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Murong Rou'er obviously had not noticed the old man who was emerging from the room as she continued to act pitifully towards Murong Yan, "Yan'er, I've always treated you with kindness, why are you framing me? I know, it must be because of your two friends! They're harboring ill intentions towards the Murong family so they're using you! Elder Er, you mustn't blame Yan'er, she's still too young and can be pardoned for allowing others to manipulate her."

At the end of the day, Murong Rou'er displayed an enlightened manner and acted as if she were afraid that Elder Er would blame the naive and innocent Murong Yan. She played it as if she had tried to stick up for her little sister out of the kindness of her heart.

If Murong Yan had not discovered this woman's true colors, she would certainly have been fooled by her little charade!

However, Murong Yan was now completely distracted by the elderly figure before her and ignored Murong Rou'er. A sense of excitement gripped her heart along with an unspeakably pleasant surprise.


Her voice held immeasurable longing as her eyes glistened with tears.

Only the heavens know how much she has had to endure during the days of her grandfather's coma!

Thank goodness he's finally woken up...

"Yan'er, what are you saying?" Murong Rou'er still did not see the peculiar looks in the eyes of the crowd and sneered, "Grandfather is still lying on the bed, it's not like you don't know that. But you? What had you done? We had sent you to collect medicinal herbs for him yet you'd run back with your tail between your legs, cowardly and afraid of death. You've also given total access to him to a stranger. While I don't believe that you would harm Grandfather, I cannot bring myself to trust in these strange people. If something actually happens to Grandfather, Yan'er, you will regret it for the rest of your life!"

This woman still wishes to place me in the frying pan. So long as that damned old fart doesn't receive the antidote from me, he'll never awaken!

Just as Murong Rou'er spoke, a stifling and gloomy voice chimed in from behind her. 

The voice was still rather frail but that did not hide the absolute severity and iciness in its tone.

"Who are you talking about? Who's going to regret this?" This familiar voice was like a bolt of lightning and struck Murong Rou'er squarely through her chest. 

Her entire body stiffened as she turned her head in disbelief. In that instant, a somber, elderly face appeared before her very eyes. 

The old man wore long robes and was like a large pine tree. He had placed his hands behind his back and stood tall. His figure still looked thin and frail due to being sick for so long. Nevertheless, his frailty could not conceal the strong aura he emitted. It was so strong that it was suffocating. 

"Master?" Elder Er was in shock. Then, a wave of surprise washed over his heart as he exclaimed, "Master, your body..."


Master Murong chuckled then turned gratefully towards the girl in green who had just stepped out from behind him. His elderly face broke into a smile.

"We'll have to thank Yan'er's friend for this. She's the one who was responsible for pulling me out from the gateway of spirits and back into the land of the living."


Elder Er was now in a daze. He stared in surprise at the girl's delicate features and remembered his past actions. Now, he felt a wave of embarrassment. 

"It makes sense now why the Second Lady had chosen not to continue her search for the medicinal herbs as she had brought home an extremely skilled doctor. It would seem that I've misjudged you and your friend, Second Lady."

Elder Er turned apologetically towards Gu Ruoyun and said, "Lady Gu, I'm truly sorry. I've treated you with such rudeness yet you've saved my Master. The Murong family owes you a great debt of gratitude."

His initial apprehension in not welcoming Gu Ruoyun and Ye Nuo was not only because they both had looked like scoundrels, in the dog-eat-dog scenario of Black Rock City, the Murong family would have been plunged into disaster if the two of them had turned out to be malicious.

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