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Actually, the Honorable Sir Tianqi could understand why only Martial Honors had been sent to block Gu Ruoyun's way. The answer was simple. Knowing the Gu girl's ego, she wouldn't even spare Martial Emperors a second glance no matter how many of them has appeared before her. There was no guarantee that she would be afraid. 

However, it would be different with Martial Honors. Having so many in the vicinity would give the Gu girl something to worry about. Otherwise, she would not have sent the Dongfang family members away and stayed behind to face these people alone. 

It's possible that Bai Xiangtian had realized this and enlisted the help of the rest of the Martial Honors to help deal with this girl. 

However, Bai Xiangtian had miscalculated. He did not think that the Gu girl's ego would turn out to be above that of an average person's. She absolutely refused to serve the Immortal Realm even if it meant signing her own death warrant.


Just then, the aura from within Qianbei Ye turned into a complex mix of forces and caused his vital organs to clash against one another repeatedly. However, he did not seem to feel anything and continued to take the lives of every member of the Immortal Realm present.

"Not good!"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi's expression changed greatly, "This kid seems to be storing some kind of power within his body and it looks like his current state of mind has provoked its release. However, that power is far too strong. If he continues this killing spree, he will either turn into a demon or he will die! We must find a way to stop him!"

"Honorable Sir Tianqi, he's already blinded by bloodlust. Do you think that we can stop him?"

Elder Jiu laughed bitterly and shook his head helplessly, "Only Lady Gu can stop him now. Unfortunately, Lady Gu is already..."

As he heard those words, a great sorrow welled up from within the Honorable Sir Tianqi. 

That b*stard's hand had punched right through the Gu girl, he thought. How could she have survived after sustaining such a heavy injury? Even if we had a God in our midst, they wouldn't be able to save her either... 

"Honorable Sir Tianqi, what are you standing around for?"

Bai Xiangtian hid within the crowd and did not dare to take a single step further. He turned towards the Honorable Sir Tianqi and screamed angrily, "Don't forget we're in this together! If we lose this many Martial Honors now, you'll simply have to await defeat in the next war against the demons!"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi paused in silence as he considered this.  Bai Xiangtian is right, losing so many Martial Honors here will certainly change the tides for the next war. 

Nevertheless, when he thought of everything the Immortal Realm has done, the Honorable Sir Tianqi scoffed coldly, "I've already advised you and asked the Immortal Realm to spare the Gu girl. But you? What did you do? You've killed her! Besides, do you really think that I can actually help you?"

"This isn't the same thing!" Bai Xiangtian retorted, "Gu Ruoyun will bring calamity upon the mainland. Her death is for the sake of preventing a disaster. The Immortal Realm is different, we are the heroes of the world. Not even a hundred Gu Ruoyuns could be compared with our worst disciple! A selfish person like her who has refused to acknowledge her own family and has ignored the best interest of the mainland does not deserve to live! Even if she does survive this by some stroke of good fortune, she will go down in history for her infamy!"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi slowly shut his eyes. For the first time ever, he was thoroughly disappointed with these famously reputable cultivators. 

"Bai Xiangtian, I will report everything that has happened to our Sect Master. Perhaps now, the Spirit Sect, which had always remained neutral between the Courts of Hell and the Immortal Realm, will choose a new side."

There have always been conflicts even between the Three Great Authorities. The Courts of Hell and the Immortal Realm have fought against one another for many years but the Spirit Sect had always retained its neutral standpoint. However, seeing as the position of the next Sect Master would most likely be Gu Shengxiao, the Immortal Realm might have to contend with two of the Great Authorities in the future... 

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