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"Honorable Sir Tianqi, you're a traitor to the mainland!" Bai Xiangtian screamed at the Honorable Sir Tianqi like a madman. His elderly face was filled with malevolence, "If you insist on standing with these demons then you too shall go down in history for your infamy! You will be spurned by the world!"

Hearing this, the Honorable Sir Tianqi sighed again. It's best to keep my mouth shut, he thought,  lest he continues to yell at me and refuses to stop. 

The rays of light from the setting sun filled the sky, setting a clear foil against the blood-soaked battlefield. It was a horrifically garish sight. 

Qianbei Ye was now completely blinded by his thirst for blood. He had no other goal in his mind except to ensure that these people will follow Gu Ruoyun to their graves!

It was no big deal to him to kill everything under the heavens for her sake.

No one on this world was more important than she was to him. 

"You damned boy, you'll pay for this!!!"

Seeing that the Honorable Sir Tianqi intends to ignore him, Bai Xiangtian turned towards Qianbei Ye and roared furiously. Of course, he still remained hidden behind a group of Martial Emperors, using them as a shield to protect himself from Qianbei Ye's attacks... 

Countless warriors had fallen in the desert that day. Nevertheless, they did not seem to fear death as they continued to charge at Qianbei Ye like a flock of sheep. 

"This won't do." The Honorable Sir Tianqi furrowed his brows once again, "The power within this boy is getting even more uncontrollable. If he continues his killing spree, he'll die even if he manages to kill all of these people!"


Boom, boom, boom!

Wave after wave of violent energy burst from Qianbei Ye's body, scattering the throng of people into the air. Then, his eyes which were as red as pools of blood, pierced into the crowd.

"Because you have caused her harm, all of you must die!" 

Just as his last syllable fell, another group of bodies fell into the pool of blood and Bai Xiangtian hid further into the crowd. His eyes were fixed upon the man's peerlessly beautiful face.


Qianbei Ye's body has finally reached its limit and he vomited out a mouthful of black blood. Even so, he did not stop his killing spree. He continued to fight with one hand drenched in blood as if he did not notice it at all. 

However, ever since the beginning of the fight, he had never let go of Gu Ruoyun. He held tightly on to her small and light body as he charged into the crowd. 

Xiao Yun, he thought, wait for me to destroy the Immortal Realm. After that, I will follow you to the ends of the earth through Heaven and Hell.


Suddenly, a purple flame shot into the skies, illuminating Gu Ruoyun's body. The purple flames consumed her shattered body and slowly put it all back together... 

The Honorable Sir Tianqi widened his eyes as he stared in astonishment at the burning flames from the young girl's body. "Purple flames... Could it be... That this is the legendary ritual of 'Resurrection Through Fire'? No! That's not possible! Isn't the Resurrection Through Fire ability only possessed by the mythical Ancient Phoenix? The Gu girl is human so how could she achieve Resurrection Through Fire?"

Resurrection Through Fire!

This was something which could not happen in a human's body!

Bai Xiangtian's expression was an extremely ugly sight to behold as he fixed his glare upon Gu Ruoyun who was lying in that man's arms. He clenched his fists so tightly that they trembled. 

At the same time, Yan, who had been slowly withering away along with Gu Ruoyun's demise, gradually returned to life and slowly rose to his feet. His body may be weak but he was alive!

"Xiao Ye."

A soft breath sounded from the vicinity of Qianbei Ye's arms and successfully stopped him from his killing spree. 

As he stared at the pale-looking girl in his arms, the bloodlust in Qianbei Ye's eyes slowly disappeared. He tried to say something but only said this in the end, "Xiao Yun, am I dreaming..."

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