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If this had happened one day before, Elder Er would have immediately protected Murong Rou'er and disregarded everything else.

But the current situation has raised a few of his alarm bells...

Even though Murong Rou'er's every action had pointed towards protecting Murong Yan, her every word had clearly stated that Murong Yan was behind Master's illness. When Murong Yan had denied the allegations, she still tried to convince everyone that Murong Yan had allied herself with outsiders to kill Master.

Furthermore, considering what Master has just stated, does this mean that I've misjudged her all along?

Elder Er shut his eyes at the thought of this and his elderly face filled with anguish. 

He truly does not wish to believe that Murog Rou'er, whom he has always treated like his own granddaughter, would turn out to be someone so malicious... 

"Elder Er..." Murong Rou'er slowly loosened her grip on Elder Er's hand. Her eyes glistened with tears as she spoke in a disappointed voice, "Elder Er, Rou'er has never done anything wrong, truly! You must believe me..."

"What are you all still standing around for? Take this woman away!"

Master Murong's face sank and he spoke sharply.

"Yes, Master." Two guards stepped forward at his command and pulled on Murong Rou'er's shoulders They completely ignored her sobbing, beautiful face and dragged her to the rear courtyard. 

Perhaps Murong Rou'er herself would ever know how that old man, whose death had been certain, was able to emerge from his sickness unscathed. Perhaps she will never know even long after her own death!

"Lady Gu, thank you. I am truly grateful to you." Murong Yan hurriedly stepped forward and grasped Gu Ruoyun's hand in gratitude, "Murong Rou'er had mentioned that the poison would kill Grandfather instantly once it has been touched by a silver needle. How is it that grandfather..."

"This would only apply to anyone else." Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely, "Also, I'd overheard your entire conversation."

Clearly, Murong Yan's actions had not disappointed her.

If Murong Yan had been truly threatened by Murong Rou'er and had helped her to frame Ye Nuo and me, then I would've immediately destroyed the Murong family and left freely. It's not worth it for me to help a treacherous family. 

It's a good thing that Murong Yan did not do such a thing!

"Ahem. Lady Gu, Yan'er. Could you please discuss these matters elsewhere? I have an important announcement to make." Master Murong cleared his throat as he cut into their conversation. He placed his fist next to his mouth and spoke with a serious look on his face, "Lady Gu has saved my life. As a token of gratitude, I declare that the Murong family shall henceforth listen to her orders."

This was something he had promised her while they were still in the bedchamber. 

But just as he spoke, the crowd broke into a frenzy. 

Even though they were thankful towards Gu Ruoyun for saving their Master's life, that does not mean that the Murong family should serve her!

"Master," Elder Er responded, clearly unsatisfied, "I understand that you want to repay Lady Gu for saving your life so I'm willing to give my life in order to obtain whatever she wishes! But to ask for the servitude of the Murong family... I find great difficulty in complying with this. Please, Master, reconsider this decision."

"Please Master, reconsider this decision." The crowd bowed and joined their fists as they spoke. 

"Enough." Master Murong waved his hand and swept his sharp gaze across the crowd, "I've already made my decision. There's no use trying to change my mind! The Murong family has always honored our promises and I will never go back on a promise. Or would you all like to be labeled as traitors?"

Hearing this, the crowd whispered amongst one another and dived into a deep discussion. 

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