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It probably would have been better if Ye Lan had not smiled at all because his smile nearly made Liu Ting burst into tears. 

"I... I don't know."

"You don't know?" Ye Lan's smile disappeared immediately as he glared at him, "You're in charge of receiving visitors, how could you not know?"

"I really don't know," Liu Ting was now sobbing and spoke in a pitiful manner, "Her features were obscured by a white mist, I couldn't see what she looked like at all. All I know is that she's a girl and a very young one at that. I don't know anything else."

A white mist?

Ye Lan's expression sank. 

To blur one's features... Even I am unable to do this. Could it be that this mysterious guest is more powerful than me?

I had a feeling that the figure that I saw earlier looked a lot like Gu Ruoyun. However, in this case, it couldn't possibly be her. She's only a Martial Emperor and can't possibly have this skill. 

Nevertheless, where would you find another genius like this young woman?

"If that young whippersnapper appears in the auction hall again, inform me immediately"

Ye Lan instructed as he looked around. I must find out who she is no matter what!

I have to know if she's a friend or a foe!

"Yun Luo, I'm not sure why but I have a feeling that change will soon arrive in the Banished Lands."

Ye Lan laughed bitterly as he sighed and shook his head. 

"Regardless of the change, I will still carry on with my business. Everything else has nothing to do with me." Yun Luo replied as he smiled gently. But in all honesty, he was very interested in the girl who had auctioned off the spiritual weapon. 

"Ah, right. Liu Ting, I will leave the operations of all the Black Cloud auctions in the Plain Hills to your management from now on. Consider it your reward in managing this situation."

Liu Ting was stunned.

He was already beginning to think that he had lost his chance in receiving a promotion to nobility. He also did not think that Lord Yun Luo would have handed over all operations for the auction in the Plain Hills for him to manage. 

After all, Black Rock City and White Glory City are only two small corners in the Plain Hills so you can imagine how large of an area the Plain Hills covers. 

Liu Ting's entire being grew excited at that thought of that. He silently thanked the mystery woman in his heart.

If it wasn't for her, I would never have had the opportunity to manage the entire Plain Hills no matter how hard I've worked for an entire lifetime...

Along an exceptionably bustling street. 

Gu Ruoyun had just walked out of the auction hall when she heard a great commotion.

She looked around only to find Ye Nuo with his hands on his hips in an angry manner. His adorable cherubic features were filled with rage as he spat furiously, "Are you all trying to be dogs by blocking the way? Get out of my way!"

"Are you the little b*stard who had crippled my son?" A middle-aged man exclaimed with an ashen face. He stared arrogantly down at the little boy and his eyes were clearly filled with murderous intent, "For putting your hands on my son, you will pay the price with your life!"

Ye Nuo's mouth twitched and he replied nonchalantly, "Indeed, only an old b*stard can bring up a little b*stard who will insult a lady! I was merely teaching a lesson in Heaven's place! This was to ensure that he'll never bully another woman again for as long as he lives!"


The middle-aged man's face changed greatly and he glared fiercely at the boy, "You little son of b*tch, have you no upbringing? Is this how your parents have raised you? If that's the case, then I do not mind giving you a lesson in respecting the old and cherishing the young!"

"Tsk, tsk!" Ye Nuo swept his gaze over the middle-aged man from top to toe before curling his lips, "Respecting the old and cherishing the young, that's a very good phrase! You look as if you've only just entered the middle age range so you're not really that old. In contrast, I've only just reached ten years of age so I can be considered young! Let me ask you this, do you really know what it means to respect the old and cherish the young? If you really don't understand it, I don't mind teaching you!"

Hearing this, the middle-aged man's face darkened. His entire bring trembled as he wished to the high Heavens that he could kill this little son of a b*tch with one slap!

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