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"Xiao Yun'er, since the situation has become dire and it's unlikely that we'd both be able to make it out alive, why don't we rush over for a trip to hell? I'd like to see how this mythical hell looks like."

Zuo Shangchen smiled and his blood-splattered face became even more stunning. His every smile and change in expression easily tugged at one's heartstrings.


Just then, numerous beams of energy shot out and gathered in the sky before forming two concentrated beams of energy. These two beams then shot towards Zuo Shangchen and Gu Ruoyun, piercing through their chests.


Yan's expression changed drastically and he was about to fly to her aid when four figures suddenly appeared before him and blocked his way. Then, the palm of someone's hand slammed violently against his chest.


Yan's body was thrown a great distance away. In that instant, blood flowed continuously from his lips and his mesmerizing face turned as pale as a sheet.

"A bond of slavery contract!!!"

Bai Xiangtian seemed to realize something and his expression changed greatly. His eyes turned red, almost as if they had been dyed with blood. He bellowed like a madman, "How can he have a bond of slavery contract? Why would a high-level Martial Emperor spiritual beast become a slave so willingly? This is impossible. This is absolutely impossible!"

The bond of slavery contract contains the most tyrannical constraints on the spiritual beast.

Furthermore, if its master were to die, the spiritual beast under the bond of slavery contract will definitely die as well!!!

Bai Xiangtian's face showed a deep heartache. He absolutely must kill Gu Ruoyun but based on the current situation, he can probably forget about obtaining this high-level Martial Emperor spiritual beast as well... 

"Gu girl!!!"

Just as Gu Ruoyun's body was about to hit the ground, an enraged roar pierced through the sky followed by a white, modest-looking figure. This figure shot down from the heavens and swiftly caught Gu Ruoyun. The man then sent a furious glare at the white-robed elders before him.

"The Immortal Realm!!! Hahaha, you're certainly great, aren't you? Killing geniuses that you are unable to obtain, has this always been your style in dealing with things? Don't forget that there are rules set between the Three Great Authorities yet you've struck to murder such a genius!"

As they witnessed the old man's appearance in the scene, the elders of the Immortal Realm displayed a particularly ugly expression on their faces.

This old fart has actually arrived,  they thought in unison. 

"The Honorable Sir Tianqi is right, you've all crossed the line."

After the Honorable Sir Tianqi's arrival, another elderly figure slowly came into view as he calmly walked out from thin air. He swept his gaze across Gu Ruoyun who was lying on the ground and wrinkled his brow. 

"The Honorable Sir Tianqi, Elder Jiu, this matter does not concern either of you!" Bai Xiangtian retorted with an ugly look on his face, "Besides, I've not forgotten the purpose of the Three Great Authorities. Our purpose is to recruit geniuses to fight against the demons. Unfortunately, these were not Gu Ruoyun's intentions. It's highly probable that she would join forces with the demons when the time comes and bring disaster upon the mainland. I'm merely executing divine punishment. There's nothing wrong with that!"


In spite of his rage, the Honorable Sir Tianqi burst out into laughter. He gritted his teeth as he spoke, "Alright, Bai Xiangtian, can you please explain to me the reason why so many elders from the Immortal Realm have appeared in a place like Cloud City?! Don't tell me that you've all come here for the sake of attacking the Gu girl alone! Furthermore, you would not have known that she would be here before making plans to mobilize so many people!!!"

Bai Xiangtian's gaze turned darker and darker. Suddenly, he burst into an icy laugh, "Honorable Sir Tianqi, seeing as you've witnessed this, there's no need for your existence to continue. While your powers are on the same level as mine, there are so many of us on our side. As for your team, you're the only Martial Honor they've got!"

As he spoke, the elders of the Immortal Realm began to make their move and slowly surrounded everyone. 

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