his soul had come under attack and his mind had then gone completely blank. 

Once he regained his senses, Gu Ruoyun has already punched him into the air!

Furthermore, he did not even have the chance to react!

Gu Ruoyun gingerly placed her hands by her side and looked calmly at the dazed Elder Er. Her voice was clear and crisp like a breeze on a sunny day yet it pulled in everyone's attention. They stared at her with gaping mouths.

"I did tell you that I will only use one strike and that I will defeat you."


Everyone could not help but gasp as they widened their eyes in utter disbelief. They all stared at Gu Ruoyun as if they had seen a ghost.

One strike!

She only used one strike to defeat Elder Er!

This... can this even be described as an act of God? This is clearly sorcery!


Elder Er laughed and crawled up from the ground. He wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and broke into a big grin which bloomed on his face like a large chrysanthemum.

"You're certainly young and highly-talented. I concede defeat!"

At this moment, he no longer held his initial haughty arrogance. Even his tone of voice showed great respect. 

After all, even his Master could not guarantee his defeat with one strike!

Yet she had been able to do it!

"Since I've lost, if Lady Gu is to take over the Murong family, I have no objections."

Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely as she said, "I only ask for the Murong family to pledge their loyalty, I have no intentions of taking over the Murong family. There will not be any changes in the seat of the Master of the Murong family either. Of course, if anyone has any intentions of betrayal, I will grant them a fate worse than death!"

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