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"The Master's seal? This... How can this be?"

Murong Rou'er covered her mouth and stumbled a few steps back as her frail body trembled slightly.

The one who will inherit the Murong family is Murong Yan? Which also means that my years of hard work have all gone to waste?


I cannot accept this!

That woman, Murong Yan, has no right to sit in that position!

A sinister light flashed briefly across Murong Rou'er's eyes before she quickly reverted to her usual facade. However, she could not help but clench her hands into fists. Her beautiful eyes were fixed upon Murong Yan who was holding the seal in her hand.

"What?" Murong Yan laughed icily, "Elder Er, you've seen the Master's seal. Why are you not backing down?"

Elder Er took a deep breath and sighed. A peculiar glint flashed across his eyes.

"Second Lady, do you really want to do this?"

"And what if I do?" Murong Yan's voice grew colder as she spoke with an arrogant look on her pretty face, "Besides, I'm an arrogant, despotic and headstrong woman in your eyes! If that's the case, I simply don't mind acting with a bit more arrogance! Now, as the next Master of the Murong family, I order you to stand down! No one is allowed to touch my guests. Those who go against me shall be severely dealt with!"

Elder Er narrowed his eyes slightly. He wasn't sure why but it felt as if the Second Lady had turned into a completely different person.

She was still as arrogant and aggressive as before but her current temperament was exactly the same as Master Murong. 

 When had she grown into such a strong presence?

"The Second Lady has spoken so how can I not comply?" Elder Er regained his senses and spoke curtly, "Let's go!"

Once he had finished his piece, he scoffed, turned around and disappeared from view. 


Murong Rou'er bit her lip and walked to Murong Yan's side. Her gentle gaze fell upon her, "I know that there has been some sort of misunderstanding between us but I don't blame you. Regardless of anything that happens, you are my most beloved little sister and the most important person to me."

Had she not discovered this woman's true colors, Murong Yan would probably have remained completely oblivious to her act.

Now, she only responded with a cold scoff, curling the corners of her lips into a mocking smile. 

"Murong Rou'er, you shouldn't have done it if you didn't want anyone to find out in the end! No one knows better than you of the things that you've done to me! Even so, did you ever consider how much I've labored for you? For the sake of your position, I had willingly allowed myself to be labeled as an idiot! I've also helped you to get to where you are today! If I haven't helped you, do you really think that you'd be able to step up and help the Murong family out of our crisis?"

Murong Yan stared disappointedly at the beautiful face before her.

"Yan'er, what are you saying?"

Suddenly, Murong Rou'er noticed a handsome figure approaching them. A peculiar glint flashed across her beautiful eyes. She hurriedly covered it up with her initial demeanor and plastered a look of complete shock on her face, "I am where I am today because of my own efforts. I was the one who had led the Murong family business into our current successful state. If I had not given my suggestions, would the Murong family have grown into what it is today? Why would you say such things and try to claim all of my hard work for your own."

Her eyes were filled with disbelief. That sorrowful and despondent look on her face was a perfect picture of someone who has been hurt by the person they had trusted the most. 

"Yan'er, if you want my current position, I can give it to you with no strings attached. Please don't hurt me like this. As long as it's something you want, even if it's my own life, I would give it to you. You are, after all, the person who is closest to me."

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