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"Gu Ruoyun!" A sinister sneer formed on Bai Xiangtian's elderly face and he roared in anger, "Stop spouting this savagery. Without us, this mainland would be destroyed! Ask yourself this, is this really the right thing to do?"

Gu Ruoyun's eyes grew colder as her green robes fluttered in the gentle wind. 

"I, Gu Ruoyun, have never bothered myself with other people when dealing with my own business. I only expect myself to commit without regrets! Besides, I never had any intention to offend the Immortal Realm. Time and again it was you who had refused to let me off. Like any normal person, my patience has its limits. Seeing as you wanted to kill me so badly, then I'll kill you all first!"


Suddenly, an icy laugh sounded from thin air and an eerie feeling seeped through the gloomy air. 

The Honorable Sir Tianqi's face sunk upon hearing that laugh and he fixed his gaze at the void with an ugly look on his face.

What's that guy doing here? He wondered. 

Then, from the void, an elderly figure revealed himself with a creepy smile hanging on his wrinkled features, "Little girl, you've said it right. We don't need to ask for the approval of others in the things we do. All that's needed is to do it without any regrets. If anyone wishes to cause trouble, then we should kill them first."

A small smile appeared on Gu Ruoyun's face as she saw the figure who had just appeared from the void. However, before she could greet the old man, Bai Xiangtian's low voice cut her off.

"Honorable Poison Master, what on earth are you doing here?!"

"Hehe," The Honorable Poison Master laughed icily, "I have a friendly connection with Cloud City's governor and had come here to discuss some matters. What I did not expect was to witness such an exciting scene. The Immortal Realm has certainly opened my eyes! The dignified Three Great Authorities not only oppresses others using their strength in numbers, the elders would bully the young. They've even attempted to kidnap this little girl and acted shamelessly in the name of morality. However, this little girl is very much like me when dealing with matters like this."

He then turned towards Gu Ruoyun. His cold and eerie face suddenly displayed a hint of warmth and the corner of his lips curled up a little. 

"Don't listen to the Honorable Sir Tianqi, little girl. Do whatever you want to do. Why should the fate of the mainland have anything to do with you? You only live once so why deprive yourself of the sweet joy of vengeance? There's no need to saddle yourself with other matters. Also, no matter what, I still believe in the promise we had made a while ago. Once you've established your organization, leave me a position as one of your elders. Hahaha!"

Gu Ruoyun's heart softened. She then smiled and nodded, "Don't you worry, I'll definitely keep a spot for you. However, aren't you afraid of incurring the wrath of the Immortal Realm in following me? Are you not afraid that your name will go down in history for infamy?"

"Hehe," Honorable Poison Master laughed softly, "In all my years, I've never tasted fear. What about the Immortal Realm? Who cares about the Three Great Authorities? Others may fear them but I've never even bothered giving them a second glance! Besides, if my crimes could be counted like coins on a string, that string would be full. I don't need to worry about my reputation! So what if my name goes down in history for infamy? I only kill those who deserved to be killed, I will never harm the lives of the innocent!"

He's only ever taken the lives of those who have wronged him and has never killed the innocent. 

Even so, there were still many who would flaunt their righteousness and who wished to hunt him down and have him killed. Chief amongst them were the members of the Immortal Realm!

To him, it's best to indulge in the pleasure of revenge than to live with a sham like the Immortal Realm. 

The Honorable Sir Tianqi laughed bitterly, "I was only thinking for the sake of the Demon War in the future. Seeing as you do not wish to listen to my advice, Gu girl, then I'll leave the decision to you. Still, remember that I, as your great uncle, will always stand with you no matter what."

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