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As he spoke, a cold sneer formed from within his eyes. He stared at the two of them mockingly.

"We had been invited by Murong Yan herself."

Ye Nuo rose to his feet and corrected Elder Er, "I believe that there is more than one Lady of the Murong family. Unless you're insinuating that the guests of the Second Lady are not guests at all? I, Ye Nuo, in all my years on this earth, have never heard of such a principle. Old man, do you no longer care about your dignity?"

After receiving this rebuke from a ten-year-old child, Elder Er's facial expression grew uglier by the minute.

"You had been invited by Murong Yan? How did I not know of this? Do you have any proof?"

Just as he spoke, the group heard an angry voice from behind them who was speaking through gritted teeth, "Elder Er, I'm here to personally prove this. Will this do?"

Hearing this, Elder Er stared blankly into space. He turned his head towards the furious girl who was dressed in pink robes and frowned.

Wasn't she visiting the Master of the house? What is she doing here?

"Second Lady, this has nothing to do with you. You'd better leave now."

"What do you mean, 'this has nothing to do with you'? I'm a daughter descended from the direct line of the Murong family heir. So why should my guests have no position in the Murong family?" Murong Yan clenched her fists. Were it not for the fact that she could not defeat this old fart, she would have thrown a punch at him now. 

"Hmph!" Elder Er scoffed coldly, "Seeing as the Second Lady has spoken, then let me ask you this: Second Lady, the Master had once showered you with love and pampered you endlessly. Yet in his time of need, when he is now gravely ill, what have you done for him? We sent you to get the Infinite Sacred Fruit but you, who had only ever been interested in saving your own neck, had returned home early! If word of this were to get out, everyone will think that the Murong family home is a shelter for refugees! How can you throw the Master's dignity out the window this way?"

Murong Yan's expression changed, "Senior brother and I returned early because Murong Rou'er had manipulated me, causing me to provoke a herd of Martial King spiritual beasts into attacking me. If it were not for Gu Ruoyun's help in saving senior brother and me, we would not have returned at all!"

Honestly, Murong Yan didn't really like Gu Ruoyun all that much. However, regardless of her feelings, Gu Ruoyun had saved her life. So, no matter how much she disliked her, she could not stand idly by and watch her own guests being kicked out of the house. 

Were it not for a loyal servant girl who had witnessed the altercation, she would not have known about Elder Er's extreme way of dealing with this situation!

"Second Lady, you're simply such a disappointment!" Elder Er sighed and his eyes filled with displeasure, "You should know, deep down inside, how the Eldest Lady has been treating you! She has never fought with you and has never taken anything away from you. She had even saved the Murong family business. Yet, due to her birthright as the child of a concubine, she never had any intention of squabbling with you over the Murong family inheritance. And you? You would accuse the Eldest Lady of manipulating you? The Eldest Lady not only possesses an intelligence beyond anyone else but is kind as well. She wouldn't even hurt an ant. You would dare to plant false evidence against someone as kind as her? I really cannot comprehend it. What sin has the Murong family committed to have given birth to such a disaster like you!"

Elder Er's face was now lamenting with grief. He was thoroughly disappointed with this idiot. 

First, I had thought that she was merely a girl with huge snowy mountains but no brains. Yet now, I've just found out that she's a malicious woman as well! She would dare to plant false evidence against her own sister by claiming that the Eldest Lady was plotting against her!

How could this be?

Even if she were to point her sword at the Eldest Lady, the Eldest Lady would never bring herself to harm a single hair on that brainless head of hers.

Murong Yan already knew that Elder Er would not believe her at all. Yet when she heard him defending her big sister with such passion, she still felt her heart turn into ice. 

So, as it turns out, that woman has been lying to everyone to such a degree. 

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